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A Guide To Starting A Facebook Ad Agency Business Without Financial Assistance

This article is aimed at guiding you through all the steps required to kick start a Facebook ad agency business. To launch a successful agency, the following steps that are needed to be taken into consideration:

  • Investment requirements
  • Business opportunities
  • Pricing model
  • Requirements for expertise
  • Opportunities to gain clients 
  • Suggestions for starting

Keeping the above points in mind and the fact that you are starting a proper business with zero monetary input, you will require in-depth research into how you can achieve it. Luckily, this article will cater to your every query about how you can make your agency business up and running.

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A simple internet search has revealed that the average cost of starting a small business is around $3000.However, thanks to the power of the internet you can launch your own business with no start-up cost.

Investment Requirements For Facebook Ad Agency Business

When we say Facebook ad agency business has no start-up cost, we exclude the basic amenities such as a cell-phone, a stable internet connection, and a laptop or a computer. Other than these, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from becoming a business owner. You don’t have to draft a business plan or pitch a proposal to the bank for a loan.

But if you want to turn your Facebook ads provider services to full service digital marketing agency in the future, you may need a venture capital firm’s assistance. There are many businesses out there that necessitate zero initial investment and generate good revenue.


In this time when the internet has taken over the world by storm, a Facebook ad agency business is a safe option to begin your journey towards success. This is because this model does not entail any initial investment and also it is pretty simple to comprehend and get a hang of.

There are many businesses on social media that need service providers to cater to their needs for advertising in order to attract more customers. They do not have the time or expertise to run ads on Facebook, and other online platforms, therefore, they always look for digital marketing agencies for help. If you can truly master the art of attracting customers through impressive ads, then your business is bound to flourish.

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Business’ Pricing Models

For a pricing models, there are four ways that you and your client can settle on when it is time to get paid.

First Model

The first model comprises of you taking your 25% share of creating, managing the ads, and doing your job to create ads for your client.  For example, if a restaurant hires you to manage your ads for $5000, then you would be getting $1250 for your work. Whereas, $750 would go towards the advertisements.

Second Model

The second model is highly popular as well. In the second model, the client pays you a $1000 per month retainer on top of the ad spend. For example, a restaurant that has a budget of $5000 per month for ads would pay you $1000 for your services increasing and running the ads and a separate amount for the ad spend.

Because of a lack of expertise and a lack of time, businesses are willing to hire an ad agency to do their job for them for such an amount.

Third Model

The third model is based on the give and take relationship between the client and yourself. It is a performance-based model. In it, you are given a percentage of the number of leads that you have generated for your client. There is no monthly fixed amount as with the previous models. This model makes it easier for you to gain clients.

However, it is advised that you audit your client’s business well before agreeing on this model otherwise the consequences can be fatal for your own business. Therefore, it is recommended that you audit the business well, and then if everything seems good to go, approach the client based on their vibes. For example, if the owner seems like he is willing to give good money for the ads then it is better to present the hybrid model to them.

In this model, you charge them a fixed monthly fee, a retainer and you get a slight percentage of the sales. On the other hand, if the owner seems skeptical about going into business with you, consider presenting them with a different proposal for the time being which includes a fixed monthly fee that can even go lower than $1000, and a percentage of the sales. Then, after a certain period, the contract becomes performance-based that is relying on sales.

This proposal is well suited for tough clients because they have nothing to lose, just a small amount in the initial months and then it is all performance-based. However, again it is advised that before proceeding with any of the hybrid models, it is better to audit the businesses and find if they have room to grow. 

Fourth Model

The fourth model can be termed as tricky by some people. It requires you to become the middle-man to get your client’s work done. In this model, you just need to find somebody else to do your work for you and then mark up their services.

As an ads service provider, you should be seeking to do a 100% markup of whoever services you are selling. For instance, if an agency is charging $20 an hour, you can sell their services for $40 an hour. If they are selling for $50 an hour, you can markup their services for $100 an hour. This is the rule of thumb for an agency, that is, to mark up by 100%.

How To Learn Expertise For A FB Marketing Agency

It can be said with utmost certainty that running a Facebook advertising agency ranks among the businesses that do not require an academic degree, work experience, and even money. Yet, it can become profitable if ran successfully.

To do this, one needs to learn how to run ads more effectively and efficiently. The best part is that in order to do this, you do not need to have prior knowledge of coding or HTML. So, even if you are a beginner in terms of technical knowledge, you just have to master the art of running Facebook ads to become successful at this business.

Youtube And Blogs

There are many ways to learn how to run adverts on FB. However, the most popular and easiest way is to head over to YouTube and watch different tutorials. Besides this, there are many articles as well as forums available on the internet that are present to guide you regarding FB ads.

Online Learning

Other than this, you can also take up courses online that will aid you in how to make ads more effective and guide you regarding setting up your agency business. Udemy and Coursera is a great way to learn these expertise.

Therefore, if you are serious about running a business with minimal effort and profiting off of it, then this business is the way to go.

Avenues To Get The Client For Your Agency

After you have acquired the necessary skills needed to get your Facebook ad agency business up and running, the next step is to go on a virtual hunt for your clients. There are many places on the internet where businesses are seeking to find an ad agency. Being at the right place at the right time will work wonders for securing clients for your Facebook ad agency business.

There are a few online platforms mentioned below from where you can begin your search for clients:


Quora is a question and answer search engine aimed at helping people find the answers they need from knowledgeable people on the internet. Many people ask questions related to Facebook ads on Quora. You, being in the same field, can reply to their queries which in turn can lead to you gaining future clients.

Quora hosts a database of highly qualified individuals in their respective fields. Therefore, it is much likely that you will attain the reputation of being well-informed about running Facebook ads and gain the trust of individuals asking for help which will help you in securing clients if you answer their questions in an understanding manner. The only downside to this platform is that it can take some time to achieve the status of authority on Quora.

Learn to Start Facebook Ad Agency From YouTube

YouTube is another great platform for you to showcase your talent in front of the world. It provides you with a chance to share your information with others.  You can start by making several how-to videos such as “how to advertise on Facebook?” or “how to advertise on Facebook for lead generation companies?” Such videos will garner the views of those who are eager to learn from you and by experiencing your expertise in the subject first-hand, might come to you in the form of clients.

Therefore, by just identifying the problems of people in the subject and addressing them, you can get more leads, while at the same time, establish your name in this business.

Related Forums

Online forums are also a good way to locate people who are facing difficulty in advertising their products on social media. By conducting thorough research on different forums, you might just be able to find people whom you can help in this manner.

Facebook Groups

Another strategy to gain clients can be to start a Facebook group that is aimed at helping people and teaching them the basic arts of running ads on Facebook. Sure, the majority of the people in that group will be there to learn only. However, there may be few individuals who may like professional touch with their ads and may hire you to do it for them.

Suggestions For Starting A Facebook Ad Agency

Running an ads agency may not seem like a daunting task. However, the reality is far from different. Once you have gotten a lead on a business, the next step is to persuade them to work with you and prioritize your agency over many others claiming to do a better job of running ads than you. To do this, you have to prepare and deliver a great pitch.

Your sales pitch should set the right tone for your business. It must be focused on the result, that is, more clients, more revenue, and increasing brand awareness. For a large scale business, you need to emphasize rendering your services to build their brand. Thus, throwing in sentences such as, “I do not only focus on getting likes and comments but my services will help you in building your brand” will make the odds in your favor. For small businesses, selling the points of gaining clients and increasing brand awareness is the way to go.

The main thing to keep in mind when quoting the price for your services to your potential clients is to keep it fitting to your work and efforts. Under-pricing your services will harm yourself and the client as well since you will not dedicate the right time and energy to generate the best result.

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