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Running a business is always challenging, and it needs adequate marketing efforts to draw customers to your products or services. Having an Instagram account is an indispensable part of product or service promotions. The rapid growth and evolution of the platform imply that things that worked in the past are not going to drive the same type of engagement today. The visual space is becoming overwhelmingly crowded with brands who are fighting tooth and nail to garner more customers.

According to recent statistics, there are over two million Instagram users who visit this social platform every month. A profile gets embedded deep in the sea of rest, mainly if you made it. Enhance your outreach and engage followers and potential customers by consistently sharing visually captivating and compelling content every day.

In our post today, we are going to guide you through the different steps involved with the promotion of a product on Instagram and converting such leads into sales.

Product Promotion on Instagram

People often head out to Instagram just for the sake of pictures. These days, they opt for videos, reels, lives, and stories, too. It indicates that on Instagram, you come with various visually appealing modes of product promotion. Therefore, it is time to get innovative to show off your product in an innovative manner.

Instagram is the potential tool that helps you increase awareness for your business. Using the proper hashtags will help you get details on the products to your new audiences. You can attain greater benefits out of the organic mentions where people speak about your brand naturally in their posts, which helps a lot. It makes your move strategic, like running an influencer campaign to show off your products.

Promoting Products on Instagram

There are a couple of useful tips you can use for product promotions on Instagram, and it is the section introducing you to a few of them. Let us check them out!

Share Instagram Stories Along With Posts

Never limit your presence on Instagram with simple posts. Instagram stories have become extremely popular enabling you to stay at the top of your page all around the day.

Several ways will help you build stories into your marketing efforts:

  • Giving access to different employees to the account of running an “Ambassador for the Day.”
  • Share the recent updates at events that allow you to notice people on things they are missing out
  • Post the sale items and the samples for the product, showing people what you have on offer.

Creating an appropriately designed graphic about the discount on the weekend can boost engagement on your Instagram and is more effective than any other static post.

Add Relevant Hashtags to Your Post

Hashtags are the ideal way how people will find you on Instagram. People follow distinctive tags and search hashtags to look for information. Using specific hashtags helps you join the community and become part of this conversation.

Instagram is a hashtag-based platform, and it is fine to use multiple different tags and themes whenever you are posting. In reality, a few studies have found that you can add more than 12 hashtags to the posts without noticing any drop in engagement. If you need to add paragraph hashtags for your post, you can leave a comment after posting with the relevant tags.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

Here are a few things to ponder. Brands running contests would grow their following to about 70% faster than the ones who do not.

You may find that many contests and giveaway-related posts of the brands gain huge amounts of engagement, and it is not by mistake. Done appropriately and knowing how to use Instagram giveaway templates can help you attain followers and fans, although they would attract the freebie chasers.

Consider running a one-time contest promotion on Instagram to gauge its effectiveness and determine if contests are a strategy worth pursuing in the long run.

Cross-promote Your Instagram Posts on Different Networks

The effort it would take to catch the ideal snapshot and build a wise caption is something you can refrain from using. Cross-posting the content to the different social platforms comes as a no-brainer to get more of the ROI out of the Instagram presence.

You can make a smart move with cross-promotion, and keep in mind that every social platform comes with its own best practices. For instance, you can use multiple hashtags on Instagram while you aim to create a bit different description for the images you are posting to Facebook.

Focus on User Generated Content

Before you start scoring the sales on Instagram, it is the first place where you can share your experiences.

The popularity of Instagram selfies will speak for itself with the customer photos and pictures of people who use the products across real-world settings. The majority of the Instagram appeal is where the brands can advertise humanly without bombarding their followers with messages screaming as “BUY NOW.”

Extend Your Reach by Working With Influencers

As previously noted, Instagram provides a platform for brands to showcase their advertisements without directly imposing them on their followers.. It is where influencer marketing proves effective.

Influencer marketing involves establishing a paid partnership with another Instagram account that has a significant and actively engaged follower base. Influencers’ audiences should ideally mirror your own or allow you to tap into a new set of users that you’re trying to reach.

Influencer marketing comprises a paid relationship with the other Instagram account with an engaging and sizeable follower count. The audiences of the influencers should mirror your own, enabling you to tap into new sections of users you plan to reach. It is especially true when you plan for giveaways or contests marketed by Influencers. You can also create hype and promote your product by making Influencers name the winners. Choosing winners is easier when you are using an Instagram giveaway picker tool.

Presenting Your Products and Promotions

It is an easy tip; however, it is something worth mentioning. It is related to the different types of Instagram promotion, such as sale items or fun giveaways. It proves extremely valuable for your brand when done right by knowing how to pick an Instagram giveaway winner.

So, when you promote your Instagram in these instances, it’s crucial to present your content as a must-see. Therefore, when you are promoting your Instagram in these situations, it is important to present your content as a must-see. Instagram builds on anything and everything new. Anything that you try your hands on turns in your favor.


Your presence on social media will drive customers right into your brick-and-mortar business. It will eventually grow your sales, making your company sustainable, as you have to know where to start. Using our tips today for promoting your product will help you start building a robust presence for your brand on this prominent platform. Always take that one step forward to know the true potential of Instagram and how it helps your business grow.

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