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Founder of Startup Studio Insider Shares How to Recruit Winning Teams

There are many mistakes entrepreneurs can make when launching a business, which is partially why 90% eventually fail. While it takes more than business acumen, adequate funding, and an excellent team to ensure you aren’t part of the dreaded 90%, having a team of experts is one of the biggest ways you can help your business succeed. 

Hiring staff is an essential process all founders go through in order to grow their businesses. However, recruitment can be a daunting task, as founders need to determine how many employees are needed to carry the workload while also vetting candidates to ensure they meet the qualifications. This can often feel like a balancing act, as founders should keep these important guidelines in mind during the hiring process: 

  1. Have a Clear Vision: Founders must understand every position’s basic requirements and qualifications and how this role will contribute to their bottom line.
  2. Create a Recruitment Plan: Founders need to know what positions need to be created and when these new team members need to be hired.
  3. Hire Strategically to Achieve Business Objectives: Founders should determine what skills they lack in order to strategically fill this gap in the hiring process. 
  4. Prioritize Corporate Culture & Collaboration: Founders should emphasize the necessity of teamwork and prioritize fostering a healthy corporate culture, as high-performing employees share a common goal and a high level of trust in each other. 
  5. Implement Multiple Recruitment Techniques: To make a talent pool full of suitable candidates, founders should plan how to apply multiple hiring tactics simultaneously in order to find the right candidates. 

Types of Recruitment 

Since employees have a direct impact on the success of the business, client experience, and corporate culture, here are 3 recruitment methods to help aid founders in this important process. 

Traditional Recruitment

Traditional recruitment involves posting your job listing online. This method takes the leg work out of locating employees, as interested candidates will find the listing online and apply for the open position. Compared to other methods, this method can take longer to locate the optional candidate, as the talent pool is limited to the people who find the listing and apply. 

Social Recruitment 

Various organizations and industries widely use social recruitment. This recruitment method allows businesses to leverage social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, to advertise their job listing. This process enables businesses to gain large amounts of applicants, widening their talent pool and options. This method can be time-consuming, as many job listings receive large numbers of applicants. Listing specific job duties and qualifications can help narrow down the number of applicants and ensure that suitable candidates are applying.

Startup Studio Recruitment

Last but not least is the startup studio recruitment method. This recruitment option is the easiest for founders, as the startup studio will do the heavy lifting to locate and hire experts for your team. A startup studio is made up of industry experts that specialize in building companies, and they have access to a talent pool that can be used when their portfolio businesses are in need. Startup studios have the primary goal to address and provide solutions to consumer pain points. Not only will startup studios help you locate new employees for your business, but they will also provide you with funding, resources, and guidance. Some startup studios experience the same hiring issues as startups. However, startup studios leverage their internal resources to solve the problems they face, which is why startup studio Whatnot, created resonance to reduce the hiring issues they were experiencing. 

To learn more about how the startup studio business model can help you reach your business and recruitment goals, visit Startup Studio Insider or check out their FAQ page. 

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