zunder net ev charging spain

Zunder Net is an amazing EV charging setup company that has raised a good amount of 100M with the help of Mirova who is the manager of Natixis Investment.

Zunder Net, working on 4000 point EV Points and wants to accelerate this EV charging setup to provide the best hi-tech platform for its consumers that’s is the reason with this solid idea they are able to raise a very good amount which will indeed help them to build a more strong network of EV charging set up.

The company has 4000 active points in southern Europe and they are performing pretty well in their given stations now they wish to work more on this project which is why they have a mega plan to build more stations or points and the number will be so amazing that you will really get shocked that how many points they will operate in coming years.

The mage plan of this company includes 40,000 points by 2025 on which they will be working and they have already got their name in the market as they have given a very good service until now.

The CEO of the company is very much enthusiastic about the plans and the company has a mission to make the EV charging platform faster so that it becomes easy for consumers to get the work done in less amount of time.

The CEO of the company is very much delighted to have Mirova as the company shareholder and wants more shareholders to be a part of this company and the fantastic plan they have.

This company is founded in 2017 and from there onwards they are continuously improving for further improvement they have raised a good amount of funds so that they will provide rapid charging as this will be a very unique quality of a company that other competitors are not offering at the moment.

They are working on technology and this will help them to make their brand name more reliable as they have a big name when it comes to premium services in the field of EV charging.

Zunder Net is providing not only just charging but ultra charging so that vehicle moves long distance with ease.

The company is working on innovation and making its services better day by day along with huge expansion and also offering more investors to come in and become a shareholder of this amazing project.

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