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3 Must-Have Sales Manager Job Description

Sales management is the backbone of any company working to increase its profits by a few percent. It makes use of new techniques that aid in the elimination of weaknesses and taking advantage of different opportunities, thereby, resulting in an increase in the profit of a company by a respectable margin. The sales manager overlooks the entire sales operation and works towards implementing new sales techniques through which the company can reach its designated sales targets.

Role of a sales manager

A sales manager is someone who is in charge of the entire sales management team. He builds up a team of people and leads them to work towards reaching the company’s targets and even surpassing them. It has been noted that it is far more beneficial for the company to have an experienced and hardworking sales manager than great salespeople. This is because a top sales manager will know how to lead the people working under him and guide them towards making better sales. They are available to motivate, coach, and help their sales representatives excel in all fields.

The sales manager’s job description entails that they have to oversee all the sales operations that are underway in the company. They also have to think of new and exciting ways to increase their sales which may ultimately bear fruit in terms of profit for the company. Besides this, they also have to keep the morale of their staff high and keep them motivated to march on ahead even if conditions are not favorable to them. They have to teach their staff the techniques to face and overcome failures so that they are able to perform better in their field. A sales manager job description has been further explained in the following points below:

1.            Recruiting and nurturing salespeople

The first and foremost job of a sales manager is to be a mentor to the salespeople that are working under him. It is also his job to recruit new members whom he considers fit for the job and train them accordingly. It is crucial that sales managers provide their salespeople a clear vision as well as common goals to work towards. Other than this, it is also recommended that the sales manager start entertaining the idea of training early on.

This creates a feeling of belongingness in the salespeople since they feel like the sales manager wants to see them succeed. Besides this, it also increases the morale of the team. Arranging training sessions have also been linked to improved efficiency of the sales team. This practice has also proven to increase sales as the whole team has the idea of the common goals and is on the same page. Another important point to note is that a sales manager should set a good example for his team by working hard and working according to the rules and values of the company.

2.            Taking financial decisions in hand

A sales manager’s job description also states that he/she is responsible for the financial decisions that have to be undertaken for the functioning of his department. It is the job of a sales manager to figure out the overhead costs, as well as the manufacturing costs of its products, and calculate the profit margin accordingly. Therefore, a low-margin commodity that is popular among sellers may offer a good profit margin which makes it a good decision for it to stay on your line of products. They also have to maintain cordial relations with different business owners as well as corporate executives.

3.            Keeping a check on the quality of distribution

It is in the sales manager job description to keep an eye out for a lack of performance in sales reports. It is through the sales reports that sales managers get a clear idea of where and how much the sale has been made and of which product.  It is the duty of a sales manager to figure out how to maximize the use of the sales method from where the company is gaining maximum profit.If a sales manager observes that most of the sales have been made by customers online, then, the sales manager should question why that is so. He should provide adequate retailer training to his team. He might also focus on collaborating with the marketing department to change the layout of the product.

All in all, there are many points present in a job description of a sales manager which goes to show that a sales manager’s job is not easy. It also shows that the task of managing does not come easy to everyone. Being a sales manager requires immense confidence, resilience, and willingness to learn and get ahead.

Here are the highlights of the sales manager’s job responsibilities.

Recruit, Hiring, and training of the team.

Set sales goals and targets.

Assign sales targets and territories to the sales team members.

Evaluate the performance of the sales team.

Develop sales plans and assign individual quotas.

Waqar Hussain is the founder of The Business Goals. He writes about entrepreneurial strategies and is an SEO consultant by profession. He is a B.Com, GDM, and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.


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