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The best aluminum pipe manufacturers aren’t just a bunch of companies that manufacture aluminum pipes. We all know that having a good reputation and earning consumers’ trust takes time. Well, here are the aluminum pipe manufacturers in China who’ve managed to wow most of their clientele with not only good-quality products but great customer service as well:

Weiye Aluminium 

Launched in 1992, this manufacturer has impressed clients for over three decades with their quality products. Guangdong Weiye, situated in Nanhai, is a large-scale aluminum extrusion manufacturing company with an unwavering awareness of social responsibility. The group has three branches; Weiye Aluminum Furniture, Weiye Doors & Windows, and Weiye Aluminum. 

With four major industrial bases in China, this entrepreneur is among the best. Lastly, it has over 80 internationally advanced aluminum product lines with a 500,000 tons output per year. 

Popular Products 

  • Aluminum pipes
  • Aluminum furniture
  • Curtain walls, windows, and doors
  • Aluminum profiles

Why Choose Weiye Aluminium?

This aluminum profile manufacturer has over three decades of experience, a nationally accredited laboratory, and is among China’s top 10 industrial aluminum profile manufacturers. 

Fenglu Aluminum Supplier 

Fenglu Aluminum Enterprise is yet another manufacturer that has earned the trust of its customers. They`re in Fengchi Industrial Zone, Guangdong Province, in the same location as Weiye Aluminum.

It is among China’s best aluminum production companies and has two production facilities in the same province with an annual manufacturing capacity of 600,000 tons per year. This is slightly more than Weiye Aluminum’s 500,000 tonnes per annum. 

Launched in 1990, this enterprise has over 500 patented products and over 50,000 product types. Lastly, their products are exported to over 90 countries, including Europe and USA.

Popular Products 

  • High-end decorative aluminum products 
  • Quality doors and windows systems

JMA Aluminium

Founded in 1993, JMA Aluminum Profile Manufacturer is a large-scale producer headquartered in the Nanhai district in Guangdong, China. This company has been a trendsetter, producing some of the best modern aluminum building materials from curtain walls, doors, and windows to aluminum pipes, there is something for everyone. 

They have three factories sitting on an 800,000m2 area. They sell their products in over 25 provinces and municipalities throughout China and export to over 50 countries globally. 

Popular Products 

  • Aluminum pipes
  • Aluminum windows
  • Aluminum doors 
  • Curtain walls.

Zhongwang Aluminum Supplier 

Lastly, Zhongwang Aluminum supplier is an innovator in this industry, precisely in the fabrication sector. Founded in 1993, this company’s headquarters are based in Liaoyang City, with other offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. 

This is Asia’s largest aluminum extrusion production business and the second largest globally. They utilize the best equipment for die design, R&D, alloy melting, manufacturing, and casting, and offer all services under one roof to their customers.

Popular Products 

  • Further fabrication
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Aluminum pipes
  • Aluminum flat rolling 
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