Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a creative field that changes as photographers experiment with new techniques and leverage emerging technologies. Modern wedding photographers adjust to client needs while creating striking photos and immersive videos. Here’s a look at five trends in wedding photography and the outlook:

Capturing Candid Moments

Today’s couples are looking for true, natural, and authentic shots. The days of overly staged Pinterest-style photos are slowly going away. In their place, people are moving towards candid shots that don’t have to be perfect but capture the real emotions of the moment. Candid photography frees couples from the need to pose and throw in a smile. 

The wedding day is all about celebrating a lifetime achievement, so it’s about capturing special moments. Couples can go about their business and enjoy moments, paying less attention to the photographer who follows from a distance. This allows wedding photographers to capture real emotions as they happen rather than staging everything. 

Hiring A Second Photographer

Modern wedding photography involves capturing everything from pre-wedding rehearsals to preparations and “big-day” memories. Couples today want to capture moments from different perspectives and record other activities in different corners of the venue. This naturally requires a second camera or photographer.

Hiring multiple photographers is becoming a common trend. Short clips and videos are also reemerging, and more people are ordering photography and videography for the same event. A second photographer can capture the bride and groom, their families, guests, the entertainment team, and other memorable activities.

Taking Drone Shots

Drone technology has become a favorite for couples looking to capture a broader view of their nuptials. The technology allows photographers to provide a bird’s eye view of the wedding design to complement the conventional perspectives. 

Photographers can get a bird’s eye view of the ceremony’s reception décor or pulled-back angles to bring more gravitas to each photo in post-production. Drone shots also add visual memory by capturing perspectives you’d otherwise never see using conventional angles. They also expand what editors can achieve in post-production. 

Using Disposable Cameras

Modern couples want to capture all the memorable moments of their wedding, which is why disposable cameras are becoming more common. Instead of leaving everything to the hired photographers, couples are allowing guests to capture their unique perspectives. This is achieved through disposable cameras.

Guests can sign up and pick a camera, which they then use to take spy photos of the bride and groom and other moments. They can use the cameras everywhere in the venue, including the dancefloor. After the ceremony, the cameras are returned, and the best, most beautiful moments are added to the main photo series.

Favoring Artistic Minimalism

Artistic minimalism is gaining traction as couples resort to more neutral and natural tones. The photographer highlights individual details and leaves the rest of the shot blurred. Sometimes the whole image is slightly blurred to produce ascetic artistic imagery and give the album consistent aesthetics.

Artistic minimalism also involves selective coloring, which allows couples to match their wedding themes and colors with their photos. Photographers take shots using the full range of colors and then use selected palettes during post-production. Earthy tones, deep green forest tones, and blush blue floral colors are all fair game.

Hiring Experienced Wedding Photographers

With so many options and elements to choose from, modern couples can customize their wedding photos to reflect their personalities. Elevated photo sets, personalized details, gentle romantic filters, 360 booths, and wedding portrait backdrops are significant highlights in modern photography. Wedding photographers have access to superior equipment and software, which results in quality production and photo processing. Hiring trustworthy photographers to bring out the best and capture every memorable moment now remains the challenge for couples.

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