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When you step into the world of dealing in electronic parts, whether it’s buying or selling, you have many options to choose from. You can either buy or sell electronic parts directly from the manufacturer, you can turn to catalog suppliers or you can seek the help of authorized distributors. However, most people prefer getting an electronic parts broker involved to make their purchases for them. The role of a broker is not understood by a large majority of people. Therefore, this article aims to highlight the job description as well as the pros and cons of a broker.

What an electronic parts broker really does?

An electronic parts broker buys or sells electronic accessories for you. It means he is the middle-man who does your job for you. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the right seller who has the right knowledge and expertise to carry out the transaction for you. The brokers have a large network which enables them to be informative about the ongoing prices. This makes it highly likely that they will be able to make a good deal for the parts that you require. Besides this, they also have many electrical parts stored in their inventories which makes it easier for you to get a part that might not be available elsewhere because of halted production or low availability.

Other than this, parts distributors may also have a team that is working under them. This makes the whole process of acquiring your desired electronic part more smooth-sailing since a whole team is working to get you what you want. This ensures customer satisfaction as well. A whole team working together also aids in finding you any electronic part that might have gone obsolete or is new in the market for which demand is relatively high.

Another job of an electronic parts seller is that they have to ensure that whatever part they are providing to their customers is original and not a counterfeit. There are many scams in the market that sell counterfeit products in the name of original ones. Therefore, an authentic broker’s job is to make sure that they are providing original parts to their customers. They are also committed to providing quality inspection of the parts so that what reaches the end customer is satisfactory and meets the mark.

Pros and cons of hiring a broker

Hiring an electronic parts broker comes with its fair share of pros and cons. The cons may outweigh the pros but that in no way means that you should stop seeking the services of a broker. With the right attitude and some tips in hand, your experience with an electronic parts broker may be worth it.

Pros of using the services of parts supplier

A broker may be able to find you the parts that are not easily available in the market because of their low production or also because they might have gone obsolete. They have a huge network which makes it easier for them to find the right part for you. Other than this, they have access to a huge global market. Their bargaining skills and their ability to eye the right product make them the right choice for you to find the part that you need.

Cons of using the services of electronic parts broker

There are many risks associated with using the services of an electronic parts supplier. The main risk is that they mostly operate alone. This means that there is a lack of customer and technical support available. Their services are mostly limited to only buying or selling parts. Besides this, another note-worthy downside of hiring an electronic parts supplier is that there is a high chance that you may get a counterfeit or a sub-standard part.

Required parts move very fast between brokers dealing in them so this makes it difficult to keep track of who has what part and where they got it from originally. This increases the chances of you having counterfeit parts in your chain. This risk further increases with every transaction that you make. Another disadvantage of hiring a parts broker is the pricing of the parts. If a broker senses that you are in desperate need of a part that only he possesses then it is highly likely that he will withhold the part until you pay the price that he has quoted. This mostly gives rise to outrageously high prices being quoted and you will be struggling to get the right price for it.


All in all, dealing with a broker comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, with the right tactics and proper investigation of the broker, you may be able to secure a good deal for your electronic parts.

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