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A Teenager Has Raised $24.7m to Detect the Defect in Textile

Smartex is a company which is based in Portugal and they work on hardware. They have built remarkable hardware which can detect the defects found in the textile industry. The hardware is based on AI which is the biggest achievement of this hardware company. They have raised approximately $24.7M in funding. Smartex is a company that runs different projects and many companies have invested in their AI-based hardware mainly DCVC company and others.

Smartex is a thing to expand their system around the globe and for that, they have a very solid business strategy to hit other geographical areas they wish to expand more by bringing in new products in the market to improve the fashion brands. This company is present in many markets accord Europe and they are also present in America they are willing to expand more by the year 2023 and this will make companies more powerful. The CEO of the company feel honored that they have built this masterpiece to make the textile industry hassle-free. The textile industry faces daily challenges in terms of defective pieces and by using this hardware they will have more efficiency and there will be less wastage and the time of the fashion industry or textile industry will be saved.

Smartex has an AI-based system in the hardware which is transforming the textile industry and giving digital power to this industry. The good news is that there are 91 employees in the company with different 16 nationalities mainly from America, Germany, the UK, France, India, etc.

The lack of tools in the textile industry makes it hard for them to work and that’s why a good amount of wastage has happened. The pollution that the textile industry throws into the environment is massive. The defect rate in the textile industry is very high so for the industry, the AI-based hardware system is a blessing.

Smartex has an automated identification system that will not only help to detect defective pieces but also help the textile industry to control CO2 Emissions in the environment.

The company aims to expand its business around the globe which will help other countries to make their business hassle-free and it will help them to be more productive and pay attention to the designs and the quality of the product. Overall, this will help the industry to make more money and break records.

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