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5 Marketing Automation Tools For Business Lead Conversion

Marketing automation has empowered many businesses to transform failing plans into huge success stories. From automated email marketing to social media handling and messaging everything is provided by these marketing tools. These tools help businesses focus on better lead generation and conversion. A study done by Peakfirms throws light on many fascinating facts about marketing automation. It states that 75% of the users of at least one marketing tool say it is very important for the success of online businesses. The study also reveals that 85% of B2B and B2C companies employ the use of marketing automation software.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is defined as the use of technology or certain automated tools to automate marketing practices and make them repetitive.

This practice helps businesses to put their attention on more valuable tasks by saving a lot of time from time-consuming marketing practices. Marketing automation has been quite beneficial in the success of online businesses.

There are many marketing automation tools available, here are the top 5 tools with their highlighted features:

Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools

Dynamic 365 Marketing

Dynamic 365 Marketing is a marketing automation tool that has inbuilt business intelligence and is specially designed to turn prospects into long-term partners. Major features are:

  • It offers advanced customer segmentation that encourages targeted marketing. Identifying the customers or target audience is the biggest task to be accomplished for successful marketing. D365 Marketing helps based on certain factors such as demographical, territorial, behavioral data, and more.
  • This marketing automation tool is very useful in launching automated email campaigns, SMS, and social media campaigns accompanied by expert designing of landing pages.
  • It helps in proper event management by extracting and filtering all the event-related specifics and represents the analytics based on the information in the form of dashboards.
  • Besides automating tasks, it also offers in-depth analytics of all the campaigns, marketing practices, and events. It tracks the success of all the activities to evaluate the performance and helps in better decision-making.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is another marketing automation platform that offers many facets of marketing. From multi-channel campaign execution, capturing various customer journeys to end-to-end campaign analytics. It was first developed in 2000 under the name Exact Target but later it was acquired by Salesforce and was renamed Salesforce Marketing cloud in 2014.

Major features are:

  • Salesforce marketing cloud has an audience studio that captures customer data automatically from all the touchpoints such as emails, social media, phone calls, etc., and helps in proper categorization.
  • The interaction studio available offers automated recommendations to marketers on the best actions based on the acquired data.
  • The Email studio customizes email templates and sets up targeted email campaigns, A/B testing, email analytics, etc.
  • The SF studio develops a successful social media profile by creating tremendous content, communicating with customers, and launching automated ad campaigns.

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Marketo offers marketing automation software for customized marketing services. It offers various packages for personalized marketing campaigns.

Its major features are:

  • AI-powered Adobe Sensei is specifically for tracking prospects and their behavior to find out when they are most likely to unsubscribe.
  • Automated email management helps in creating targeted email campaigns.
  • The Predictive Content feature displays dynamic content in emails and on websites according to the user’s behavior
  • Planning and organizing a live event is easy through Marketo as it has an automatic feature to promote the planned event through various social media channels, and track the performance and attendance. It even helps in incorporating recommendations for future events.

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Hubspot marketing software is a standalone tool and allows the automation of a series of marketing activities. Services, such as setting up simple and seamless email workflows, creating a complex network of rules to target users, real-time chats, and more.

Major features that you will find here are:

  • HubSpot offers a perfectly curated email management feature that creates automated email marketing workflows in the drag-in-drop editor. The tool automatically executes various testing phases to identify the conversion strength of the messages.
  • The tool creates landing pages tailored automatically according to customer preferences, behavior, and dynamic expectations.
  • Another major feature is its extraordinary social media management. It includes scheduling posts, leveraging expert recommendations and implementing them, measuring customer engagement, and more.

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Mailchimp is an automated platform that has inbuilt AI and ML features.  It creates email campaigns, single or a series that is sent automatically as per the settings done by the user.

Major features include:

  • It helps in personalizing emails through attractive design and content with the help of a drag-and-drop builder, creating targeted email campaigns, etc. It has an inbuilt feature to optimize time and send emails automatically according to the set time. The AI feature determines the best time when the contacts will interact the most.
  • Mailchimp automatically sends emails and monitors their open rates and clicks
  • The Creative Assistant helps in the intelligent selection of designs according to your branding guidelines
  • It has an inbuilt AI-powered tool that checks the performance of the marketing campaign and provides recommendations
  • Subject Line Helper is for automatically recommends proper subject lines that can increase open rates and engagement.

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Marketing and promoting your business are among the important tasks to increase leads and convert them. Automated software Development and tools are like saviors for businesses. They ease many tedious marketing activities and help get better ROI. Maximum businesses already using these tools. They said that they heaved a sigh of relief after implementing these automated marketing tools in their system. Therefore, if you have not yet used it, go for it and streamline your marketing activities. For earning better profits and making better business decisions.

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