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6 Must-Have Shopify Apps to Boost Your Online Business Growth

The essence of keeping a good bond with the customers is the main ingredient inclined towards your e-commerce business success. Shopify can work as a catalyst here. Establishing your online store is easier and effortless with the help of the Shopify eCommerce platform. You must add a few plugins from Shopify’s app store to maximize the platform’s value after your store is up and operating. Selecting the ideal Shopify Plugin for your online store can boost your sales by enhancing the customer experience.

In our port today, we have discussed the top 6 must-have Shopify Plugins that can help boost your business growth.

1. Locksmith

You can easily lock the content on the Shopify store with the help of Locksmith, which can restrict access to specific pages. Creating a key code can also decide what someone views pages. For instance, you may make a page visible to people only after they have become your registered customer and add an among to their basket or even use a passcode. The plugin is the easiest way to elevate the average order value creating a potential sense of FOMO.

2. Free Shipping Bar

Customers need to find free shipping whenever they place bigger orders. The primary factors behind the cart abandonment rate are related to their delivery guidelines. Therefore, it is a must-have plugin that can help reduce the rate of cart abandonment. It continues to run the score of orders for the customers calculating the total required gaining eligibility for free shipping.

3. Product Filter & Search

Customers can now discover what they are searching for with the help of the filter and search plugin. It is the one that allows you to set up the filters under the product collections allowing your customers to browse through the categories or enter a search term. The friction across your website is reduced when a user can locate what they are searching for.

4. Loox

Loox will allow you to display the galleries of former customers in High Definition if you wish to showcase your reviews in a highly sophisticated manner. You can even share the reviews across social media posts, pop-ups, or galleries. The ideal thing about UGC or user-generated content is that it is updated constantly and needs no additional effort.

5. PickStory, Bundles Upsell

Considering the higher costs often linked with availing new customers, selling more to the existing ones is the ideal way to instantly boost the revenue and sales of your store. The plugin helps you elevate the average order value by displaying well-tailored product deals and bundles right back at your customers while surfing through your online store. Select from the massive variety of deals by adding optional discounts or dragging and dropping the widgets onto your page without any additional code.

6. Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart

The plugin creates a button for live chat that your potential customers can use. They can connect with you for any queries or information related to your product or service. You can contact them with delivery notifications or confirmation messages after the customers have placed an order to initiate a conversation with you. You can send those recovery messages whenever someone abandons the cart.


Having the right Shopify Plugin and offering people something they cannot avail of anywhere else is the best path to a good value proposition. But, if you are commencing with a new business or getting burdened with repetitive tasks, these plugins will make your life easier and seamless.

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