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Twitter was launched in the year 2006 and was introduced as a microblogging social media website. Its short and to-the-point content attracted people from all around the world. And today, it stands as one the most influential social media networks with around 192 million daily active users.

It provides the facility to its users to voice their opinions using different media, they have the facility to upload images or videos or even tweet in a text form. Such a wide variety of content also attracts the marketers as they use these contents and embed tweets on the websites.

Embed Twitter feed is an effective marketing strategy that provides great results to businesses. Right now so many tools in the market ease your embedding process and provide additional features that make them an ideal marketing instrument.

But before discussing these tools, allow us to answer one of the major questions that will be striking your mind.

What is the Need for Embedding Twitter Feeds on the Website?

In this digital world, you need to have an engaging website, as it creates a good impression on the visitors, and more importantly, attracts more customers to the website. And as we know, more audience means more opportunity to attain sales.

It also helps visitors and potential customers as they get to see social proofs on the website. We all know the importance of social proofs and reviews for rational customers, as they always look out for these proofs and reviews before making a purchase. Moreover, social proofs and reviews on the website also increase your brand’s reputation as it appears transparent in front of visitors.

It is like a win-win situation, and these are just the tip of the iceberg, there are various other benefits of this strategy.

Now you must be eager to know about tools that help you in this embedding process. So without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

5 Of the Best Tools to Embed Tweets on the Website:

Twitter provides a facility where you can copy the embedding link of the tweet and paste it into the backend of your website. But there are few limitations like – you cannot customize the live Twitter feed on the website, also you have to copy each tweet manually. Moreover, you have to keep an eye on Twitter if you are looking to embed the latest tweets. And to counter these limitations, we suggest you use the following tools.

1. Tagembed Widget

Tagembed is one of the most popular social media aggregators tools that help collect tweets from desired sources (you can opt from hashtags, handles, and more as the source). You can then curate and customize the feed before the tool displays them on your website. Along with Twitter, it is also compatible with 15+ social media platforms that cover all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Reviews, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

It is compatible with such a wide variety of platforms, making the tool fit to showcase all types of media types. In simple words, whether it is text-based content or visual content, it displays them, affecting the website’s speed.

Tagembed also allows you to personalize your feed; with the customization feature, you can modify the feed as per your need, you can change the font size, font style, theme, and more. Thus, it helps you to make your website appealing to visitors. Also, if you are looking to hide some irrelevant content from the feed, by using the moderation feature, you can filter out all unwanted posts from the feeds and maintain the quality of your website.

As we highlighted about the latest tweets above, the tool provides an auto-update feature, where the feed updates automatically and displays the tweet as soon as it is uploaded on the platform. Thus, there is no need to update the feed manually or hire any developer or specialist.

2. Everwall

Everwall is another amazing tool that helps you to embed Twitter feeds on the website. Moreover, it promises to deliver the latest tweet in real-time. According to its claim, the tool takes just 0.25 seconds to showcase the tweet posted on the platform.

The tool provides full control over the feed as it allows monitoring the feed and filtering out all spam content. In addition, you choose to manually remove the content or automate the process by blocking content using provided keywords, phrases, or contents from a particular user.

3. Elfsight

Elfsight is one the most trusted social media aggregators, it has a huge user base that includes some huge brands. And everyone provides positive feedback about the product. In addition, it provides a scalable widget that fits into any page.

Like the tools above, it also provides a customization and moderation feature that helps you modify the feed according to your requirements. In addition, feeds are compatible with 42+ website builder platforms which makes it an ideal tool.

4. Twitter Widgets

Twitter widgets allow you to embed Twitter feeds on your website. It provides you with 4 options to choose from as a source. These choices are – user timelines, favorites, lists, and searches. You can make use of any of these timelines widgets to enhance the beauty of your website.

5. Juicer

Juicer is a famous tool known for its quick and easy ways to embed feeds on the website. It gathers the tweet through hashtags, keywords, mentions, and more and directly embeds them beautifully on your website.

It offers moderation features that allow you to remove all unwanted content from your website feed. And with the real-time features, it displays all the latest tweets on your website without any hassle.

Summing it up

Embedding a Twitter feed on the website is an effective way to increase website traffic and attain business goals. These five amazing tools mentioned above add more benefit to this strategy as they provide various features and fit in the budget. So, go ahead and try these Twitter feed tools and enjoy amazing returns.

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