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How to Market Your Startup in 5 Easy Steps

Starting a startup is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs who wish to make an impact in the industry of their choice. Some of the greatest success stories of the modern economy involve startups that came out of garages only to end up owning part of the globe.

The success that these groundbreaking startups found was almost entirely based on their marketing and how they constructed the public view of technology.

1. Assemble a Team

Firstly, it is important to prioritize which leadership positions need to be filled and by what kind of personality. Finding the right people to fill out your workforce can be done with the help of a freelancing guide takes a careful and steady examination of the freelance marketplace.

Freelance sites are rife with talented managers and developers who will work on flexible contracts and give your startup the edge it needs to succeed. The right team should complement each other’s skills and bring out the best working qualities in one another.

Ideally, that happens every time but it can be a bit of a gamble. Carefully perusing the freelance tech marketplaces will give your startup the best chance of finding the right people for the job.

2. Make Some Noise

After a team has been assembled and onboarded it will be time to create a sensible strategy for success online. Content marketing is one of the best strategies as it limits the intrusive element of marketing while still providing a good rate of conversion.

Marketing your startup can be quite a difficult endeavor. In the sea of would-be businesses, only rise above the rest. With some great marketing strategies and some dedication, however, you can significantly affect your chances in a positive direction.

Making your startup attractive to investors, clients, and potential customers will require some social proof. Attaining social proof without any previous social proof to build upon is nearly impossible. So, it’s best to invest in some organic content. Press releases, blogs, and video content can help attract people to your product or service idea in a much more meaningful way than outbound advertising or cold calling.

3. Connect With Influencers

Furthermore, cooperation with influencers helps to build an effective presence online that draws attention to your brand through their content. Building relationships with influencers while doing your content marketing will give your startup the best chance to survive online.

4. Contact News Outlets

Next, it is important to treat your business with the power of the news cycle by contacting outlets that cover your industry and giving them content to produce.

Reaching out to your relevant news outlets is a surefire way to target the customers that are most likely to engage with you. Audience interaction and conversion stems from building a natural curiosity about your brand and service through targeted marketing.

5. Complete Your Profile

If you are starting a tech company, you’ll want to utilize networking platforms designed to connect investors, startups, and entrepreneurs. Crunch base is one such platform, Angels. Co., and LinkedIn can be wonderful resources.

By increasing the number of channels to push your content you are giving your startup an incredible amount of exposure for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.


Taking a startup to the heights that these companies reached will require that your marketing stays at the very front of the pack. Creating an adequate marketing strategy requires that you assemble the right marketing team.

Creating a branded and effective content marketing campaign is essential for a startup to succeed. Additionally, your startup will want to collaborate with as many other businesses as possible to build up a reputable contact list that can prove useful. However, the right content plan requires that your startup have several pathways to mass exposure. Reaching out and collaborating with an influencer is a great way to gain troves of traffic and build relationships with influential online voices. The future of marketing strength and strategy comes from the ability of a startup to effectively market itself online using the popularity of influencers.

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