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The moisture levels in the cellar limit its usage. You can only store a few sturdy items in the basement when damp. However, you can boost its usability with cellar tanking or waterproofing. It is a process of applying a tanking slurry to the floors and walls of your cellar. The cellar tanking will prevent dampness and make the space water-resistant. Many prefer tanking since it obstructs the water from entering your basement. However, the cellar tanking cost will vary depending on a few things. We will cover all the possible factors in the following. Keep reading and boost the usability of your cellar.

Cellar Tanking Costs

  • Internal Tanking: You will spend more on internal than external tanking. The internal tanking will cost you between £40 to £80 per square meter. It will be the supply cost, and the labor cost will be extra. You might need to spend between £100 and £200 per day on labor.
  • External Tanking: External tanking is less expensive than internal tanking. You will spend between £35 to £45 per square meter for the supply, and the labor cost will be the same, £100 and £200 per day.
  • Underpinning Walls: The cost will be between £500 to £1,000 per square meter for the supply and £100 to £200 per day for labor.
  • Injection Damp Proofing: It is the most reliable but most expensive. The supply cost will start at £2,000, and the labor cost will be £100 to £200 per day.

In brief, the supply cost will vary for all these processes, but the labor cost will be the same. Also, your contractor will inspect the area before going ahead with waterproofing. More importantly, you might need to spend extra on a survey between £100 and £200. Talk to the company and inquire about the survey cost. You can hire a company that includes the survey cost in the quote. However, here are the factors that decide the cost of cellar waterproofing.

Factors that Decide the Cost of Cellar Waterproofing

Tanking Type

There are different types of tanking, including internal, external, and injection damp proofing. The price will be slightly higher for internal tanking. External tanking is more affordable. However, Injection Damp Proofing will require drilling holes in the walls to fill them with a silicon-based cream. Hence, you will spend more on this process.

Cellar Size

The size of your cellar will play a determining role in the overall cost. Since the contractor will charge for a square meter, you will spend more for a large area.

Cellar Condition

The cost of waterproofing will be less when your cellar is in good condition. However, you will spend more when it requires fixing or repairing. You might spend on removing and replacing the plaster. The expenses will be extra for damages. More importantly, you might need to hire professionals for repairing jobs before starting the waterproofing work. All these will cost you more.


The location will also play a role in the cost. You will spend more when living in a large city, including London.

Consider all these factors when planning for cellar waterproofing. Hire reliable companies for better outcomes.

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