In 2022, Ukraine found itself immersed in a war that continues into 2023, impacting every aspect of life and resonating across the globe. Despite the challenges, the IT industry in Ukraine has demonstrated outstanding resilience and even managed to grow. Founded on the eve of the pandemic, bill_line, a fintech company led by Artsiom Liashanau, has a unique and inspiring.

Facing the trials of a global pandemic and a devastating war, bill_line embarked on a journey of innovation, international expansion, and community support. This resilience illustrates the indefatigable spirit of Ukraine’s tech industry. In the following, we will explore the remarkable trajectory of bill_line, detailing its achievements and compassionate response to a nation in the throes of an ongoing war. 

Navigating uncertainty: From global pandemic to war

Founded in 2019 just before the global Covid-19 pandemic, bill_line, a burgeoning fintech start-up, adeptly navigated the uncertainties of a rapidly changing world. In just a short span, the company made significant strides in the financial sector, expanding its reach and refining its products.

As tensions escalated in Ukraine, bill_line’s leadership anticipated the potential for conflict. Reflecting on the months leading up to the war, Artsiom Liashanau, bill_line’s CEO, noted:

“In the last two months before Russia’s attack, it was clear: something was looming. But even in our boldest predictions, we couldn’t believe (or didn’t want to believe) that it would be a full-scale war. How could one imagine missiles falling on residential buildings in the 21st century, in the heart of Europe?”

The principle of “prepare for the worst — and you will never be surprised” became the best insurance for the business. bill_line had a plan in place: evacuating anyone willing to the west of Ukraine or into the EU. They had previously arranged housing and devised a strategy for team collaboration. With all processes constructed with a digital-first mindset, their physical location had no bearing on productivity. As a business that grew during the COVID-19 era, they had developed a sort of immunity to such challenges — a metaphor that resonates in these pandemic-influenced times.

Adapting and thriving: bill_line’s resilience during the war

In 2022, bill_line navigated the paradox of war, transitioning from a startup to immense growth, marked by a 92% conversion rate and a 220% boost in transactions. These achievements continued into 2023 with significant growth in total transactions and average checks on partner projects.

Yet, bill_line’s achievements were not confined to business alone. They actively launched social projects, including the creation of a new Neonatal Screening Center at the National Children’s Specialized Hospital “OHMATDYT.” This center, sprawling over 600 m², was inaugurated with the support of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health, and bill_line’s charitable participation. The goal of the center is to enable the efficient early diagnosis of rare diseases in children from the earliest days of life.

Internally, the team’s well-being was a priority. Traditional Friday activities were resumed, and company benefits like health support during illnesses were maintained. The company actively supported colleagues’ desires for self-improvement by funding courses and lectures. The team grew by 10%, and the office was fortified against potential missile attacks, underscoring the company’s resilience.

Artsiom Liashanau, reflecting on this journey, stated: “Our growth is a testament to our team’s strength, adaptability, and unwavering focus on supporting our colleagues and community. The way we’ve responded to the challenges of war shows our commitment not just to innovation and growth, but to empathy, resilience, and social responsibility.”

Strategy and Social Focus Amid New Realities

Having endured the first year of the war, bill_line is realigning its strategy, including expansion into South Africa and increased focus on social projects. The war’s prolongation isn’t a question but a reality, one that bill_line views as a countdown to the aggressor’s collapse.

With resilience, innovation, and a focus on social responsibility, bill_line is not merely surviving but positioning itself for meaningful growth and contribution.

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