Valentine's Day Flowers

When it comes to romance, flowers can play a very important role in expressing your emotions. Whether you’re sending a bouquet of roses to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or saying “I love you” with a bouquet of fragrant white lilies for an anniversary, the symbolism and meaning behind each flower brings its special message.

You may be familiar with the traditional meanings behind some of the most popular flowers like roses and daisies; however, numerous romantic blooms may be available in your area just waiting to have their story told; flower bouquets for love and romance, we have gathered 15 of the most romantic flowers and their meanings to help you express what’s in your heart. From tender tulips to exotic birds of paradise, find out which special flower speaks your language of love.


Roses are a classic expression of love and are the most popular flower for expressing romance. The color of a rose can change the meaning of the flower. For example, the traditional red rose stands for passionate love and desire, while yellow roses symbolize friendship. Let’s look at some of the other romantic roses varieties.

Meaning of Red Roses

Historically, the red rose has been seen as a symbol of true love, passion, and romance. They are also considered a sign of deep respect and are often given as gifts to show admiration. According to Greek mythology, red roses were created by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Red roses signify importance, passion, and deep emotions that last for eternity. Furthermore, roses come in many shades of red that can add deeper meaning when used in arrangements or bouquets. 

Some examples include:

-Dark Red Roses – Represent unconscious beauty

-Deep Pink Roses – Show appreciation and gratitude

-Light Pink Roses – Represent gentleness and admiration

-Spray Roses – Express happiness and elegance

-Coral Roses – Represent friendship

-Burgundy/Maroon Roses – Represent unseen beauty

-Red & White Roses Together – Symbolize unity §§ 1020No matter how you display them or what color you choose, red roses depict the strength of feelings like love expressed in a single flower.

Meaning of White Roses

White roses are traditionally associated with purity and innocence, like a bride in her wedding dress. They can also represent reverence, humility, innocence, and youthfulness. White roses are traditionally given for a new beginning or as a sign of respect and sympathy, such as at a funeral. When given by lovers, white roses symbolize pure love, remembrance, or unity. They have also had spiritual meanings, relating to angels and the divine energy of the heavens.

Meaning of Pink Roses

Pink roses are the universal symbol of grace, elegance, and admiration. They are associated with femininity and romance and are often given as a sign of admiration and appreciation. The lighter shades of pink convey admiration, sweetness, innocent love, joy, friendship, and sympathy. 

Darker shades can signify appreciation or gratitude. Pink rose blooms have become a traditional token to express emotions, including joyousness, gratitude, peacefulness, excellence of character, or the beauty within someone else. They also serve as the perfect way to communicate heartfelt sympathy in difficult times subtly. As one of the world’s most favorite flowers for bouquets and displays since ancient civilizations until today, pink roses carry emotional sentimentality throughout many cultures all over the world.


Carnations are hugely popular for expressing love due to their sentimental history. Carnations have been used for centuries for expressions of love and admiration, making them one of the most romantic floral choices. They come in various colors, each of which has a unique meaning. Let’s look at the different colors of carnations and the meanings they can represent.

Meaning of Red Carnations

Red carnations have become a symbol of admiration and love, making them the perfect romantic flower option. Much of their popularity as romantic flowers can be credited to French novelist Émile Zola, who wrote about them in his search for truth and justice. In paintings and literature, red carnations represent passionate love, deep respect, admiration, and heartfelt charity. They’re also said to represent gratitude, grace, fidelity, and worth beyond beauty. Carnations are available in other colors, but red is one of the most sought-after hues for expressing deep emotions.

Meaning of White Carnations

White carnations are some of the most popular cut flowers and are also great for pressing. As far back as ancient Greece, white has been a well-known flower symbol associated with love, good luck, and pure intention. White carnations were presented this way in Greek plays performed at the festival in honor of Dionysus. Today the meaning of a white carnation is generally associated with sweetness, innocence, and youthful joy. You can use them to communicate your undying love and convey respect and admiration for someone special — or just to show that you care about that person’s happiness.

White carnations are often given at weddings or engagements; they may also be used to decorate sympathy bouquets. Mixing white flowers with green foliage can create an especially attractive bouquet for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday gift.

Meaning of Pink Carnations

Pink carnations symbolize a mother’s never-ending love for her children and have become an iconic token to honor the memory of mothers, both living and deceased. Pink carnations evoke a light, gentle, friendly, and delicate feeling. They can often be seen in wedding bouquets or flower arrangements given to someone special as a symbol of gratitude or admiration. Pink carnations may also represent joy, happiness, grace, and excitement, demonstrating your happy surprise and joy at receiving good news or being reunited with a dear friend. 

The color pink has often been associated with grace and gentleness over the years; seeing pink carnations may symbolize courteousness, thoughtfulness, and recognition of someone’s best qualities. The pink variety is especially popular during Mother’s Day due to its association with maternal compassion and unending love. A bouquet of delicate pink flowers evokes an atmosphere of carefree innocence while expressing thankfulness, admiration, or regret in a meaningful way.



Tulips are one of the most well-known and beloved flowers in the world. They are known for their vibrant colors and delicate petals. Tulips symbolize undying love, passion, and joy, making them the perfect flower for any romantic gesture. Whether you want to give them to someone special or just enjoy their beauty in your home, tulips are sure to be a hit! Let’s explore more about the symbolic meaning of this romantic flower.

Meaning of Red Tulips

Red tulips are perennial flowers often associated with true love, perfect romance, and deep passion. Growing wild in many meadows and woodlands across Europe, red tulips have represented romantic beauty since the 1600s, earning their place among the most romantic flowers. It is said that if you receive a bouquet of red tulips, the giver confesses their strong affection for you.

 Red tulips also symbolize deep, powerful emotions like unconditional love and a burning desire to be near someone who has captured your heart. From polite declarations of love to sizzling offers of passionate seductions, no shortage of feelings can be expressed with a bouquet of red tulips. 

Red tulips have also been closely linked to admiration and longing for someone from afar due to their bright colors and soft petals that evoke passionate sentiments from all who witness their beauty.

Meaning of White Tulips

White tulips are the perfect choice for transmitting feelings of pure love, just like red. They stand for purity and cleanliness, are simple and modern, and have a balance between innocence and grace – all feelings related to love. White tulips also represent forgiveness and harmony, as they evoke a sense of peace. They are often sent between couples to forgive one another for a fight or a misstep in the relationship. In Holland, white tulips signify “I’m sorry” or “forgiveness” during special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Of course, white tulips won’t guarantee you’ll be forgiven immediately, but they can help your chances!

Meaning of Pink Tulips

Pink tulips are a beautiful symbol of happiness and joy, often associated with romance. The color pink represents femininity, grace, admiration, and sweetness. Pink tulips indicate feelings of attachment, gratitude, and joy generally expressed through a bouquet given as a gift. They are also commonly thought to represent new beginnings or the start of something beautiful. These flowers have been used over the centuries to express feelings without words, making them popular for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. When gifting pink tulips, you likely want to share your love for someone, whether it is your significant other or even a close friendship

The sentiment conveyed relies in part on the symbolic links we make with different colored blooms – pink symbolizing love and friendship – and can be made even more profound by including a card with handpicked words that express your emotions more clearly than lettered petals ever could.


Sunflowers have always been a symbol of adoration and loyalty and make a great choice for bouquets and arrangements. Sunflowers are known to be warm and welcoming and are typically associated with joy and positivity. Additionally, they express their admiration. Let’s dive into the meaning behind these cheerful little blooms.

Meaning of Sunflowers

Sunflowers have a deep and powerful symbolism, making them one of the most beloved flowers worldwide. These sturdy little blooms are known for their vibrant, radiant yellow petals that spread out in all directions, resembling the sun. The meaning of these beautiful flowers has been associated with warmth, happiness, adoration, longevity, good luck, joy, and pride. In addition, they’re consistently known as a symbol of loyalty and are believed to be a reminder to be true to yourself. 

Sunflowers often represent positivity and faith in the future. For centuries, sunflowers have been used in literature and art to signify admiration or loyalty within a relationship. Cultures worldwide appreciate its beauty while understanding its strong ties to intricacies like love or adoration, so giving someone a big bunch of yellow blooms is sure to make them feel noticed and special! For these reasons, sunflowers also make great gifts or decorations for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries meant to celebrate meaningful relationships or positive unions between two people who feel their love is eternal – just like the sunflower!


Orchids are considered some of the most romantic flowers and have many associated meanings. They have been used to symbolize love, beauty, and luxury. However, orchids are also one of the most exotic and captivating flowers and can add an extra special touch to an occasion. Let’s learn why orchids are the perfect way to show love and affection.

Meaning of Orchids

Orchids are luxurious flowers known for their majestic look, which is why they signify love, strength, and beauty. Orchids are often associated with long-lasting relationships and admiration. With their beautiful blooms, orchids have become synonymous with passion and romance. Depending on the species of orchid, they come in several colors like pink, purple, red, and yellow—each color has its symbolic meaning behind it. For example, pink orchids symbolize femininity, gracefulness, and happiness. 

They are commonly given as gifts to show admiration for a woman’s beauty, celebrate the birth of a child, or another special occasion. Purple Orchids represent royalty and elegance, making them an ideal gift for any important person in your life, like business partners, colleagues, or family members. 

Generally, purple orchids signify admiration and respect but can also be used to express longing for someone you care about dearly who may not be around anymore. Red Orchids carry a powerful message of passionate love that makes them the ultimate romantic gesture when gifting loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries. 

They also signify courage which could be sent as encouragement when somebody is going through hard times. Yellow Orchids symbolize joyfulness and friendship, making them perfect gifts to let your friends know how much you appreciate them in difficult times! Yellow is also the color of the sun, so they’re great reminders of happy memories spent together, whether those memories are recent or from many years ago!


Lilies are some of the most romantic flowers, and they symbolize purity and innocence, making them popular flowers to give to someone you love. Lilies come in various colors, including white, pink, and purple, and have a gentle and sweet aroma that adds to their romantic appeal. The meaning and symbolism of each lily will be discussed in detail in this section.

Meaning of Lilies

Lilies are classic flowers known worldwide and often represent sophistication and style. In addition, they’re deeply symbolic flowers used in artwork and literature since ancient times. There are many different varieties of lilies, each with its unique meaning. Here is a closer look at some of the most common meanings associated with lilies: White lilies represent purity, virginity, and innocence.

They can be used as an expression of sympathy during funerals or as a gesture of kindness or appreciation to friends or loved ones.

Orange Lilies: Orange lilies represent passion, pride, and confidence, making them perfect for congratulating someone on an accomplishment or expressing admiration for their achievements. They’re also often given to brighten someone’s day or show them you care about them. 

Red Lilies: Red lilies symbolize love, romance, and admiration for someone else. These beautiful flowers can be given to express your deepest feelings of love and commitment towards that special someone in your life.


Daisies have long been associated with innocence and purity, representing new beginnings, hopes, and the promise of the future. The name daisy is derived from the Old English word “daes eage,” which translates to “day’s eye.” Daisies can be used to express sympathy, innocence, and joyful love, making them an ideal gift for nearly any occasion. Let’s learn more about the symbolism behind the daisy and explore how it can be used to express your love.

Meaning of Daisies

Daisies, with their delicate petals and daub of yellow in the center, symbolize innocence, loyalty, and devoted love. Daisies come from various species and are members of the Asteraceae family. A common daisy, known as Bellis perennis, is said to have originated in ancient Greece and was used medicinally for healing ailments such as nerve pain and toothaches. The daisy was renowned for being an indicator of true emotion because the flower would wilt without sincere feelings. 

Being given a daisy meant having genuine affection toward the receiver. The various colors of daisies hold different meanings, too – white connotes innocence, yellow joyfulness, and pink symbolizes grace, among others. Because they are so cheerful looking, they have become popular flowers to give on special occasions such as birthdays or Valentine’s Day. Many generations have also enjoyed them in children’s games such as “He loves me; he loves me not,” where the giver names his affections based on how many petals fall off while plucking them one by one from a stem – with only two possible outcomes!


Chrysanthemums are one of the most romantic flowers out there and are known for symbolizing fidelity and enduring love. They come in various colors and can be a great gift to express your love for someone. The deep red variety of the chrysanthemum is said to bring the most luck in love, as it symbolizes a passionate, undying bond between two people.

Meaning of Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, with their large, bright blooms, are one of the most recognized flowers in the world. These flowers have held many meanings and symbolism throughout different cultures and countries for centuries. Generally speaking, chrysanthemums represent optimism and joy; however, the meaning of this flower may vary depending on its color. In addition to being a popular holiday decoration, chrysanthemums can symbolize friendship or love depending on their hue.

Here is a guide to help you understand some of the more popularly known meanings associated with companion chrysanthemums: 

White Chrysanthemum – Purity, truth, and reverence 

Yellow Chrysanthemum – A longed-for distant love 

Red Chrysanthemum – Love and affection

Pink Chrysanthemum – Unrequited or secret love

Purple Chrysanthemum – Nobility

Orange/Gold Yusakura (two-toned) 

Chrysanthemum – Friendship Mi Sui Cao (shasta daisy)


Creating something special and unique can take time in a world full of roses. But by giving your partner one of these 15 romantic flowers and conveying their meanings, you can emphasize your love for them and make them feel extra special.

Whether you want to show gratitude, appreciation, admiration, or undying love for someone dear to you, these natural gifts are perfect for expressing all kinds of romantic emotions. So the next time you want to wow someone with your thoughtfulness and great flower choices, seize the day with one of these truly romantic blooms!

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