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How to be more confident?

How to be more confident?, We have explained the ways to become more confident in this post. When it comes to exuding confidence, there are few of us who have mastered the art to perfection. However, even then we falter from time to time and question if we are really adequate. Some of us hide back in our shells while the selected few recover and bounce back on their horses, ready to take on the world one more time. This confidence comes from backing yourself in unexpected times, reaffirming your faith in yourself as well as trusting the decisions that you have made for yourself. Self- confidence does not come easy, especially to those who are subjected to low self-esteem and self- doubt from a young age. Confidence is a necessary tool if you are an entrepreneur or want to be a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, to overcome the barrier of low confidence, it is important that we take the following points into consideration:

Flaunt the right body language

In order to appear confident, it is important that we look the part as well. It has been noted that when we feel good about ourselves, we tend to stand and sit tall and own the space around us. Whereas, under circumstances when we feel deflated or worn down, our bodies react accordingly. Therefore, we have to trick our minds into believing we are more confident than before by standing tall, channeling positive thoughts, and not shying away from eye contact. Besides this, letting your arms loose on the side or on the hips is another way to appear more confident. It is crucial to note that you should stay away from practices such as droopy shoulders and look down at your shoes. Such actions signal that you have already given up.

Step outside your safe place

To get to the bottom of how to be more confident, it is recommended that we dig back to our past and remember the time when we believed everything was possible. It is with time, that we have narrowed our scope of belief and have inflicted limits on our thoughts of possibilities. Therefore, it is only fitting that when trying to become more confident, we test out the waters and see how far we can go. Find the activities that scare you or you are not confident enough to do it. This may be as simple as learning to ride a bike at a mature age or speaking in front of people. Motivate yourself to tackle those tasks regardless of what other people might think of you. Just remain confident in your decisions and back yourself throughout even if you fail.

Defeat self-doubt

When we fall down the spiral of self-doubt, it is difficult and even near impossible to get back on track. Therefore, one should avoid at all costs to fall down the dreaded path. But, even if you do, it is not the end of the world. With the right mentality, you can easily defeat self-doubt. It is important that you should always be sure that whatever the situation is, you can always get out of it and everything is bound to get better. So, to be more confident, just drop the victim mentality, and start psyching yourself up to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Start talking back – to yourself

Another great trick in the book to be more confident is to start talking to yourself. This might seem a little cuckoo but is in fact one of the greatest techniques to build self-confidence. In this manner, you are better able to observe your body language and evaluate how you may seem to appear to other people. This, in turn, will guide you to rectify your mistakes and become more fluent while speaking. Talking to oneself has been proven to improve memory and aids in increasing the focus. Other than this, looking in the mirror and talking to yourself will also help in eradicating self-doubts.

In short, confidence is not a skill that you are born with as many suggest. Instead, like every other skill, you have to hone it and work on it. In the end, you have to remember that you are created unique and that there is nobody else in the entire world who can be better at being you than you. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay true to who you are and approach life with a positive mindset to gain the most out of it.

Waqar Hussain is the founder of The Business Goals. He writes about entrepreneurial strategies and is an SEO consultant by profession. He is a B.Com, GDM, and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.



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