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Navigating The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Embracing Innovation For Future Business Success 

The use of artificial intelligence has been making headlines as it continues to disrupt and/or help the business world. In many cases, AI has enabled companies to spend less time performing mundane tasks and more time thinking strategically and making smarter decisions.

Learn more here about the AI revolution and how it can improve your business, with insight into generative artificial intelligence, which is part of the overall machine learning trend.

Generative Artificial Intelligence in Machine Learning

Computer systems can now create novel information with AI. Generative artificial intelligence, a type of “machine learning,” enables computers to create new information that resembles the data used to train it. Essentially, you use an algorithm to work on a big set of data.

A major example of generative AI is ChatGPT, a system that Open AI created. Businesses use ChatGPT because it generates text responses to employee questions that sound like they’re coming from a real human. With generative AI such as ChatGPT, organizations have sped up the time it takes to create content for their social media channels and provide 24/7 customer support with real-time interaction.

Customers aided with AI systems are outside as well as inside companies. For example, IT infrastructure support services in large enterprises typically involve a live human being to staff the help desk at all times, since problems can occur unexpectedly in any time zone. Deploying an AI solution to triage and process incoming IT help requests can free your information technology professionals to focus on more pressing concerns that AI cannot address.

As you amass data about your customer’s behavior, you can use generative AI to analyze the information to help suggest recommendations for them, such as a new investment that meets their current needs or that follows up on searches they made on your website during a previous visit.

Most Companies Think AI Is Useful for Business

In a recent survey of 600 business owners, 97% of owners stated that ChatGPT will help their company. Approximately 33% of companies will use AI to write copy for their websites, for example. For those seeking to expand their audience, they’re using ChatGPT to develop marketing materials in different languages.

AI isn’t just for external communications. About 46% of company owners now use AI to write their internal communications. With AI, you can also improve your keyword research when doing Internet searches.

I predict that 2024 will see a wave of companies utilizing the advancements in popular tools like ChatGPT to gain insights into their own corporate data.  ChatGPT now has an API to allow a business to submit its own data and ask ChaptGPT for insights, trends, anomalies, and look for opportunities that a human may not see.  For example, a company can submit Client sales data, including products and services sold, to identify Clients with certain demographics that buy more of one product than another.

About 300 respondents indicated they’ve harnessed AI to manage fraud and beef up their cybersecurity efforts.

Automating Security With AI

A major benefit of using artificial intelligence is shoring up your company’s defenses. AI-based cyber security systems can detect an incoming cyberattack, such as hackers trying to break into the system or spread malware to your workers via email.

The artificial intelligence will pore through all incoming emails and analyze who is sending and the content of those emails to establish patterns of attackers and prevent those attacks from happening again.

How Will Your Organization Leverage Artificial Intelligence?

With artificial intelligence systems helping automate much of the drudgery and repetitive tasks burdening workers, it makes sense to develop a policy for how you’ll deploy AI in your own organization.

Freeing workers with AI will allow them to focus on higher-level tasks, such as thinking about the company’s future in a strategic fashion and making significant decisions about how to grow the business more effectively.

Jody Jankovsky

Jody Jankovsky is the founder and CEO of Black Line IT, serving over 500 clients in 30 years and earning spots on Inc. 5,000’s Fastest Growing Companies list twice. Recognized in the Chicago Tribune, renowned brands rely on his tech expertise. Jankovsky is also a key speaker on technology, cybersecurity and business software.



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