Boycott French Products and #BoycottFrenchProducts

Boycott French Product campaign has started and protests have erupted across the Muslim world following the French president’s strong support for the blasphemous content and these hashtags #boycottfrenchproducts and #Boycott_French_Products  continues trending on social media.

[bctt tweet=”Boycott French Product campaign has started and protests have erupted across the Muslim world”]

This is the first time in recent French history that the publication of blasphemous material has received so much official support.  Before that, the presidents have supported contents with just a few supporting statements. But French President Macron has gone a step further by posting blasphemous material on government buildings, fueling the sentiments of the Muslim world. 

According to the latest news, many Kuwaiti retail franchises have begun removing French products from their shelves, whose videos have already gone viral on social media. 

On the other hand, after the advice of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on mental health about the French President’s statements against Islam, there is a lot of tension between Turkey and France.  According to the latest news, France has recalled its ambassador from Turkey. 

[bctt tweet=”Boycott French Product campaign has started and protests have erupted across the Muslim world”]

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also condemned the action of the French President in his tweet and said that the job of a leader is not to divide the people but to unite the people. 

In the current situation, when the anger against France is increasing in the Muslim world daily, it remains to be seen how the French government will deal with it or whether it will persist in its stubbornness. If unfortunately, the French government chooses another way around is whether the French people will be able to tolerate this stubbornness in the time of the Corona Crisis when many European countries are in the throes of economic stagnation. 

Let us now see what products could be boycotted if the Muslim world continues to boycott France.  French trade is highly interdependent on the western world, but if France loses four to five billion euros in the current situation, it could be a reasonable punishment, as the French foreign minister has already noted given the fragility of the situation and said the boycott of French products has been called baseless.

Here is a list of French products that are available in the Muslim world. Which can be affected by #boycott_french_products, and #boycottfrenchproducts campaign.

[bctt tweet=”Boycott French Product campaign has started and protests have erupted across the Muslim world”]

Agriculture products. 

France is a major exporter of agricultural products, accounting for 3% of its exports to the Middle East.  Algeria is France’s tenth-largest export market. According to the French Ministry, exports to Algeria amounted to about Euro 1.5 billion in 2019, while Morocco, France’s 17th largest market, exported about Euro 700 million of French agriculture products.


Carrefour is a huge French store that is successfully doing business in many countries, including the Muslim world, including Pakistan, Lebanon, and Bahrain is facing the consequences nowadays. If the boycott of French products continues their business will get heavy loss.


Total is the French petroleum brand that has been doing business in many Muslim countries, including Pakistan and Turkey, while it has also invested heavily in oil exploration in Saudi Arabia and many other Arab countries if the grief and anger of the Muslim people continues, and Macron’s stubbornness continues,  France could face a difficult situation. 

Fashion industry. 

France’s fashion and apparel industry is a well-known industry, but in the current era it also faces a difficult situation in the Muslim world, but the industry’s biggest market is not the Muslim world.  French products have already been removed from the stores in Kuwait according to Reuters after starting to boycott the French product’s campaign. 

French Automotives

French car products have a big market in the Muslim world, such as Renault in Turkey, which sells 50,000 units a year, its sales could fall dramatically, as the Turkish president has called on his people to boycott French products. 

Defense Industry. 

France is one of the world’s largest arms exporters, with a large part of the buyers in the Muslim world. Although this is not possible that Muslim countries boycotted the French defense products unanimously but if they do so this can be a really difficult situation because while you are reading this article, Corona has resurfaced in Europe.

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  1. The French people and President made a protest action as a response to terrorism.
    If you boycott France, then you are harming this protest action, which means that you are assisting and supporting terrorism and religious extremism. To do so, over something as trivial as an insult to a mere religion, is absolutely despicable.


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