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Understanding the True Value of Broadcast PR

The advent of technology and the internet over the last 20 years has completely transformed the way that people consume broadcast media. As a result, the way in which brands can use broadcast outlets, such as TV and radio, to communicate and engage with new and existing customers has hugely evolved. 

Recent Ofcom reports show that whilst streaming services – such as Now TV, Amazon Prime, and Netflix – have rapidly grown in popularity, traditional broadcast TV channels still lead the way and account for 70% of television time. Meanwhile, radio consumption has risen since the pandemic – 20% of the British public reported listening to national BBC radio every day, whilst 30% listened two to three times a week.

This means there are now lots of new and exciting opportunities for businesses looking to broaden their PR strategy, grow brand awareness, and positively raise their profile.

The value of Broadcast PR in Recent Times

The pandemic showed us beyond doubt the power of broadcast PR when it comes to storytelling, and communicating with the public.

Throughout the pandemic, the staggering demand for more trusted television news led to BBC News recording its biggest weekly audience since 2015, while the viewership for Channel 4 News almost doubled in the space of ten days. From daily press conferences to on-demand entertainment, broadcast media took on a significant and trusted role.

Even though the immediate threat of the pandemic is over, the learnings we can take from it should show us the true value of broadcast PR, and the role it should play in brand marketing strategies. Understanding the need for credibility, and the new ways people consume and share news is a vital part of this. To cut through the noise and directly reach a targeted audience, broadcast PR is one of the most efficient and effective means of bringing a campaign to life.

A Greater Level of Quality and Quantity

Broadcast coverage provides the opportunity to speak to a vast and targeted audience, as particular shows generally attract a specific demographic, which can be extremely valuable for brands. 

For example, if a brand secures a spot on a TV show such as BBC Talking Business, it will have a direct way to communicate with corporate leaders about investments that they may otherwise have the chance to do – potentially even building valuable business relationships for the long-term. Likewise, if a business is aiming to raise awareness of an issue affecting a certain region, they are better off targeting local news channels.

Broadcast PR also provides results that are measurable against key performance indicators, which gives brands a realistic expectation of results and the value of the opportunity.

Profile Raising and Building Trust

More so than ever before, giving the public a face, voice, or name to a business is important. This is in part to the rise of celebrity influencers (with little interest in the product or service they are promoting), as well as the rise of ‘fake news’ which means people are looking for brands they trust.

When a representative is invited to speak on behalf of a business, it is because they are considered a trusted industry player. Audiences tend to respond better, and have greater loyalty, to a person due to the nature of the human connection, and the fact that the spokesperson will be able to engage with the audience on a deeper level than a faceless business ever could.

In this vein, media training is extremely important to get the messaging and tone of voice nailed. This will help the spokesperson to prepare for key questions, anticipate interview traps and be able to give a smooth and polished presentation, focusing on a clear message.

Optimizing Broadcast PR for Added Value

To maintain momentum, and ensure a range of audiences watch broadcast coverage, it is sensible for brands to reshare any broadcast interviews on their social media channels, particularly LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Not only does resharing the footage increase the digital presence of the company, it also creates added value to the initial broadcast PR budget and continues to optimize coverage after the broadcast has gone to air.

In summary 

The public’s consumption of broadcast content has changed remarkably in the last five years, not to mention even more so due to the effects of the pandemic. 

As clients become more strategic with their budgets, PR opportunities – particularly broadcast – offer a targeted and efficient strategy to reach the correct audience in a short space of time. 

With the correct media training for their spokespeople, businesses can significantly enhance their brand and deliver credible messages to an international audience – both raising their profile and building greater brand awareness in the process.

Author Bio: Broadcast Revolution is a specialist broadcast PR agency providing a fresh and creative way to deliver quality coverage for brands. Services include talent sourcing, media relations, video and podcast production, media training, and much more.

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