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How To Deal With Quiet Quitting

The term ‘quiet quitting’ emerged shortly after the start of the pandemic, and it refers to a specific group of employees that do the minimum amount of work to get by. Some might say that this is caused by allowing employees to work from home, yet the majority of ‘work from home’ people are high achievers, which kind of negates that theory. One thing is for sure, being away from the office is not going to benefit employees who are not fully committed, rather they can get away with a lot more because they have a decent level of freedom.

Whatever the root causes of quiet quitting, here are a few ways that you can combat this.

Regular Video Meetings

Not so many meetings, but 5-10 minutes to touch bases with every remote worker, which reinforces their importance in the big picture. Ask about their family, mention that you understand the challenges of remote working and that their role in the company is a critical one. If you feel you have more than your fair share of quiet quitters in your employment, call in a London HR consultancy service or the leading HR agency in your area that delivers results. If an employee thinks the management does not care, he or she is much more likely to slack, so it is crucial that you create a personal bond with all your staff.

Review Incentives

Faced with no additional incentives, employees can easily slip into quiet quitting. Are you offering employees anything other than a salary? Do members of the staff who are punctual get any reward? Is there recognition of maximum attendance? It is answers to questions like these that will help you assess incentives; creating employee of the month is one way to incentivize. What about sales? Customer service? You must acknowledge good performance; talk to an HR agency about addressing the issue of quiet quitting and they can identify causes and create solutions.

Give Your Employees Autonomy

People don’t like to be micro-managed; they respond positively to being given responsibility and a level of performance. If you would like to have your HR processes evaluated by one of the leading outsourcing HR in the UK, for example, Google can help locate such an organization, which would be happy to evaluate all your HR processes and initiatives.

One On One Contact

Whether remote or in-house, the CEO should make a point of having a relationship with each and every employee. Of course, with huge corporations, this isn’t possible, but any company with less than 100 employees should have a boss who communicates with every employee. Yes, we have managers to do that, but when the CEO takes the time to ask about the gardener’s wife or congratulates a worker on becoming a parent; this has a lot of impacts and makes employees feel like they are valued.

Range Of Services

A top-rated HR agency would offer the following:

  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Workforce management
  • HR allocation
  • Employee morale
  • Quiet quitting solutions
  • Health & safety compliance

If a workforce is mismanaged, there will be employee issues and if no resources are allocated to HR, the workforce will certainly underperform.

Google can help put you in touch with an established HR agency, and their team of experts can carry out a needs assessment to determine what needs to be done.

Jeena Alfredo is a passionate digital marketer at The Business Goals. She is working with other companies to help them manage the relationship with The Business Goals for the publications.



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