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How to Enhance Employee’s Productivity?

Professionals have been doing a lot of research to study Employees’ experience and build strategies to increase employee productivity in the workplace which has given us several techniques, ideas, approaches, practices, and ways to motivate employees and increase productivity. The results are anyway subjected to an individual organization and the nature of implementation they do.

However, there is a fact that we give our best when driven by motivation, do things that bring happiness, or when have a passion to achieve a certain thing (goal).

That gives us three components of productivity here itself. 

In regards to professional work or, let’s say, employee productivity, how we can relate these factors and come up with a way to enhance it is still to be discussed.

For Now, the question appears what exactly does employee productivity mean?

What is Employee Productivity? Give a Productivity Example.

Employee productivity is a means to measure the quantity of work done by an employee in a particular time frame. Measuring employee productivity gives a precise estimation of work delivered by the employees and know whether the outcome justifies the amount of time spent on it.

Productivity Example: If you take a 45-minute break, and use your mobile for another 15 minutes sitting at your desk, in the 9 hours shift, your productive time is 8 hours only.

Productivity equations, software applications, and profit generated are a few ways organizations use to measure employee productivity.

What is the Effective and Efficient Employee Difference?

Though the terms contradict, there is a significant difference between the meaning of ‘Effective’ and ‘efficient.’

An effective employee would ensure the ultimate goal is achieved. In addition, an efficient employee achieves the goal with efficiency and competency, i.e., putting in minimum effort, spending less time, and utilizing lesser resources. Let us discuss How to Enhance Employee’s productivity and the Ways to motivate employees that can increase productivity:

8 Proven Step To Enhance Employee Productivity

8 Proven Step To Enhance Employee Productivity

Two-Way Feedback

Feedback is what brings in change, be it people, products, or services. Providing feedback is the key to improvisation. Unless your Employee knows what s/he is doing wrong, they cannot rectify it. You must inform them if there is a scope or need for improvement, even if their work is exemplary. Constructive criticism is constructive, so please try it.

Two-Way feedback is the reason to bring performance reviews into the big picture. Don’t just expect but support your Employee to achieve better. Convey your views to them, find out what help they need, guide them on the right path, provide what is necessary and make them thrive. Sometimes all they need is a little push or words of motivation. Taking Feedback is as essential as giving feedback.

Employee Benefits, Rewards & Incentives

Employee benefits not only attract candidates to join the organization but employees to stay longer and deliver. It is one of the most effective ways to motivate employees and increase productivity.

Offer employee benefits like Overtime Compensations, Insurance, Leaves, On-Off service benefits, and Profits share to show that you provide more than a job. That you invest in their present and future. Design a good promotion policy to motivate them to achieve milestones continuously.

Introduce an incentive scheme to motivate employees to go the extra mile. Rewards are part of recognition and express that employees’ work, and efforts are valuable to the organization.

Rewards need not necessarily be a big award or tremendous amount of cash; instead, appraising publicly/Privately, sending recognition mail, celebrating with a small gesture, or a coffee treat can always do.

Give Opportunities to Employees

Lack of opportunities suppresses potential leaders and innovative minds. But, on the other hand, the right opportunity gives a platform to employees where they can try, develop, implement, grow and do wonders.

Offering the option that fits their interest, skills, and experience will create curiosity and improve employee productivity and work outcomes.

You must figure out what chance employees have been waiting to give their best and do something great.

A usual consistent work executed daily brings boredom among people. Getting them out of their comfort zone is essential for their growth. So why not fascinate them by giving them a non-avoidable or tempting opportunity that complements their interests?

Set Achievable Goals

Employee productivity will enhance when they have the aim to work towards. Specifying goals holds them in a responsible place where they need to complete specific tasks at a particular time. It reduces accountability and ownership-related conflicts that often arrive due to less effective work planning and a lack of meaningful goals.

Leaders must timely check the progress the Employees made, motivate them, and appraise work done well. Managing their goals is much more impactful than managing time. Train the supervisors to define clear and realistic goals and stop micromanaging their time spent. It will help to increase Employees’ productivity as they will have specific plans to focus on.

Support Learning & Development

Learning is one of the best strategies to increase productivity in the workplace. Continuous learning and education are essential in order to improve productivity. Organization opts for various training modules, including role-specific training, internal cross-training, interpersonal skills, etc. for employees’ development. Many organizations also assist and support employees in pursuing further education for their career and knowledge growth.

Give chances to learn and keep up-to-date with the evolving world. Learning and development bring innovation among employees and also reinforce the core values and culture of people-based organizations.

Adopt Tools and Technology

Technology is a primary contributor to business growth and management. Therefore, having a technological solution is a blessing that streamlines various workflows, organizes tasks, and brings efficiency to the process.

Employees can overcome manual tasking and save a lot of time with the latest technology implementation. Therefore, almost every organization has adopted such technological solutions as digitalization, automation, saving-cost, resources, or productivity enhancement.

Employee productivity is enhanced as they can focus on the critical work and let technology help to complete the tiresome one. Some of the most common technology to Automate employees’ activities and enhance productivity are Collaboration tools, Data storage, Project Management, E-signature software, CRM & ERP Software, etc.

Communication, Address & Change

Productivity issues are primarily caused due to lack of open communication between employees and managers. Therefore, you must communicate clearly with the Employee about work expectations, responsibilities, employee productivity, goals, conflicts, or hurdles they are facing.

Just pressurizing to do something without knowing the concerns doesn’t get it to happen. Instead, address the issues due to which employees are not able to take a step ahead or be more productive. Redefine the goals, make plan changes, and modify the approach, if needed. Try a separate solution for the particular problem and make it easy for your Employee to work.

Promote Employee Mental Health &Well-being

According to data supplied by the American Psychiatric Association, employees with unresolved depression experience a 35% reduction in productivity, contributing to a loss to the U.S. economy of $210.5 billion a year in absenteeism, reduced productivity, and medical costs” by McLean hospital

Mental health impacts employees’ behavior and productivity, which is why a few organizations have employed Consultants full-time to get help during their tough times.

You may schedule regular fun activities, a few low-key exercises at the workplace, or some healthy practices during work hours or initiate drives like running, marathons, yoga retreats, etc., in the organization that can bring happiness and helps the Employee stay active, which boost up the productivity.

You can also enhance an employee’s mental health by acknowledging their hard work through tokens of appreciation. Select the best employee gifts from a credible corporate gifting source. This will bring a smile to their face, and boost their productivity all the same.

Other Tactics for Increasing Employee Productivity

Delegate the Work

Hesitation to delegate limits opportunities for the enthusiastic and confident Employee. It happens in multiple situations like when a person is in charge of something for a long time, lacks trust in the individual/ their ability, or risks a negative outcome.

But you must delegate responsibilities to a qualified employee and hold expertise with the particular task or work. You will definitely see work success in addition to giving the Employee a better direction.

This approach supports the growth of the individual to the next level, improves employee productivity, boosts their confidence, and makes employees efficient. Moreover, an organization’s trust, employees’ trust, and capacities also bring job satisfaction, which is important.

Right Resource at Right Place

A must-possess skill, especially for supervisors or managers, is putting the right person in the right place. You must closely understand employees’ capabilities and strengths to utilize their skills in work execution. Unfortunately, most supervisors fail to realize their employees’ potential and assign them a role in which they cannot explore or unveil possibilities.

It is discouraging for the employees, and it negatively impacts their productivity and efficiency. However, this approach offers a win-win situation for both employees and the organization. Employees get satisfaction and achievements, which immensely benefit the organization as well.


These are several ways to motivate employees and increase productivity organization-wide. Choose the right strategies to increase productivity in the workplace and find out the difference for yourself.

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