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15 Things About Business That Will Blow Your Mind

The landscape of business has changed in the last decade, but especially since 2019. Small business owners who have not adapted could be dying. Those who change with the times will be successful. While some items on this list you might know, others could surprise you. Here are 15 things about business you should know.

It Is Digital

Gone are the days when you could open a store and pass out fliers to get business. You must have a digital presence even if you have a brick-and-mortar store, restaurant, therapy center, or Church. People go to their computer or cell phone to search for something long before they drive in their community. They are searching for the right place. If you don’t have a website, you are not adapting to the world of today. For example, when searching for a nail salon, it was listed in digital directories, but it didn’t have a website of its own. That turned off the searcher.

You Have to Have Reviews

Every business has to receive reviews. Long ago, reviews were for books, movies, entertainment, etc. That is not the case today. Even if your business offers services to other businesses, you have to have reviews. People are looking for positive reviews about your company. Negative reviews will hurt your business. No reviews also will hurt your business. If the services you offer are personal, such as a counselor or lawyer, you still need reviews.

Don’t  Only Focus on Social Media

Social media is only one portion of marketing, but it shouldn’t be the only avenue you apply. You also have to pick your social media carefully. Those on LinkedIn tend to have a greater income and are more likely to buy from people than those on Facebook. Google My Business allows you to receive reviews and rank higher in search engines. YouTube is important for every business today. But try Tik Tok or other sites to capture younger audiences.

Make It Mobile

In addition to having a mobile-friendly website where people can search and find you on their cell phones, you also have to advertise on cell phones or have texting programs. You have to send messages to clients and potential clients through your cell phone via text or ads. They are not on desktops anymore. Most are using their cell phones. You should too.

Video Is Necessary

Ever since the television was invented, people have wanted to watch videos. You need advertising that includes video. You should have a YouTube Channel and regularly update it. You also should have videos of your business on your website. You might even consider creating a commercial with a video for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and cell phones. While you will have a higher upfront cost, it could be the best investment in the long run.

Print Still Matters

Most people refuse to advertise in print form, claiming that everything is online now. While that is true, a number of customers want to see something in print. In fact, if you are targeting older generations of people, they prefer print. You need to print flyers and postcards. You also should send press releases to local newspapers and magazines. Blogs, while online, are considered print. They bring fresh content to your website and inform new customers of your business.

Self-Development Matters

Employers often forget that employees want to better themselves. While many employers will offer tuition reimbursement, that isn’t always the kind of self-development people want. You could have seminars or offer good employees to learn new things within your organization. Give them opportunities to be heard in all-hands meetings. Embrace new ideas.

Leadership Comes From Service

To be an effective leader in business, you have to serve your clients, employees, and the community. You have to get on the assembly line when a crisis is occurring. You have to work alongside your employees sometimes to learn from them. You have to serve them whatever way they need.

Be an Influencer

Today’s society expects business owners to be the influencers of others in their industry. Give talks. Inspire others. Influence them to do the right thing. You don’t have to be at the top to influence others.

Philosophy First, Money Second

Do not go into business to make money. Go into business to provide a service better than others. Believe that you are doing things for others. When you think about others first, you will receive the money you see. You have to believe in your principles and the way you are doing things. You also must believe that you will be successful.

Declutter Your Space

Successful business owners are usually organized. How you organize your space is up to you, but you should remove the clutter periodically. One speaker talked about removing 27 things from your workspace for nine days straight. When you declutter your work area, you free your mind to be more creative and thought-provoking.

Sanitize Your Work Environment

People today are scared. You need to be extra careful that all your employees will be healthy both physically and mentally. Make sure you ensure they don’t get sick from coronavirus disease or any other contagion, such as strep throat. However, you also have to sanitize your work environment from negativity. You must not allow your customers or employees to gossip about people, discriminate in subtle ways or harm the mental health of others. You want a work environment where everyone will enjoy working there and be happy in what they do.

Add Stress Relievers

Business owners get stressed. They impart that stress to others. You need to devise ways to reduce stress. You could provide regular massage therapy sessions. You could have fun Fridays. You could have a happy hour every Friday where they don’t have to work but enjoy themselves. You could reward customers and employees or have fun contests.


Don’t always think that someone who works in your industry is a competitor. Sometimes, collaboration is the right move for a business owner. You might do something your competitor can’t but needs to be done for his client, and you might need help with one of your clients. Collaboration is growing in popularity. Some recent inventions happened because people collaborated around the globe instead of withholding information.

Be Happy

If you enjoy what you do and make the environment good for others, you are more likely to be successful. Be happy in all areas of your life — family, church, business, relationships, and health. That is what matters most.

Author bio: Usman Raza is a content writer at a Church Advertising Company, also working with PSD to WordPress and many other small companies.  He’s devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow her on Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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