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Navigating Camp Lejeune Lawsuit: How A Lawyer Can Help 

Water contamination disasters are no anomaly in the U.S. In fact, water pollution has been a matter of concern for decades. Over the years, America has witnessed multiple water contamination events.

Of all the incidents, the Camp Lejeune water contamination tragedy has been a topic of discussion, especially in recent years, as individuals can claim compensation from the government. For several decades, Camp Lejeune residents were exposed to toxic chemicals in the military base’s water supply.

If you or your loved one was exposed to the base’s contaminated water, you are eligible to file a lawsuit. However, filing a lawsuit is anything but easy. To avoid losing your chance of winning compensation, it’s best to hire an experienced attorney.

Here, we’ll discuss what happened at the site and how an attorney can help you with your Camp Lejeune claim.

What Happened at Camp Lejeune?

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, situated in Jacksonville, North Carolina, served as a military training facility for Marines during World War II. Throughout the 20th Century, it was used as a training facility.

In recent years, this military base has been making rounds in the news due to the water contamination tragedy that occurred in the 20th Century. From the 1950s till the 1980s, those working and living at Camp Lejeune drank and bathed in the contaminated well water of the military base.

Findings suggest that water from the Hadnot Point and Tarawa Terrace treatment plants– two treatment plants that provide water to the military base– were contaminated with volatile organic compounds. Tetrachloroethylene (PCE), trichloroethylene (TCE), benzene, and vinyl chloride are some of the toxic substances found in the water supply of Camp Lejeune.

As reported by TorHoerman Law, Camp Lejeune residents complained of several complications due to exposure to the contaminated water, which include eye, skin, and respiratory illnesses. As time passed, they developed severe health issues. A few of these were leukemia, liver, kidney, and lung cancers, multiple myeloma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

For decades, victims of Camp Lejeune had no legal recourse to recover damages for illnesses they developed due to exposure to the toxic water.

But in 2022, President Biden signed the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, which allowed people to file claims with the Department of the Navy and recover compensation. This marked a significant advancement in identifying and addressing the challenges faced by Camp Lejeune victims.

While it’s difficult to ascertain the exact payout for Camp Lejeune claims, lawyers estimate it could reach $6.1 billion. Note that only those present at the military base for 30 days between August 1, 1953, and December 31, 1987, qualify for the lawsuit.

Filing a Lawsuit: How a Camp Lejeune Lawyer Can Help?

Any individual who developed medical conditions associated with Camp Lejeune’s water contamination can seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Nevertheless, navigating the legal process without any legal knowledge could be challenging. That is why we advise you to seek the assistance of an experienced Camp Lejeune lawyer.

Here’s how a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit and guide you toward a favorable outcome:

1. Gather Evidence to Support Your Claims

Strong and cogent evidence are the cornerstones for a solid personal injury case, and Camp Lejeune is no exception.

You will win fair compensation only when you provide sufficient evidence that proves you contracted a particular condition due to exposure to contaminated water. Some documents that you will need to file a lawsuit are as follows:

  • Military employment records (DD214)
  • Documents proving you were a resident of Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987
  • Location of your home at Camp Lejeune
  • Medical records, diagnosis, and bills

Gathering these documents is no easy task. However, a lawyer experienced in handling Camp Lejeune cases will help you gather these and other evidence needed to validate your claims.

2. Navigate Complex Regulations

Camp Lejeune lawsuits differ from personal injury cases because the federal government is the defendant. As you’re filing a suit against the government, the process becomes more complex than it would if the defendant were a business or a person.

Navigating complex regulations related to the Camp Lejeune lawsuit won’t be easy for people with little to zero legal knowledge. You could commit blunders in the process, which will minimize your chances of recovering damages.

However, Camp Lejeune lawyers are well-versed in governmental regulations. Leveraging their help will help you navigate the particulars of the legal system with ease.

3. Negotiate Your Settlement

Another reason you need a lawyer for your Camp Lejeune lawsuit is negotiation. A person with a non-legal background can’t negotiate with the government in case of an unfavorable offer.

Due to the nature of their job, the communication skills of lawyers are excellent. They can help you win fair compensation by negotiating with the government.

In closing, the Camp Lejeune water contamination tragedy is one of the worst contamination incidents in U.S. history to ever affect the lives of thousands of veterans and their families. However, the Camp Lejeune Justice Act gives people the right to seek redressal for the damages sustained due to exposure to the toxic water.

Filing a lawsuit against the federal government is daunting, but you can navigate the process with ease by hiring an experienced lawyer. Just make sure to go for an attorney experienced in handling Camp Lejeune claims. Also, check the reviews of lawyers before you hire them to know if they are dependable.

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