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Recognizing The Difference Between Sell Vs Sale And Types Of Sale

Many of us are confused while recognizing the difference between sell vs sale. With slightly similar meanings, they are bound to create confusion for those who are new to the English language. If you are a new entrepreneur or a business student this article is worthful for you.

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‘Sell’ is a verb, meaning that it is used when we have to describe the action of handing over something to the other person in exchange for money. The word ‘sell’ can also be used to describe the action of a person where he tries to convince or persuade others into buying a certain product or service. Thus, sell can also be used when someone is trying to advertise a product or service.

When to use sell?

Sell as a verb.

  • When to give or handover something in exchange of money.
  • To convince customers of the merits of the commodity or services

Examples of Sell:

  • I want to sell my house
  • I have sold my bike

Sell as a noun.

  • The attempt at selling something.

Examples of Sell:

  • The selling price is high at this store
  • This store sells all the expensive cars


On the other hand, the word ‘sale’ is used when two people have agreed on a price and have exchanged the goods for the money from each other. This is when the term ‘sale’ is used. The word ‘sale’ can also be used in the case of reduced prices. When the seller slashes the prices of goods to an extent to urge the customers to buy his product, the term sale is used. There are many types of sales including but not limited to end-of-year sales, garage sales, new-year sales, etc.  

When to use sale?

Sale as a noun.

  • The act of selling something
  • The period when the store or shop sells goods at reduced price

Examples of Sale:

  • The sale of weapon is prohibited by the law
  • The tickets are on sale during the Christmas season

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More about Sale

Sales People

The term ‘sale’ is also often used in businesses where the salespeople try to sell their products to the general public or other businesses which is called b2b selling. There is a whole department based on sales. The sales generate the revenue required to keep the business up and running. People applying for the position of salesperson must be confident, possess persuasive skills, must be able to start a conversation and keep it running. For a sales manager, it is crucial they have the right skills to motivate and nurture their underlings to encourage them to do better at their jobs.

Types of sales

Buy In Bulk To Save More

This type of promotional sales technique is very common among many stores. They urge you to buy products in greater quantity by giving you a discount. There are many potential customers who may want to buy a certain product but because of the price, they put it back. Therefore, this type of technique is suitable for people by giving them a little shove to buy that product at a discounted price. This promotional technique is also effective is selling the stock of the stores.

Discounted items

Prices are cut to a certain extent to entice customers to buy that product. This is a great technique making full use of sale vs sell ideology. Products are placed on sale to sell them to a larger audience. Since people love anything on sale, they will be tricked into buying items that they do not need if they are on sale. Putting items on discount requires critical thinking regarding the percentage of discount being offered to the customers. The discount should not be too high as to rip off the company but not too low either that it doesn’t attract the attention of the people.


When discussing the difference between sell vs sale, it would be wrong to ignore the most enjoyable promotional deal that makes full use of selling and sales. By introducing competition for your business, people are lured into taking part in the competition. This not only increases awareness regarding your business but also provides you with a chance to gather information such as email addresses and phone numbers from the people. This way you can reach out to them with new deals and sales so that it can attract them enough into buying your product.


There must be hardly any person present who does not like to have free products or samples to try. It is because of this reason that giving away free samples or products is a great idea to boost the sales of your company. By initiating giveaways, you provide the people with a chance to test out a product before buying it. This creates a level of trust between the buyer and seller as well. There is a greater chance of a person buying the product if he has had a chance to use it for free. Other than this, by giving a complimentary gift with every sale a store makes, they gain the customer’s satisfaction as well as their trust. Thereby, getting on the path to gaining loyal customers.

Holiday Or Festivities Sales

Holiday sales are among the most common sales. They are the most awaited by people who wish to avail large discounts or buy products they have their eyes on for too long. These sales are the perfect time for them to get it since they have a huge discount on them. The customers are already high on holiday spirit, therefore, they will be attracted to anything offering even a slight discount.

In conclusion, the difference between sell vs sale debate, it can be said that selling and sales are a part of each other. By making a sale, you are selling a product or a service to your client.

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