Top 10 Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Your Clients

    Businesses face tough competition and it is highly crucial that they retain clients for a long time. One effortless way to maintain long-term customers is to think of them and thank them on special occasions. But if you think budget is your constraint, don’t worry we have you covered with the top 10 inexpensive gift ideas for clients. Going forward you will learn how corporate gifting can be beneficial to your business.

    Customer retention through gifting is one of the best marketing strategies to be followed for the success of an enterprise.

    Benefits Of Corporate Gifting

    1. Helps to build brand image

    To retain customers for a long time, you should remain in their minds. This necessitates the creation of the brand image. Corporate gifts are one way to create a good brand image among clients. The clients will have good faith in your business and want to continue their relationship with you. Brand image is what makes a business sustainable for a long. Your credibility and trustworthiness increase a lot when you build a brand image. Your brand is your identity and it is very important for people to know with whom they are dealing. One practical gift option for clients is to buy custom lanyards in bulk, which can be a useful and affordable way to promote brand visibility and enhance professional networking.

    2. Improves relationship

    Corporate gifts are a good way to improve relationships with clients. Apart from the formal business relationship, it is important to have a good rapport with the client. This will keep them emotionally bound to your business. Gifting on special occasions keeps them coming back to you in the future too. There is huge competition in the market and retaining existing clients by improving relationships with them is highly fruitful for the business.

    3. Helps to gain referrals

    Your clients can be your best brand ambassadors. They can help spread the word and make it easy for you to reach potential customers. Only highly satisfied customers can help in this journey. Through their referrals, you can get many new customers who come in with a great impression. This way gifting clients can help develop your client base. Clients give a word of mouth reviews to people known to them. People who were not aware of your brand before, also come to know through this gifting strategy. This way, many people around the world get to know about your brand and its value. Over time when you maintain a good relationship with your clients, you get a good amount of long-standing customers.

    4. Inexpensive way of advertising

    Your gifts to clients are one form of marketing your business. If not through this, you may have to spend a huge amount of your budget on promotions and advertising. With the help of inexpensive gift ideas, you choose an affordable way to promote your business. The gifts that you give away have the logo and name of your company and it helps to get many potential clients. This induces interest among many, to know about your business and thereby have a chance to become your customers.

    5. Helps to create loyal customers

    Loyal customers are those that come back to you again and again to make repeat transactions. Corporate gifts reap the benefit of loyal customers. The customers feel valued and stay with your business when they are given gifts. Loyal customers are an asset to the organization and help in long-term growth. They are more than happy to stay in contact with your organization. Even if competing brands arrive, they are not tempted to move away from your brand.

    Top 10 inexpensive gift ideas for clients

    We have curated a list of the top 10 inexpensive and useful corporate gift ideas that can do a good bit for the marketing campaign.

    1. Eco-friendly tote bag

    Tote bag inexpensive gift ideas

    This is a simple, inexpensive gift but a very useful one. It speaks loud to say that you care about the environment too. You can get such bags in bulk from the stores. Make sure you affix your brand logo or name on the bag. These lightweight cotton bags can be used for shopping and can be seen by many around the store. This can make your brand name popular. You could also add a personal note to thank your client while presenting the gift.

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    2. Self-grooming kit

    Self-care is what many people miss out on. Isn’t it a good idea to remind your clients to take care of themselves? This is a thoughtful gift and can have a positive impact on the minds of your client. You can pack a box of organic products for grooming like lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, etc. Let them enjoy a spa day at home and feel refreshed. You can source in bulk online from a beauty app.

    3. Baked goodies

    A pack of desserts is what everyone would love to have. On special occasions, you could try and get the best in baked goods gift-wrapped. This is a very affordable gift and at the same time loved by all. Your clients can share it with their families too. It is very appropriate for festivals like New Year’s and Christmas time gifts. Make sure the gift wrapping is attractive too. Don’t forget to include a personalized note inside the package. This can carry a lot of messages to your clients. On a thoughtful note, try to include sugar-free desserts too. This can help people who cannot otherwise eat these goodies.

    4. A green gift

    Plants are an all-time favorite. They can be kept year after year and keep reminding the clients about you. Plants represent growth and when you present them to our clients, it implies how you mean your relationship to grow. This is one very good idea for an inexpensive gift. Desktop plants are liked by many, so you could try to get such varieties. The pots can carry your logo or any wish for the client. These can be customized and presented to different clients too.

    5. Water bottles

    This is a daily need and will be a much-appreciated gift at a low cost. Choose whether it needs to be plastic or metallic bottles. While plastic is not on the eco-friendly side, it is easier to maintain than metallic bottles. And, you do get eco-friendly plastic too. Copper bottles are a little on the higher side but are also good for health. Your clients would be happy to receive these caring gifts. Copper tumblers are also available and these can be used daily. Don’t forget to pack a leaflet with care instructions for metallic bottles, along with the gift.

    6. Desktop organizers

    This will be a great addition to your client’s desk and will be a cherished gift. It is a very useful thing and can keep your client’s desk organized. They can arrange their pens, files, and other documents safely in this. These are also one of the best inexpensive gift ideas for your clients. You can also include an organizer with a small digital clock and calendar.

    7. Personalized mugs

    Coffee mugs with thoughtful words and your company’s logo imprinted can make a good gifting option, also one in your budget. Mugs are the ones that will be used regularly and so can keep reminding your brand. Gifts like these help to maintain closer contact with the clients. Attractively pack them and leave a Thank you note. It can go a long way in influencing them positively.

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    8. Corporate Pens

    These are timeless gifts and are good for all seasons. Of course, devices have taken over writing but still, pens are in use by many people. Also, many people have an affinity for pens and it is very thoughtful to gift them these. As for the cost, it is quite inexpensive. Make sure to get the name of your company or your logo printed on the body of the pen. Make the gift box special.

    9. Toiletry pouch

    A very understanding gift for those clients who travel a lot. Print your brand logo on these pouches. This means a lot to the client and they will appreciate your thought to gift them these pouches. While ordering these pouches, make sure you get waterproof ones. They should also be sturdy and durable. This also tops the list of inexpensive gifts for clients.

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    10. Pack of essential oils

    Essential oils are useful to calm the stressful mind. There are different fragrances available and each of them has its benefits. Make an assorted pack of essential oils and gift them to your clients. Also, provide a simple ‘how to use’ leaflet along with the gift. This can be a good choice for a new year’s gift. Your clients can start the new year stress-free with the help of your essential oils.

    Wrapping up

    You now know how corporate gifting can help to impress and retain clients. Apart from the above-listed choices for inexpensive gift ideas, you can find many more when you explore. These gifts are one of the best ways to express your gratitude to your clients. Make sure your gifts are thoughtful and carefully selected.

    Even though gifts are given away during special occasions, don’t wait for one. Make your clients feel special anytime with specially tailored gifts.

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