powder coat rims

Powder painting rims is the best route if you want to safeguard your wheels while improving their appearance. So, powder coating can be referred to as a dry treatment procedure. But it uses electrostatically charged particles to apply a layer to metal items. Thus, the outcome finish is anti-corrosive and long-lasting.

This approach is ideal for rims because it creates a durable covering that resists chipping, scuffing, and yellowing whilst also improving the appearance of your wheels.

How long does it take, though? Let us have a look.

The Preparation Phase

The rims must be prepped for coating before the powder coat procedure. Several processes are taken during the prep phase to ensure the edge is tidy and prepared for the layer. The initial design is to take the wheels off the car and wash them of their previous coating. This can be accomplished with a chemical remover or by sandblasting.

The most successful procedure is sandblasting, which eliminates all traces of the former finish and any rust or corrosion that may have accumulated on the rims. Given the state of the wheels, this operation might take as long as two or three hours to complete.

After stripping, the wheels should be cleaned to eliminate leftover dirt or pollutants. A degreaser or solvent is typically used, followed by a thorough rinse and dry. Given the filth on the rims, the cleaning procedure might last up to an hour.

The Powder Coating Process

The rims are now ready to be powder-coated procedure. Yet, several processes are involved, including spreading the powder, curing, and chilling. The initial step is to use an electrostatic spray cannon to apply the powdered paint to the rims. The grains of powder are electrostatically charged, causing them to attach to the metal surfaces of the edges. This results in a homogeneous, uniform coating that sticks nicely to the surface.

Powder coating treatment using equipment and tools like these might take 20-30 minutes, depending on the color, appearance, and number of necessary coatings. After applying the powder, the rims are set in an oven to cure. Whichever powder coating is used, the method of curing calls for warming the rims at an appropriate temperature over a specific period.

Depending on the thickness of the covering and the degree of heat of the oven, the entire curing process might take 20-30 minutes.

The Quality Check

After curing, the rims are taken from the oven and cool. The rims are examined for flaws after cooling. The quality inspection entails inspecting the rims for imperfections such as bubbles or blemishes. If defects are discovered, the rims must be scraped, and the powder-coat operation must be restarted.

The quality check might take up to 20 minutes and is an important part of the procedure. It guarantees that the rims have a constant and homogeneous coating without flaws.


At last, the time required to powder coat rims might vary based on several circumstances. The complete operation might take up to four or five hours on average. The period, however, might fluctuate based on the rims’ state, the coating’s extent, and the finish level you want.

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