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In a compelling discussion, Jane Ejim, Chief Sales Officer at ClickDealer, shared a wealth of intriguing insights into the world of affiliate marketing and the ever-evolving dynamics of e-commerce. Now, let’s explore the ClickDealer case and uncover more about their strategies in this dynamic landscape:

Navigating E-Commerce in Affiliate Marketing

At ClickDealer, our global footprint extends across social, content, and native platforms. We collaborate with major retail marketplaces worldwide, working diligently to help brands meet their KPIs and foster a devoted user base.

The integration of ClickDealer into DMS has not only strengthened our standing but also broadened our horizons. Access to new traffic sources on email and content platforms has naturally expanded our e-commerce strategy, providing advertisers with more engagement options and increased traffic volumes.

Our focus primarily centers on the English-speaking market, with the US and UK leading the way, closely followed by Europe. Our collaborations include industry giants such as Walmart and Tesco, as well as innovative brands like Squarespace. The diversity of our partnerships extends to travel companies like and Marriott, showcasing our broad market presence.

Our philosophy revolves around not just generating traffic but delivering quality at an impressive scale. It is deeply ingrained in our approach, and it manifests through a combination of cutting-edge technology, stringent quality control measures, and an unwavering commitment to client support.

At the heart of our strategy is an in-house platform that transcends conventional capabilities. It serves as a dynamic hub equipped with granular reporting features, allowing us to dissect and analyze data at a microscopic level. This granularity empowers us to glean actionable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making that shapes our strategies for optimal performance.

Ensuring the quality of the traffic we deliver is crucial. To achieve this, we implement top-tier traffic quality control measures that go beyond industry standards. This approach is not just about quantity; it’s about delivering an audience with genuine potential and interest, ensuring our partners receive the most valuable engagement.

Backing up our technological prowess is a dedicated team that stands ready to provide 24/7 campaign support. E-commerce operates in a dynamic, round-the-clock environment, and having a team that is always available ensures that campaigns not only run seamlessly but are continuously optimized for maximum impact. This human touch complements our technological infrastructure, creating a holistic support system for our clients.

The holiday season, with its festivities and fervor, injects a positive surge into the affiliate marketing industry. This period becomes a crescendo of heightened activity, driven by ubiquitous promotions and deals that span across e-commerce and various consumer verticals. The tangible outcome is significant spikes in conversion rates, revenues, and profits, creating a win-win scenario for both our partners and us.

However, navigating the fall-winter holiday season is a big deal. Challenges arise in the form of increased consumer spending, the orchestration of special promotions, and the imposition of tight shipping deadlines. The ability to deftly adapt campaign setups between marquee events such as Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is not just advantageous; it’s a key determinant of success. This adaptability requires strategic foresight, real-time analysis, and the ability to capitalize on the distinct opportunities each event presents.

In essence, our success in the e-commerce realm is a symphony of technological innovation, quality control, and unwavering support. It’s a nuanced and detailed approach that positions ClickDealer as a dynamic and reliable partner, capable of navigating the complexities of the e-commerce landscape with finesse.

ClickDealer Walmart Case

In 2021 we faced a challenge when tasked with partnering with Walmart in a limited preparation timeframe. The pressure was on to create a successful campaign despite the constraints and make a significant impact during the crucial holiday season.

Undeterred by the time limitations we devised a comprehensive promotion strategy in 2022. Leveraging strategic insights and a deep understanding of the market, the team executed a meticulously planned campaign. This strategy aimed to not only meet Walmart’s expectations but to surpass them.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Despite the challenging circumstances of the previous year, our 2022 promotion strategy propelled the total order value from 9 million to an astounding 50 million during the pivotal months of November and December. This success showcased the impactful outcomes achievable through strategic campaign execution.

Recognizing the important role of partners in their success, we have instituted an annual bonus program, with a special emphasis during the holiday season. 

Approaching 2024, we foresee further growth in e-commerce. The increasing number of clients transitioning from offline to online, coupled with growing marketing budgets for affiliate channels, fuels our optimism. Doubling our e-commerce revenue is not just a goal; it’s an achievable reality for the coming year.

Currently, North America and Europe dominate e-commerce revenue, with emerging markets like India, Brazil, and Australia showing substantial growth. Post-pandemic consumer behavior and the preference for mobile shopping apps will undoubtedly shape the evolving landscape.

The pandemic has catalyzed a significant shift towards online shopping, a trend we believe will endure. I draw parallels between e-commerce and remote work, noting the recognition of convenience and practicality, which is reflected in adjusting lifestyles.

While Facebook retains its position as a dominant traffic source, TikTok’s substantial growth hints at a potential shift in the future. Content, display, search, and native formats collectively contribute significantly to the current traffic share.

Mobile traffic’s role in e-commerce is on the rise, with a current split of 60/40 between mobile and desktop. This trend aligns with the convenience-driven preferences of today’s shoppers.

AI’s influence on e-commerce is undeniable, with algorithms analyzing customer data, providing personalized recommendations, enhancing shopping experiences, and increasing conversion rates. AI-based predictive analytics empower businesses to make proactive decisions.

Looking ahead to 2024, at ClickDealer we have ambitious plans, including expansion into new geos, a growing client portfolio, new exclusive deals, unique in-house tech, and expanded capabilities to reach new markets. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, ClickDealer remains at the forefront, adapting and innovating to unlock new possibilities.

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