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TikTok is a trending social media network stuffed with new engaging features that attract more people to the platform. TikTok has gained more than 2 billion downloads with nearly 900 million monthly active users within a short period. A recent report reveals that TikTok is the fourth most downloaded application globally. There are numerous benefits of Tiktok for business uses, one of them is huge brand growth.

Audience and Engagement of Tiktok

More than 60% of TikTok users are youngsters and teenagers lying under 16 to 25 years. The above information proves that TikTok is a powerful platform for individuals and brands to gain popularity worldwide. The engagement on TikTok is almost close to Facebook, where people on TikTok spend 52 minutes. Due to the higher engagement, brands and influencers turned up their focus toward TikTok to be successful.

Understand The Basic OF Tiktok Algorithm

  • Usually, TikTok concentrates on accounts delivering authentic and creative content. Your short videos with unique concepts lead to brand success on TikTok. Go viral with your creative skill and make attractive videos to increase brand reach.
  • Tiktok will randomly show your newly uploaded video to a few hundred people including non-followers according to their past behavior to check the video’s popularity.
  • Then evaluate the engagement of the video through different actions that will include,
  • comments, shares, likes, downloads, and even changes in the creator’s following increments.
  • The algorithm then decides the score for pushing the video to more people or in the recommend “for you page”. On the other hand, if the engagement is low of the video then TikTok limits its potential reach.
  • If you already have a huge following, your video can still get many views.
  • The tiktok algorithm is also deeply considered and depends on language, region, songs, hashtags, and captions.

TikTok For Businesses

Since TikTok is becoming the empower of digital marketing, small businesses have the vast opportunity to promote their brand among millions of audiences. If you are not using Tiktok for business sooner or later you will have to.

Do you know the importance of TikTok for marketers? Currently, 35% of brands plan to use TikTok for marketing their products. TikTok helps them with several exciting features that suit their marketing plan.

The main features of Tiktok for businesses to gain success are:

  • Collaborating with influencers
  • Participating in hashtag challenges
  • Posting User-generated content
  • Making tutorial videos
  • Using Livestream feature
  • Giveaways

If you are new to TikTok, know about the inbuilt features that join your hand towards success. Each method mentioned above is essential to increase your brand reach among broader audiences. You may use a variety of tools on TikTok for a successful video but remember the below points:

  • React to TikTok trends and adapt to it
  • Provide only authentic information about your brand
  • Use effective hashtags
  • Respond to comments immediately
  • Take your audiences to a fun environment.

Popular TikTok Tips To Kickstart Your Small Business

Every business and brand can land on success if they are on the right path. Yes, get the confidence of success by showing your presence on TikTok. Here are some exciting tips to kickstart the growth of your small business.

  • Optimize Your Tiktok Profile
  • Get Knowledge About The FYP
  • Partner With Relevant Influencers
  • Take Part In Hashtag Challenges
  • Show Behind-The-Scenes Videos
  • Invest On TikTok Ads
  • Analyze The Performance

How To Create A Business Tiktok Account

#1. Optimize Your TikTok Profile

When you are on TikTok, show your creative power by optimizing your profile with a fascinating look. Optimizing the profile of Tiktok for business accounts is also important. The first impression for a viewer is only your bio information. So, make it the best by making simple adjustments and telling your vision and mission to audiences on TikTok.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to make a huge difference and be unique in your profile section.

  • Username And Profile Picture: Ensure your profile picture looks good, clean, and professional to get a greater impression from many TikTok viewers. Fix the name of your brand or business as the username to recognize you by your existing audiences. And coming to your profile picture, your simple brand logo will be the perfect one.
  • Bio Information: TikTok gives you the space of 100 characters on your bio. So make it short, sweet, and crispy by delivering the exact point to audiences.
  • Links: The only clickable link allowed on TikTok is your profile section. Drive more traffic by leaving the accurate landing page link and making them “wow” with your service.

#2. Get Knowledge About The FYP

One of the essential features to know on TikTok is the For You page. It is like the newsfeed on Instagram and Facebook. The TikTok algorithm displays endless videos on the FYP according to your interest without following anyone. The FYP appears once you open up your TikTok application and is the first page visible to the users.

Get the latest updates and trends of TikTok by regularly watching the FYP. When you find the same soundtrack used in more than two videos, you finally find the trending one. Add the video to your favorites and use it in your future videos to gain the attention of new audiences.

#3. Partner With Perfect Influencers

Do you wonder who the influencers are? They are people having massive loyal followers gathered using only their authentic content. Influencers spread over all the social media platforms helping multiple brands and businesses to increase their reach. There are three types of influencers based on the follower count.

  • Macro-influencers
  • Micro-influencers
  • Nano-influencers

Find the right influencers fit for your niche to get more loyal followers on TikTok and expand your brand popularity. Most of the small brands approach micro-influencers since they suit their budget and can get potential followers. Also, maintain a good relationship with the influencers you are partnering with to get suggestions for the betterment of your video content. This strategy of Tiktok for business is evergreen and helpful in your brand awareness.

#4. Take Part In Hashtag Challenges

TikTok introduces hashtag challenges to prove your creativity and increase your brand presence. While scrolling down the FYP, you can find plenty of challenges on TikTok. If you are participating in your first challenge, choose the simplest one and make something new in the challenges to attract your audience’s eyeballs. Note that the owner of the challenge should have your target audience.

If you get some new audiences, then start to focus on participating in popular celebrity challenges to prove your brand’s existence. You can also launch your own challenges by creating a simple, unique video with a branded hashtag and encouraging your audiences to make a similar video. It showcases your brand to new audiences.

#5. Show Behind-The-Scenes Videos

If people love a product, they definitely want to see the making of a successful product. The behind-the-scenes video creates curiosity among audiences and involves them deeper into your business. Another important point is, these videos make a strong trust among audiences and increase conversions for your product. It is a different way to connect with audiences and get credit for your brand indirectly.

For instance, if you are making a beauty product, take an industrial tour through your video and show the process to get your product as the output. There is no need to show the whole process. A short and simple method is enough to capture your audience. Also, show off at your workplace and prove to them you are on the right path.

#6. Invest In TikTok Ads

The best way to spread the name of your brand is by using the TikTok advertising feature. Launch TikTok ads to get your target audiences and get product credibility. TikTok has different ad features, and they are:

  • In-Feed Native Ads: Like Instagram ads, the in-feed ads are placed on the FYP in the middle of videos and marked as sponsored ones. You can vary the video length from 15 to 60 seconds provided with the CTA button.
  • Brand Takeover Ads: It is a full-screen ad appearing on the user’s mobile as soon as they open the TikTok application. You can either include the image, video, or GIF format with a CTA option to land audiences in the required place.
  • Top View Ads: The Top view ad functions the same as Brand Takeover ads, but it doesn’t appear on full screen when you open the application. The ad takes 3 to 5 seconds to display on the screen. It increases brand exposure to new audiences.

#7. Analyze The Performance

Last but not least is tracking your TikTok account’s performance. Your business grows when you make some new changes for your betterment. So, know the performance of audiences on your TikTok account and make improvements in your content to create positivity among your audiences.

TikTok provides you with an inbuilt tool called the Pro account to get insights into your videos and followers’ actions. Switch to the Pro account using the settings option. TikTok provides you with three types of analytical data:

  • Overview: The overall performance of your profile with showing total views and followers.
  • Content Insights: It gives the content strategy in the last 7 to 28 days and provides the metric that determines which content gets the highest engagement rate.
  • Followers Insights: Know your followers’ information regarding their gender, location, and their activities on your content for the last 28 days.

Get a proper content strategy by using TikTok’s pro account!

Final Thought

Since you are a small business, you found the right way to grow. Use TikTok effectively by implementing interesting features and capturing your target audiences. Follow the above TikTok tips to promote your brand and take your business to the next level. In this article, we cover complete details on how to use Tiktok for business with all the necessary actions. If you like our efforts then let us know in the comments below.

TikTok is a fantastic platform to increase the popularity of your business!

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