Mobile Trading Apps for Beginners 

Engaging in the stock market is empowering since it is a new world where people can make money. Stock trading through mobility has extended and developed to mean that the trading of stocks can be accomplished through the Internet and mobile phones. However, rather than merely getting an initial view of stock markets, since there are enough trading applications today, it could be confusing for a trader to get started. Here is a list of the best mobile trading apps for beginners:

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1.  IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities stock trading app offers commendable features and impressive customer service. The app allows you to invest in various asset classes, such as stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, F&O, and more. With this online trading platform, you can easily open a Demat account in minutes. This app has been awarded as the best mobile trading app in India. With the trust of 25 Lakhs+ users, it is the highest-rated and most downloaded stock trading app in India.

2. Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite is likely one of the best stock market apps for newbies who will likely be introduced to the extra features of robust trading. Because of its lean design in favor of flat and clean navigation, newcomers to stock trading can easily grasp the basics without too much difficulty. Also, Zerodha does not charge any brokerage on equity delivery, which is quite affordable, especially for a new trader seeking to gain some stock exposure without bearing hefty fees and commissions.

3. Upstox

The next great choice is Upstox, which compares favorably to similar sites due to its straightforward interface and sturdiness. There are cutting-edge analytical tools, and the platform has a good layout that allows users to trade without any difficulties. Furthermore, Upstox has comparatively one of the lowest charges for its brokerage services as well as providing customers with many choices of investments, which is useful for beginners who are keen to invest in different categories of securities.

4. Angel

If one is a beginner in the trading field, then the definition and the advisory that are offered by Angel Traders mobile trading application are perfect for the newbies, as they also provide some basic education to their clients. The proposed application contains the option of live market updates, research and trading recommendations, and reports vital for beginners engaged in trading. Additionally, Angel Broking has a simple and easy-to-navigate design for its platform and easy procedures when it comes to opening an account, which suits newbies entering the investment market.

5. 5paisa

5paisa’s application is fully functional on mobile devices and is cheap for novice bettors. Talking about the unique selling points of the app for traders, it can be stated that it offers a lot of features, ranging from the simple ones, such as advanced charting tools and putting together customisable watchlists, to the more complex ones, including instant fund transfers.

Furthermore, 5Paisa is cost-effective for small investors because of its flat fee per trade, which keeps trading expenses low.

6. Groww

Groww has won the hearts of many newbie investors because it has an easily understandable interface and educational content. It has a single platform where users can invest in mutual funds, stocks, and other financial products. Groww also has articles and tutorials that can help users improve their financial literacy and make better decisions regarding their investments.

7. ICICI Direct

The ICICI Direct mobile trading app is a complete offering for investors, for both beginners and experts. The app offers a whole range of investment opportunities in equities, derivatives, mutual funds, and many more. In addition, ICICI Direct provides in-depth research and analysis tools, along with customer support, to guide beginners through the complexity of the stock market.


Picking up the best mobile trading app is important for beginners who have just stepped into the space of investment. Each of the above apps is uniquely featured and beneficially designed to meet the needs of new traders in India. From simplicity to affordability to learning resources, an apt option exists for you to get you going with your investment journey. Always do comprehensive research and choose an app that will match your financial goals and preferences.

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