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7 Marketing Tactics That Always Work for An Early-Stage SaaS Startup

The advent of digital technologies has revolutionized industries, products, and services significantly. People are now working from their homes with full coordination with the professional teams. Students are learning new concepts from their teachers remotely. Imagine how much the world has transformed to adapt to the current situations so fast. This is where technology comes in and Software as a Service (SaaS) is delivering what we need in the personal and professional sphere.

As per Cisco’s report on the global Cloud Index, the cloud workflows will be ruled by SaaS. This is just the tip of an iceberg that this service will deliver to many other industries. It also indicates the escalating level of popularity of SaaS in different domains too.

Service providers in this domain are aware of the future prospects and are willing to bring significant changes in their business models to grab hold of the lion’s share of the demand in the market. This is where you need to rethink your SaaS strategies and proceed accordingly to fortify your client base and grow.

So, what should be your approach? What are your plans to boost your SaaS startup at the early stage? How are you going to handle the competition tactfully? Here is a list of expert tactics you can go with to increase the stronghold of your SaaS business model and make it more effective for your clients.

Expert Tactics to Consider

1.      Word of Mouth Matters

Nothing works better than spreading word of mouth in terms of promotions. Your business will get noticed when the words travel from one mouth to the other. This is where experts suggest coning new phrases that catch on real quick and spreads like wildfire.

Create a fundamental and different element that distinguishes your business from the rest and focus on spreading to the clients and leads. This element will automatically trigger talks between clients and prospects and your business will start gaining attention from a target audience.

This new tactic is termed ‘Talk Trigger’ by Jay Baer, an eminent author. The features of this element are:

  • Something delightfully different from the rest that people would like to talk about and share.
  • The element should be scalable and must have a punch for better impact.
  • The element should be inclined to your service or product to make more sense to the customers.
  • This element can be repeatedly used for a better experience targeting all customers, not specifically a few.

The element can be quite simple yet aligned to your products and services. Whenever this element gets mentioned in the talks, your service/product will automatically pop up in the conversation, and boom! The magic is done!

2.      Free Services During Trial Periods

Will you buy apparel from a shop without trying it at least once? The same concept implies here as well. You need to focus on giving trial periods to the customers so they can take their time to identify the features of your services.

Remember, your service will only get recognized by a mass of prospects when they are using it wholly. Keep in mind that the buying power of the millennial population is extremely huge and you can only tap a percentage of it when you give the taste of your products/services.

Your business model needs a trial period where leads can try out your provisions. Let them discover the genuine and distinguishable features of your SaaS model and then make a decision. Once a decision is made after the trial period, there is no looking back. It becomes a lot easier to convince a customer who has tried your services. Let your services do the talking! This is a perfect growth strategy most brands incorporate in their business models and find success.

3.      Referral Programs Should be Rewarding

If you find a happy client, you can ask him to refer your services to those who are in need. Referrals programs work like a charm in almost every industry. Do you know the reason? People trust people with experience in a common field. Prospects tend to learn from the new customers of a brand and make a decision. The degree of reluctance reduces to a considerable level.

 You can rest assured that a strong referral program with a good rewarding system can skyrocket your business prospects within a few months. Hence, your business model must have such rewarding referral programs that customers would love to avail themselves of.

Consider this as an example. The current estimated value of Dropbox is US$ 12 Billion. This brand designed the simplest yet most effective referral program that users loved. This program escalated the population of users from 100,000 to over 4 million within just 115 months. The plan offered 500MB of cloud storage space for every referral contact. It’s quite simple!

4.      Influencer Marketing

Social media platforms are the places where you will get a huge population of users at a glance. These users are hooked to the influencers they admire and follow their presentations regularly. This is where a remarkable scope lies for the future. If you choose to add influencers to your social media marketing plan, your SaaS business will get recognized faster.

In this aspect, a business needs to hire a proficient social media marketing service offering the best solutions. These solutions include identifying the best influencers relevant to the field, bringing them on board, and start promoting your service accordingly.

Many brands are using faces known to the social media influencers to grab the potential market via these platforms. These influencers share content, interact with their followers, promote your brand and services, and make you more visible in a competitive market.

5.      Partner Programs

Your business model can be enhanced by introducing a partner program.  Motivated partners with similar interests can make a huge difference in creating more space for your SaaS business in a competitive market.

For this, you will have to design a proficient partner program that matches the criteria of your business and fulfill the goals you have set. For starters, focus on the points mentioned below.

  • Define the persona of your business’ ideal partners
  • Define the goals properly so that your partners can understand them well
  • Don’t make assumptions and consider the partners as the prime extensions of the sales team
  • Establish a proper communication channel for sharing and distributing resources and content

Do not assume that the first partner program will be a grand success. When you are new to this, you will have to try, eliminate, and new factors to the partner programs before you hit the jackpot. Keep moving and enhancing the features of these programs.

6.      PPC marketing

Another aggressive way of entering a competitive industry is ‘Pay Per Click’ or PPC marketing. You can utilize this medium to share non-promotional content such as whitepapers and e-books.

A PPC marketing tactic can be a solid element you can add to your online marketing strategy at the early stage of your SaaS business. For this, you need to make your landing pages confident and engaging. Also, concentrate on handling the organic traffic visiting your online presence and keep the count.

You will need a metric system to evaluate and analyze this tactic to define its effectiveness. This online marketing element can be a great boost to your SaaS marketing provided you have a good lead conversion strategy to utilize. Hire a PPC marketing agency to understand the different aspects of this online marketing domain and to define a proper strategy to continue promoting your business.

7.      Infographics

How can you create engaging content that triggers the mind of prospects to make quick decisions? This is where infographics come into the picture.

As per MIT, more than 90% of the information our brain receives is through vision. Hence, n engaging informational content should be excellently designed with proper graphics and easy-to-comprehend features. An infographic presentation can go viral giving your company the brand recognition you are looking for.

Even though infographics are old methods of sending company messages to target audiences, these elements can still be used to prepare precise and crisp content for promotion. This element can also be linked to other blogs, articles, and web content presented by reputed sources giving you an extra edge in SEO as well.

Wrapping up

These are the 7 effective marketing tactics that fit well in the contemporary SaaS industry across the world. All these tactics focus on engaging audiences and establishing your business as a brand in the digital world. Bring a SaaS solution development team on board and start providing the right solutions to your clients.

Be open to user feedback and work on them. Get back to the users to provide better services and win their trust. Let them beat your drums and spread the word. Follow these tactics and build an effective strategy to establish your SaaS startup in this competitive industry. Evaluate every step to make fruitful changes and incorporate new ideas to become a bigger brand one day.

Author Bio: Jafar Sadhik

Jafar is a passionate digital marketer possessing in-depth knowledge in the fields like SaaS tools, CX, churn statistics and others. He loves to read books during leisure time and is a great admirer of Agatha Christie’s works.

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