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Write for us - The Business Goals is one of the best blogs on business and entrepreneurship. We publish articles on business strategies, marketing management, supply chain management, social media, e-business, finance, economics, social media, entrepreneurship, and operations management. We are glad you are here at our “write for us” page and show an interest in writing for The Business Goals. If you would like to submit a guest post on entrepreneurship, a guest post on business, or want a regular guest post submission on various marketing topics and your entrepreneurship story. Please follow the guidelines. We welcome all experienced entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing professionals.

We at “The Business Goals” provide the finest research-based articles to help Entrepreneurs and Startup owners of all levels. We would like to collaborate with the universities to publish research articles. Universities can write anything that can help the Startup Ecosystem in your region.


What are we looking for in a Guest Post Submission?

Unique Content

Your content should be high quality, 100% original, easy to read, and not plagiarized if you want to publish your content. Moreover, check for plagiarism in your content to ensure its uniqueness. This is a basic requirement, also you need to draft for humans and not for the search engine. Articles should be checked for spelling and grammatical errors before sending us.
We only approve the original content. We do not accept anything that has been published somewhere else. When we publish your article, you may share it on social media and bookmarking sites after getting a live link in your email. 


An article must be a minimum of 1000 words in length if you want to write for us. More words than 1000 words are always welcome, add some value for readers so they may be interested in your work. It is a competitive world and traditional marketing has changed. Now everyone wants benefits for them that you can offer in your writing by telling the story smartly.


While writing for us keeps our audience in mind. They are well-educated, executives, and highly paid professionals. So do not just draft the piece but show them your competitive advantage.

Topics We Are Interested for Guest Post


It may include anything about marketing. For instance, If you are offering digital marketing services send us an article about “how to write a digital marketing plan?” and submit it to us. It should be in an informative tone and place your keywords in a clever style.


You can send us your startup’s news or achievements also, by submitting a guest post to us. Your submission may include your startup information. You can talk about the problems of the society you are going to solve in our society by your startup. Also, let us know the potential target audience of your offerings.


If you are any type of entrepreneur send us your story for inspiration. We can also send you the questionnaire to publish your interview on our site. If you want to tell us about how you started your own business, we'll help you share it with our readers. Right now, we're getting bigger, and we want to link up with lots of business owners to help them make new connections.

Too busy? Let a social media management expert handle your accounts for you.

Business Research

If you are an MBA or business studies student and want to share your research about any business-related topics, you are more than welcome. Professors are also welcome to share their business experiences and research.

Business Ideas

Anyone who can share the best idea which can help people to make money is welcome. We have written about the best business ideas to help new entrepreneurs.

Regular Contributor

We allow regular writers to get listed on our contributor's page. ( terms and conditions apply). Have a look here>> Contributors

Business Success Stories

Send us real and informative success stories about your business for publishing. You can write about your blog success, your SEO and digital marketing success story, and a case study. Write about a business success story and send it to us if we find it is worthwhile for our audience we will publish it.

Points to be noted if you want to “write for us"

We accept only Informative writing and not ADVERTORIAL or sales pitch without sponsorship.

Your writing must add value to our audience.

One backlink is allowed to your business/website.


After submitting, we have the full right to replicate, share, assign, modify, delete, and/or use this content in any writing style.

You will have not the right to claim ownership of the article after publishing and you will not claim for payment or copyright infringement now or in the future.
You clearly understand to agree that after submitting you do not have the right to reuse, republish, modify, share, update, or replicate the submitted articles on other platforms.

The relevant image for your post will be uploaded by us to avoid any copyright issues. If you have created or designed a unique image for the post let us know here

If we do not accept your post we will let you know by replying to your email.

Do not send us the advertorial or sales pitch post for publishing.

Promoting The Post

Once we publish your post we will share it on all of our social platforms for free!
If you are an SEO or digital marketing agency and want to contribute articles for your clients regularly on a monthly payment model. Please email us with your requirements, and terms and conditions.

How to submit a Guest Post?

To send your article click here.

If your article is taking time to get approved then you can submit your business at our startups' directory listings with a do-follow link!

We reserve the right to reject or accept your submissions. We are getting unlimited queries every day and are unable to answer all queries if you want a quick reply please send an email with your domain.

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