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What is a GSA Contract Schedule?


The Government Services Administration is to the government what Amazon is to the rest of us. It is a platform specially designed for government agencies in the federal, state, and local governments to buy the products and services they need. A GSA Schedule is a long-term contract between the government and commercial firms providing all the services and products government agencies require with several perks, like volume discount pricing.

These contracts are awarded for 5 years initially, but you can renew them every 5 years for 3 consecutive terms.

What is a GSA/MAS Contract?

The GSA MSA contract is an opportunity for small businesses to sell to government agencies across all levels of government without bogus processes and documents, saving time and resources while generating a lot of revenue.

And although the process of being awarded a GSA MSA contract can be pretty stressful and frustrating as it requires a lot of paperwork, negotiating terms conditions, submitting several documents and certifications, and finally registering. After you’ve been awarded the contract, you’ll see they it is worth it after you’ve started enjoying the perks.

How do I get on GSA Schedule?

You can only apply for the GSA schedule contract if you meet the requirements for eligibility. To apply:

You need to register on the System for Award Management(SAM), then you identify the GSA Schedule Special Item Numbers(SINs) as this will categorize your business and the requirements of the category your business falls under. Then you download the GSA MAS solicitation form and applicable attachments.

Then next, you’ll collate your required documentation as stated by the solicitation and applicable attachments, then write your proposal and submit it through GSA’s offer system.

Afterward is the period for proposal review and clarifications done by a member of staff of the GSA schedule awarded to you. Next is the negotiations of prices, terms, and conditions, final proposal review, after which you’re awarded the contract.

How is the GSA Schedule Program Possible?

The program is not complex at all. To be qualified for a contract, you have to have spent 2 years in business and generated a gross profit of at least $150,000, including satisfied customers. You must be willing to negotiate your prices with the federal government. After you win the contract, you’re an approved vendor, your products and services are cataloged in the GSA eLibrary so buyers can easily access your goods and make purchases.

As easy as the whole process seems, you first have to get awarded a contract, which is the most daunting task. The GSA uses strict requirements that are not easy to understand and are constantly changing even while going on. This has caused several organizations to incur many losses trying to get approved for the contract, all to no avail.

Benefits of Getting a GSA Schedule Contract

Several government agencies can purchase your products and services as it is the most preferred procurement vehicle for most government agencies.

Agencies that are eligible to purchase from the GSA MAS include all federal and executive agencies several members of the department of defense agencies, the government awarded contractors that are entitled to spending federal dollars, special institutions-like Howard University, or National Technical Institute for the deaf, state and local Institutions authorized to perform some special purchases-like cooperative purchasing, disaster recovery purchases, and the likes.

Since GSA contract Schedule is also a government-wide contract, it means that your market covers all levels of government from the federal government to state and local government; that is, all government agencies have access to your services and are your potential customers.

GSA Schedule contract enables your firm to be listed on GSA eLibrary: once your firm is listed on the GSA eLibrary, it increases your visibility because firstly, the name of the contractors are listed in alphabetical order, and secondly, the products and services are categorized using SINs.


GSA MAS contract schedule is a great platform that makes buying and selling more simplified and convenient for the vendor and government agencies buying from them. It generates a lot of revenue for the federal government and the contractors.

Author Bio

Josh Ladick

Josh Ladick is the President of GSA Focus, Inc., and has been immersed in GSA Contracts and Government Contracting for over 15 years. I explain the complex GSA and FAR clauses in simple terms that anyone can understand, as well as keep government contractors informed on a broad group of GSA Contract related topics.

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