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Hiring Internationally: The Employer’s Guide to Work Permits and LMIA Application

Not all Canadians can fill the positions available in some industries. For complicated careers and roles requiring a high level of expertise, a foreign worker with the right skills is better than a Canadian worker with mid-level knowledge. To become a legal worker in Canada, getting an LMIA application will help best.

Canada knows just how to grow the impact on their economy. They prefer working with intelligent minds, regardless of their home country or place of residence.

The LMIA application form refers to the document used for Labor Market Impact Assessment, in Canada. Let’s now look into What is an LMIA application form?. For French (Qu’est-ce que c’est que le formulaire de demande d’EIMT). It is a policy that encompasses important documents required for Canadian workers and their foreign employees. This form has been in existence for a long period. It is known to be as effective as other immigration schemes.

Brief Overview of LMIA

The Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a policy that provides guidelines for employers and employees. It comprises documents aimed at verifying the worker’s credibility and assessing the employer’s situation.

Canadian employers have the right to bring someone from abroad to fill a job position. Such circumstances need to be examined by the government. This assessment involves considering factors such as the availability of workers, skills of the employee, age, location, and more.

To proceed with hiring employees, employers must obtain an LMIA decision from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This decision is. Contains all the information necessary for both employers and employees. It includes details about positions pay rates and other pertinent factors.

Foreign employees who are interested in applying for an LMIA must thoroughly review this decision document. It is likely to get approved if the employer or an immigration expert secures the decision for the worker.

Work Permit and its Relation to LMIA

A work permit is a set of documents given to you by the Federal Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to prove that a foreign employee is a legal worker in the country. It comes after LMIA must have been approved and helps secure the position.

Without a work permit, a foreign employee will find it challenging to secure the assigned position in the country. A work permit probes the credibility of an LMIA application.

An employer must have submitted a candidate’s name to the ESDC before a work permit application should start. To get approved for a work permit, employees must prove that they meet the LMIA requirements.

LMIA-Exempt Positions

In rare circumstances, LMIA is unnecessary to work in Canada. Employers can bring in candidates for LMIA-exempt positions without an application. These positions may include working with the international trade organization, importation, and exportation, or scientific-based research.

The International Mobility Program

The IMP is a program designed to give Canadian employers access to employ foreign workers without the need for an LMIA. This program is often applicable when there is an exchange of knowledge and expertise between Canada and other countries.

The IMP includes other permits, such as:

–       Work Permit under a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

–       International Experience Canada Work Permit (EIC)

–       Global Talent Stream Program (GTS)

–       Work permit for Job Seekers

–       Intra Company Transfer Work Permit (TIC)

Understanding the LMIA Procedures

It is better to get an LMIA approval and a work permit to avoid further displacement. The Canadian government won’t consider how skillful or talented a worker is without this program. Do these to get approved:

1.   Research on LMIA Requirements

Consider your home country, skills, level of expertise, and others. Then, research with these factors in mind. While the Canadian government allows for similar application forms, knowing which documents to tender in your situation is priceless.

2.   Gather the Needed Documents

Put together the necessary documents. Have an immigration expert assess them to ensure no essential is left out. Immigration pros know what to do and how to go about it.

3.   Fill out the Form Appropriately

Fill in all details without leaving out a section. This is the only way to make the ESDC see that you’re eligible for a work role in Canada.

4.   Send in the Complete Application Form

Include every document in the application form. If someone supervises the process on your behalf, you might have to include an Authority to release personal information to a designated individual [IMM 5475]. Individuals from a visa-required country should provide paperwork proving ties to their homeland.

5.   Await a Response

Expect feedback. Join an online community for more updates. Be positive and stay in touch with your employer and any agency helping with the application process. While you do so, seek knowledge from professionals and those with work permits on the next action.

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LMIA has helped many international workers with great talents work in Canada. The country welcomes individuals with the skills to fuel the labor market and economy. However, these workers have to prove that they have the potential to be legal workers in the country.

While getting a Canadian employer to kickstart the application process is crucial, having an immigration expert or agency guide you through will do. What’s most vital is obtaining the necessary documents and having the right skills for the position.

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