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How to Leverage Gen Z Statistics for Your Marketing Strategy

Generation Z, or Gen Z, refers to the demographic that comes after millennials, which consists of individuals born after 1996 and before 2010. Although they make up a small portion of the population, Gen Z is a sizable segment of the consumer base. We can expect them to continue to be an influential group in the coming decades. 

You’re probably wondering why businesses should even consider targeting Gen Z. For starters, they make up 40% of the consumer base. Let’s take a look at some statistics about this unique demographic that you can use to inform your marketing strategy.

Think Mobile First 

Today, more than half of teens have a smartphone, and 40% feel addicted to them. This has significant implications for marketers – from how you communicate with them to what you offer them. 

The millennial generation is often accused of being glued to their smartphones, but the younger cohort, Generation Z, is truly mobile-first. And as a result, your site needs to be mobile-friendly. With that being said, you need to focus on your website design for the best user experience on mobile devices. A simple way to do this is to make sure your homepage is responsive and that there are links for online shopping, social media, and other key features.

Gen Z is ready to receive information at all times and on any device. They want brands to be just as accessible on social media, eCommerce sites, physical locations, and more, so they can find the information they need when they need it. You can use this knowledge to create relevant content that speaks directly to their tastes to capture this lucrative demographic, no matter where they are. 

Brands Need to Be Personalized

The days of being bombarded by messages from corporate brands are over for this demographic. Brands that can offer something more and provide a personal touch can tap into the Gen Z market and reap the benefits. Gen Z has grown up with technology, so they want to feel connected and like their experience is personalized in every way possible when interacting with your brand.

If your company offers products or services relevant to Gen Z’s interests, then we recommend developing an online presence by implementing digital marketing strategies such as online ads, social media, blogs, or email campaigns and paying close attention to what is trending on the internet today. 

A 2017 survey by IBM found that 77% of Gen Zers agreed that authenticity is essential when making purchase decisions, and 68% said honesty and transparency were just as important. And 75% agreed that quality products are worth paying for. 

Plus, did you know the majority of Gen Z consider themselves somewhat environmentally conscious or very environmentally conscious when purchasing products? This means if brands feature sustainable production practices, they may be well received by this demographic because sustainability resonates strongly with them. Your consumers will feel better about buying products when they know how sustainable the production process was for those goods.

Email Marketing Campaigns for Gen Z

Gen Z is an omnichannel generation. They are the first digital natives and are all over social media. They have grown up in a world where they can get anything they want with just a few clicks, so when it comes to shopping, they are looking for hot deals, freebies, or free shipping. In fact, according to Medium, Gen Z (60%), millennials (67%), and Generation X (64%) are more likely to rely on their email inbox for online shopping.

So how do you get them to open your emails? The best way is to send relevant content that’s personalized to their interest. But if you can’t deliver the right message, make it short and sweet! Remember, Gen Z doesn’t like being flooded with information. But also make sure that all links in your email are clickable so they don’t have to hunt around the page for more information about the subject. 

Communicating through video is also essential when it comes to this generation. Consider including YouTube links in your email newsletter. Video marketing will increase engagement with this demographic, who consume more video than any other age group on earth — but don’t forget: less is more!

Influencers Are Key

Influenced by the internet and social media, Generation Z is always connected. With this being the case, they are more likely to be influenced by what their friends post on Instagram and Snapchat than anything you will ever say in a marketing campaign. This can work in your favor if you find influencers that align with your brand message and target audience. You can provide them with free samples or other promotional products for them to use in posts about your product!

Gen Z is known for being vocal about their opinions and the brands they love. As a result, influencers are a powerful way to reach this demographic. Survey Monkey found that 61% of Gen Zers are likely to purchase from an online retailer if it has been recommended by someone they follow on Instagram. So, consider creating an Instagram marketing strategy with influencers who have already built up a strong following for this generation.

Be Real, Real, Realistic!

Gen Z is more interested in quality than quantity. They want to know about the backstory behind a product and how it was made. They are also more likely to buy a pricey product if they feel it will last and can be passed down from one generation to the next. With this in mind, you might consider re-evaluating your pricing structure, using sustainable materials, and emphasizing the durability of your products in your marketing material. As much as marketing can be instinctual, it is important to understand the nuances of your audience to make a meaningful connection. 

Gen Zers Were Born Digital

Smartphones have been an intrinsic part of Gen Z’s lives, so they expect an instant response when they reach out to brands. They are typically more tech-savvy than older generations, so it’s also important to include a social media strategy in your marketing. 

Now that you know more about Gen Z and understand their behaviors a little better, it’s time to leverage this information in your marketing efforts! You should also consider working with high-level digital marketers who can help your business connect with people online and establish new connections via social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. They also know how to optimize websites for mobile viewing and can offer advice on ways to design a more user-friendly experience across all devices. Lastly, when it comes to using data, agencies can monitor traffic coming from various sources so that you get an accurate picture of your audience without relying too heavily on guesswork. 

Now that you’ve gained insight into how to market to Generation Z it’s time to put that knowledge toward your marketing efforts!

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