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If you’re a small town resident looking to start your own business, you know that the options can seem limited. But don’t let that discourage you! There are plenty of unique business ideas for small towns that can thrive. From home-based businesses to local retail stores, there are plenty of ways to make a difference in the community and boost the local economy. Here you can find a comprehensive list of top small town business ideas that will stick and start your journey as an entrepreneur.

Business in a small town can be rewarding if you do it the right way with research and planning. Many factors play a role in making a start-up or business successful. Statistics reveal that of all the thousands of businesses that are launched every year, 50% of them fail within the first five years. To increase the success of your business, consider all factors that will give you a competitive edge as an entrepreneur. Choosing the right business idea is crucial for any entrepreneur. There is a lot to choose from.

Picking out the best profitable ideas for a business in a small town for yourself is the most important decision that you will make. It will dictate whether your business will rise to the top or succumb to failure.  

42 Small Town Business Ideas That Will Stick

1. Flea Market

A flea market can be a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs in small towns.  With low investment, this idea has a high impact on local communities and nearby towns. Those with experience in flea markets, retail or craft fairs, and a willingness to work during the peak season may find success. Indoor flea market facilities may need more investment, but the earning potential remains high.

To maximize success, it is important to choose a location carefully, as markets in overcrowded areas may not thrive. By adjusting vendor rent to match operating costs, this small town business can flourish and grow.  

2. Self–Improvement Coach

Self-improvement is a best idea since there is always a demand for people who want to learn ways on improving themselves. Improvement coaching is one of the profitable small town business ideas that can help people improve their skills.  Skills like personal growth, motivation, career advancement, and financial management. You don’t need a lot of investment to start this business, your skills, and knowledge.  

3. Home Organizing

Home organizing is the another wonderful small town business ideas. Currently, it can become hard for some people to catch up in maintaining their homes. A cluttered home can make become a hindrance to their ability to focus. That’s where you come in. By having a home organizing business, you can help people in restoring items in their homes in a more effective manner. This can include;  

a. Home cleaning and organization services:

Many people are looking for help with cleaning and organizing their homes, making this a popular business idea.  Home cleaning service is one of the low-cost businesses that do well in small towns because of trust in local owners. It is one of the popular business opportunities in urban areas.

b. Home renovation and remodeling services:

Starting a home renovation and remodeling business can be a good idea because the housing market is always changing. This type of business includes fixing and making changes to houses. This could be things like making new bathrooms and kitchens, adding rooms, and making the outside of the house look better. You need to have some knowledge, skills, and experience to do this kind of work. You need people like architects, designers, and general contractors who can manage the whole project and make sure it gets done right.

Other experts in specific areas can also help in projects like electricians, plumbers, or carpenters. Home renovation and remodeling services can add value and functionality to a home and are a good way to personalize a space to the owner’s taste. Besides this, the best part about entering a home organizing industry is that you do not have to invest in many resources. And yes, a home improvement business might be just the best small town business ideas you’re looking for.  

4. Bottled Water

Bottled water is vastly popular today. People have switched from tap water to bottled water. Thus, investing in the bottled water industry can be a profit-generating business. You would need to find a water source, sanitize the bottles, filter the water, and then bottle it. Bottled water in a local area refers to the production and distribution of bottled water within a specific small town. 

This can include still and sparkling water and it can source from either a municipal water supply or a natural spring. The water can be purified and treated before being bottled and may be available in a variety of sizes and packaging. 

Bottled water companies in a local area can range from small, independently-owned businesses to larger ones. They may have their own bottling facility or outsource the bottling process. They can also offer different types of water like purified, mineral, and artesian. 

Having a local bottled water company can provide a convenient and safe way for residents and visitors to access clean and refreshing water. It can also create jobs and support the local economy. 

Additionally, it may be an alternative for those who have concerns about the quality of tap water. It is also good for those who prefer the convenience of bottled water. It is considered one of the most profitable businesses for small towns these days because people are preferring to buy bottled water.  

5. Wellness

The health and wellness niche has plenty of room for new businesses worldwide. As a result, it is a $4.2 trillion industry and it has so much room to grow further. You can choose to be a yoga instructor, create your wellness nutrition brand, or become a personal trainer.  

A personal trainer can be a successful business because people are focused on health and wellness. It’s a way to help others and make money at the same time.  

a. Personalized nutrition and wellness coaching

With the increasing focus on health, becoming a local nutrition or wellness coach could be a successful business idea. This business is flourishing in urban areas.

6. Organic Skincare

Organic skincare has always been in demand. It could be the best business idea for a small town of your own. This is why it is also one of the best niche industries to explore. You can have face masks, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Other than this, you can also include organic shampoos and conditioners in your line. You need to know well about the small town and its surroundings before starting a business.  

7. Private Label Products

You can step into the world of private-label products if you want to make some profit. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to conduct proper research and see where the original product and seller are lacking. Some private-label product ideas include eco-friendly products, tech accessories, books, baby things, and much more.  

8. Animal Rescue

If you are an animal lover then this niche is perfect for you. However, for an animal rescue, 1you will need proper training, permits, and certifications. Other than this, you will also need to hire trained staff to help you in your business. It is considered a rural business idea because it is the best small town business to start in rural areas where many live sock owners are based on.  Therefore this business can stick with success for a long time.

9. Local Business Accountant

Personal finance is a great niche business for those who are good at crunching numbers. You can get clients by engaging in public speaking. A local business accountant specializes in financial and accounting services for businesses in a specific area. Services include bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial statement preparation, and financial planning. They help manage finances, file taxes, make strategic decisions, and develop budgets and forecasts.

A local business accountant can work independently or as part of an accounting firm. They are typically certified or licensed by a professional accounting organization and must adhere to a strict code of ethics. They can work with a wide range of businesses, from small start-ups to large corporations, and can provide services on a regular basis or as needed. A business accountant can help a company to stay organized, and comply with tax laws and regulations.  They make data-driven decisions that can help to improve the company’s financial performance. They write plans for businesses and forecast cash inflows and outflows.

10. Natural Dog Food

Just as we humans want everything organic to grace our bodies, we want the same for our pets. This is why natural dog food is a prospering niche that is showing signs of growing further in the coming years. To start this business, you will need to affiliate yourself with Food and Drug Regulations.  

11. Monthly Gift Basket Subscriptions

Subscription boxes are the new trend.  A monthly gift basket business is where you sell boxes filled with different things. These boxes may be filled with beauty products, baking supplies, food and drinks, crafts, educational items for kids, etc. You can start by buying items from online stores like AliExpress. You can make a subscription by using local products.  

gift basket business ideas for small town

12. Tutoring or Teaching

This can be a great way to share your knowledge and skills with others while also earning an income. With the increasing use of technology and the popularity of online learning, starting online tutoring could be a lucrative business startup. In addition to being a great business idea for small towns, tutoring can also be a profitable business for both yourself and those working for you.

You can use platforms like Teachable, Udemy, or even your own website to offer online courses or one-on-one tutoring sessions. These platforms offer personalized landing pages that you can optimize for local SEO with the help of Google Maps formerly known as Google My Business (GMB).  

13. Social Media Management for Local Businesses

Many local small businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with their social media presence. You could start a business offering social media management services, helping clients to create and curate content, engage with followers, and measure the success of their social media campaigns. Many businesses are looking for help with their social media marketing. This makes this a great business idea for those with marketing skills.  

14. Dropshipping

With drop shipping, you can start an e-commerce business without needing to hold any inventory. Instead, you partner with a supplier who handles the fulfillment and shipping of orders placed on your online store. A drop shipping service in a small town is a business model where a company acts as a middleman between a supplier and a customer. The company doesn’t keep any inventory, instead, it acts as a facilitator for the buy.

Dropshipping is a way for small businesses in small towns to sell many products without having to buy them or store them first. When a customer orders something, the company tells a supplier to ship the product directly to the customer. The company makes money by charging more than the supplier’s price and adding a service fee. It can be a good way to try out different products or markets but also comes with challenges.

Challenges include managing suppliers, customer service, and shipping. Dropshipping companies in small towns can be run by local entrepreneurs or by online businesses that may or may not have a physical store there. They can also be run online and can serve customers anywhere in the world.  

15. Design and Branding Service

If you have design skills, you could start a startup by offering graphic design services in a small town. This could include creating logos, marketing materials, social media graphics, and more. It would be suggested to have a place of your office in a market area of a small town so everyone knows about your business.

Graphic design and branding are in high demand, making this a great business idea for those with design skills. Graphic design services are a set of professional services that help businesses in a small town. These services can include creating logos, branding guidelines, advertising materials, and website design. The service also offers social media graphics, packaging design, merchandise design, and more.

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. A graphic designer will work with a client to create visually appealing designs that communicate a message effectively.

Branding, on the other hand, is the process of creating and maintaining a company’s image and reputation. A branding agency or consultant will work with a client to develop a strategy and set of guidelines for how the company should be represented visually and verbally. This can include creating a brand name, tagline, logo, and other visual elements that will be used consistently across all marketing materials.  

16. Virtual Assistance

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs need help with things like scheduling, emails, and data entry. You can start a business to help them by doing these things for them virtually, even if they are not in the same place as you. This can be a good idea if people in your area prefer to work with someone local but still need help with virtual tasks.  

17. Personalized Meal Delivery

If you love to cook and want to start a business, you could consider offering personalized meal delivery services. You could prepare and deliver healthy, customizable meals to customers on a regular basis. With more people looking for healthy and convenient meal options, starting a personalized meal delivery service could be the best business idea for a small town.

A meal delivery service in a local area is a service that delivers prepared meals to customers in a specific geographic region i.e. your small town. These meals can be either pre-prepared and packaged or made to order. The service can be provided by a restaurant, a meal prep company, or a grocery store. Meal delivery services offer either pre-set or customizable menu options based on dietary restrictions and preferences.

This service can be a great option for busy people who don’t have time to cook or shop for groceries, or for those with dietary restrictions who are looking for healthy, convenient meal options. It can also be beneficial for people who are recovering from an illness or injury, or for seniors who may have difficulty cooking for themselves. Remember meal delivery services are one of the businesses every town needs.

It can be run by independent entrepreneurs, local restaurants, or large companies. They can be delivered by the company’s own drivers or by third-party delivery services like Uber Eats or GrubHub. The delivery can be scheduled for a specific day and time, or on demand. Some meal delivery services also offer subscription plans for regular deliveries.  

18. Pet-sitting or dog-walking

If you love animals and have a flexible schedule, you could start a business offering pet-sitting or dog-walking services. This could be a great way to combine your love of animals with a low-investment business opportunity. This is a very lucrative small town business idea that will stick because it works well, even in the AI era because animals do not care about work they need feelings, you just need a unique selling point for your service. For those who love animals, starting a pet-sitting or dog-walking business could be a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Pet sitting and dog walking businesses provide a service to pet owners by taking care of their pets while they are away or unable to walk their dogs. These businesses can operate on a full-time or part-time basis and may serve both individual clients and commercial clients, such as pet stores and veterinary clinics.

More About Pet-Sitting

In the USA, pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses are regulated at the state level. Some states require pet sitters and dog walkers to obtain a license or register their business, while others do not. It is important for pet-sitting and dog-walking business owners to be aware of any local regulations and requirements. Pet sitters and dog walkers typically offer a range of services, including overnight pet sitting, daily dog walking, and drop-in visits for feeding and watering. They may also provide additional services such as administering medication, grooming, and training.

To start a pet-sitting and dog-walking business, it is important to have a love for animals and a genuine desire to care for them. It is also helpful to have some experience working with pets, such as volunteering at an animal shelter or pet store. Other important qualities for pet sitters and dog walkers include reliability, punctuality, and good communication skills.

Marketing is an important aspect of any pet-sitting and dog-walking business. One can use a variety of methods to reach potential clients. It can include creating a website, and advertising in local publications. Networking with other pet-related businesses can also help. It is also important for business owners to have insurance to protect themselves and their clients. A pet-sitting business can be a rewarding and fulfilling way to work with animals and provide a valuable service to the community.  

19. Restaurant

A thriving community, be it large or small, requires a diverse selection of quality dining options. A neighborhood pizzeria may not be suitable for every occasion and event. However, similar to opening a bakery, starting a restaurant should not be taken lightly and requires a strong passion, ambition, and an unwavering appreciation for food and entrepreneurship. If you possess this drive and expertise, owning a restaurant in a small town can be a lucrative and rewarding business venture.

It’s important to note that the restaurant industry is highly competitive, and statistics show that 25% of all restaurants close within the first year. This is not meant to discourage you, but rather to inform you of the potential challenges. By conducting thorough market research and incorporating technology such as a point-of-sale system, you can increase your chances of success and longevity in the industry.  The restaurant is included among the best businesses for small towns.

20. Mobile Car Washing and Detailing

Mobile car washing and detailing is a business idea that involves providing cleaning and detailing services for vehicles at the customer’s location. You can clean the vehicle using mobile units that have water, soap, and other cleaning supplies. Some common services offered in a mobile car washing and detailing business include exterior washing, waxing, tire cleaning, and interior detailing. This business idea is perfect for those who enjoy working outdoors and have a passion for cars. You can be the boss and make your own schedule by starting a mobile car washing and detailing business.

People like to keep their cars clean, so there’s a lot of demand for this service. To start, you need a good car, equipment, and permission from the government. You can also get more customers by advertising on social media, telling people about it, and working with car dealers and repair shops.  

21. Landscaping and Gardening Services

For those with a green thumb, starting a landscaping or gardening business could be a fulfilling and profitable venture. Landscaping and gardening services in a small town are things like cutting grass, trimming trees, planting, and designing gardens. You can get these services from a company that specializes in it or from someone who works on their own. These services are generally in demand in a local town, as many homeowners want to maintain the beauty and value of their properties.

Landscaping and gardening services can also include services like irrigation, hardscaping and patio installation, water features, and outdoor lighting. These services are provided to both residential and commercial properties. A landscaping business is also an ideal small town business idea that will stick.

A lawn and gardening service is a business that provides services to help people maintain the appearance of their lawns and gardens. This could include tasks like mowing, weeding, trimming, and planting. In a small town, this type of business could be in high demand, especially during the warmer months when people are more likely to be outside working in their yards.  

22. Personal Styling and fashion Consulting

For those with a passion for fashion, starting a personal styling or fashion consulting business could be a fun and rewarding career. Grooming services can help people improve their appearance. A stylist can help you with things like picking out clothes and matching outfits. They work with you to understand your personal style, body shape, and lifestyle.

Men’s grooming services, on the other hand, focus on grooming and hygiene for men. These services can include things like haircuts, shaves, facials, and skincare. Men’s grooming services can be provided by a barber, a hairstylist, or a spa. Some places also offer additional services like nails or massages.

Both Personal styling and men’s grooming services are provided by experts, like stylists, barbers, and aestheticians, who know how to help people look and feel good. They can be found at salons, spas, or by independent professionals. It’s a great way for men in small towns to take care of themselves and look their best.  

23. Coffee Bar in Small Town

A coffee shop and bar is a place where people can go to purchase coffee, tea, and other drinks, as well as light snacks like pastries or sandwiches. Many coffee shops also offer a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails for customers to enjoy. In a small town, this type of business could be a popular spot for locals to gather and socialize. Similar to the bakery, a local coffee bar is also a best business idea for small towns.  

24. Pet Grooming

A pet grooming and boarding business provides services to help people take care of their pets and make the pet beautiful. This could include grooming services like baths and haircuts, as well as boarding services where pets can stay while their owners are on vacation or otherwise unable to care for them.  

25. Clothing Boutique

A clothing boutique is a small town that specializes in selling fashionable clothes and accessories. Boutiques often carry unique, high-quality items that are not widely available at larger retailers. In a small town, a clothing boutique could be a popular destination for people looking to update their wardrobe.  

26. Vape Shop

A vape shop is a store that specializes in selling electronic cigarettes and related products. These products, which are often called “vapes,” are used as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Many vape shops also offer a wide variety of e-liquids, which are the substances that are vaporized when using a vape.  Many small towns in America don’t have a store nearby where people can buy vapes and accessories. You can check your town and see if there is a need for this kind of store in your area.

vape shop business in small town

27. Locally Curated Goods Shop in Small Town

A locally curated goods shop in a small town is a retail store specializing in selling local artisan-made products. These products may include items such as handcrafted jewelry, pottery, clothing, home decor, and other unique items. These items are not typically found in larger retail stores. Such a shop allows local artisans and craftspeople to showcase and sell their work. These shops also provide a unique shopping experience for residents and visitors of the small town.  This is one of the best and most unique retail business ideas for small towns.

28. Bakery

A bakery is a business that specializes in baking and selling a variety of baked goods, such as bread, pastries, and cakes. Many bakeries also offer coffee, tea, and other beverages for customers to enjoy. In a small town, a bakery could be a popular spot for people to grab a quick breakfast or dessert. Opening a bakery is a popular and profitable business idea worldwide. If you have money and knowledge of the bakery industry, and there is no bakery in your town, it’s an opportunity for you. If there’s already a bakery in your town, you can stand out by offering unique items, and competitive prices.  

bakery as business ideas

29. Grocery Store

Grocery stores and specialty food shops are businesses that sell a wide variety of food and household items. These stores are typically larger and offer a broad range of products, while specialty food shops focus on a specific type of food, like gourmet cheese or artisanal chocolate. In a small town, these types of businesses could be an important source of food and other necessities for local residents. The grocery shop is considered one of the most successful small town retail business ideas.

Grocery stores in small towns are retail establishments that specialize in selling a wide variety of food and household items. These can include fresh produce, meats, dairy products, baked goods, canned and packaged goods, and household items such as cleaning supplies and personal care products. Grocery stores in a small town can vary in size, from small, independently-owned stores to larger chain stores. Some may offer additional services such as a bakery, deli, or butcher shop.

Importance of Grocery Stores

The grocery store is one of the things every town needs. In a small town, it can play a vital role in the community, providing residents with access to a wide variety of food and household items. They can also create jobs and support the local economy. Many small town grocery stores offer a personal touch, with friendly staff, and good customer service. Some stores may also have a niche, such as an organic or specialty food store. Having a grocery store in a small town can provide a convenient and necessary service for residents and visitors. They can be an important part of small town life and can be a gathering place for the community.

In the United States, grocery stores are commonly referred to as supermarkets, grocery stores, or grocery markets. They are retail establishments that specialize in selling a wide variety of food and household items. The other names of the grocery store are Newsagent, convenience store, supermarket, bodega, corner store, food mart, food store, market, and mom-and-pop store.  

30. Food Truck

A food truck business in a local town is a mobile restaurant that serves food and beverages out of a large vehicle. Food trucks often offer a variety of dishes, and they can be found at events, festivals, and other locations throughout a town or city. In a small town, a food truck could be a popular destination for people looking for a quick, convenient meal.  

idea food truck

31. Gift and Greeting Card Shop

A gift card shop in a small town could be a great business idea, as it offers a convenient way for people to purchase gift cards for their friends and loved ones. The shop could offer a wide range of gift cards for different stores and businesses, both local and national.  
By Greeting Cards Association, American Spends approx $6.5 billion on greeting cards every year. The most common occasion is a birthday and the most popular seasonal cards are Christmas cards

How to Start a Box Truck Business

32. Flower shop

A flower shop in a small town could be a great way to bring some beauty and cheer to the community. The shop could offer a wide range of flowers and arrangements for different occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and funerals.  

business idea flower shop

33. Cleaning service

Cleaning service could be a great business idea, as it would provide a much-needed service to homeowners and business owners. The service could offer a range of cleaning options, such as deep cleans, regular cleans, and one-time cleaning for special events. If you have some amount and can buy professional cleaning machines such as commercial hover. Then go for commercial cleaning services only for businesses in your small town because businesses always pay better than homeowners.  

34. Bookstore

A bookstore in a small town could be a great way to bring literature and culture to the community. The store could offer a wide range of books, including bestsellers, classics, and local authors. It could also host book clubs and author events to engage with customers and build a sense of community.  

35. Electronics Dealer

An electronics dealer in a small town could be a great business idea, as it would provide a convenient way for people to purchase the latest electronics. The dealer could offer a range of products, such as phones, laptops, and home theater systems. An electronics store in a small town sells things like phones, computers, TVs, sound systems, cameras, and other electronics. They might also fix or sell small appliances like vacuums, kitchen gadgets, and other home appliances.

They may also provide services such as installation, troubleshooting, and repair. An electronics dealer in a small town can be a standalone store or a part of a chain store. Dealerships typically have a showroom where customers can see and test the products before making a purchase. Dealers also have a sales team to help customers with their purchases and provide information about the products they sell. These stores may also offer financing and leasing options, as well as after-sales services such as repairs, warranty, and maintenance.

Electronics dealership

As an electronics dealer in a small town, you can provide a convenient option for residents. Visitors purchase and service electronic devices and appliances, and can also help to support the local economy. An electronic dealership is an out-of-the-box small town business idea that can help you earn a good amount of money.  

36. Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast in a small town could be a great way to attract tourists and travelers to the area. The bed and breakfast could offer comfortable and stylish accommodation, as well as a delicious breakfast each morning. B&B in a small town is a type of accommodation that offers overnight lodging and breakfast in a private home or small inn. Until tourism exists this business will stick.

B&Bs are typically small, family-run businesses that offer a more personal and intimate experience than larger hotels. They often feature unique and charming decor, as well as comfortable and cozy guest rooms. Many bed and breakfasts are located in historic homes or buildings and offer a glimpse into the local history of the area.

B&Bs in a small town can vary greatly in size, amenities, and style. Some may be small and quaint, offering only a few guest rooms, while others may be larger and more luxurious, offering more amenities such as private bathrooms, fireplaces, and spa services. Some B&Bs may also offer additional services such as concierge service, transportation, or activities.

Staying at a bed and breakfast in a small town can be a great way to experience the local culture, meet the locals, and have a more authentic and personal travel experience. It can also be a good option for travelers who are looking for a more intimate and personalized stay. Many B&Bs are unique and charming, with a lot of character and history, and can provide a great way to explore a small town.  

37. Bowling alley

Starting a bowling alley business in a small town can be a unique and exciting opportunity. Bowling alleys provide a fun and social activity for people of all ages, making them a popular destination for families, friends, and community events. When you want to open a bowling alley business in a small town, it’s important to find out what’s missing in the area. For example, if there are no bowling alleys nearby or the nearest one is too far, you can fill that need. Also, you need to make a plan for the business, including how much money you’ll need and how you’ll let people know about it.

One challenge of starting a bowling alley business in a small town is the limited customer base. However, there are also many opportunities, such as a strong sense of community and the potential for a loyal customer base. Additionally, operating costs may be lower in a small town, and there may be less competition. For marketing your bowling alley business, you should advertise it in local newspapers, and radio stations. Also, it’s helpful to make connections with other local businesses and groups.

Make Bowling Alley Successful in Small Town

It is also important to create a strong online presence and leverage social media to reach potential customers. Building a customer base in a small town requires a combination of effective marketing and strong customer service. To have regular customers, you need to give good service and be friendly. Also, you can try to get special groups of customers by having events for young people, birthday parties, or company events. That way you can get customers who other businesses don’t have.

To make your bowling alley business successful in a small town, you need to use the resources and connections available to you. This means working with other businesses or groups and from the local government that can help with business growth.

Supporting the local economy is an important aspect of running a bowling alley business in a small town. One way to do this is by sourcing materials and supplies locally whenever possible. Additionally, hiring local employees and supporting local organizations and events can also help strengthen the small town economy.

Starting a bowling alley business in a small town can be a good idea. You need to find out what’s missing in the area, make a plan for the business, and let the people know about it. With the right plan in place and give good service, your bowling alley can do well and be good for the community.  

38. Microbrewery

Starting a microbrewery in a small town could be a good idea because it would give people a unique, locally-made product to enjoy. The brewery could offer a range of beers, as well as tours and tasting events.  

39. Massage therapist

A massage therapist is another entertainment business ideas for small towns and it could be a great way to provide relaxation and stress relief to the community. The therapist could offer a range of massage services, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage. A massage therapist business in a small town could be a great way to provide a range of services specifically tailored to local residents’ needs. The business could offer services such as relaxation massage, and physiotherapy, as well as products such as pain oils, and relaxation scents.  

40. Ice Cream Shop

Starting an ice cream establishment in a quaint community is a surefire way to attract customers. Familiarity with different ice cream varieties and an understanding of the most sought-after flavors are crucial. As well as being prepared to put in long hours, including evenings and weekends. Keep in mind that this type of business may have its ups and downs depending on the season. Just as we suggest a boutique fitness center as a good option for regions with cooler temperatures. We recommend opening an ice cream shop in warmer regions. By identifying the ideal location with the appropriate weather, this small town business idea is a smart choice.  

41. Retail Pharmacy

If there’s no pharmacy where you live, you can start one. You can either open your own or get permission from a big pharmacy chain to open one of theirs. But, you need to have a pharmacist working there and get permission from the government to open it. If you are looking for good franchise ideas for small towns or looking for successful small town retail business ideas then consider opening a pharmacy.  

42. Sports Bar

Opening a sports bar in a town that likes sports can be a great idea. You can make it special for events like football games and make good money. But, you need to make sure that the people in your town are interested in sports before starting this business. It’s important to know your community before starting this kind of business.

A sports bar is a place where people can go to watch live sports games, eat and drink. They are popular in the USA, where sports like football, baseball, basketball, and hockey are popular.

For example, in a small town in the USA, you could open a sports bar that specializes in showing local games and also providing a variety of pub-style food. The key to success is to know what sports and teams the local community like and then make your menu and promotions appeal to them. With good marketing, a sports bar can become a popular spot for locals and visitors.

How Do I Choose An Idea?

Picking the right idea is an important step. You have to go through every step to make sure that you land where it is best for you. The first step is picking the right small business ideas for small towns. Then, you have to explore the possible niches until you discover one that you deem best for yourself. To understand better, you can ask people living there what they think. You can also look at magazines from the area, check social media, and make a list of ideas that might work well in that town. 

Strategies for Increasing Foot Traffic and Sales in a Small Town

When starting a business in a small town, it is important to conduct market research to identify gaps in the market. It is also important to have a solid business plan in place and to build a strong network of local contacts. Additionally, it may be beneficial to form partnerships with other local businesses or organizations in the community to increase support.  

Challenges and Opportunities of Doing Business in a Small Town

One challenge of doing business in a small town is the limited customer base. However, there are also many opportunities, such as a strong sense of community and the potential for a loyal customer base. Additionally, operating costs may be lower in a small town, and there may be less competition.  Therefore you can start a startup on a small scale.

Marketing and Promoting a Small Town Business

Develop a marketing plan that includes advertising in local newspapers, on local radio and television, and on social media. Use flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials to draw attention to your business. Effective marketing and promotion are essential for any business, but it can be especially challenging in a small town. One strategy is to leverage local resources, such as newspapers, radio stations, and community events, to reach a wider audience. Another strategy is to create a strong online presence and leverage social media to reach potential customers. Additionally, building relationships with other local businesses and organizations can help increase visibility and promote cross-promotion.  

Building a Customer Base in a Small Town

Building a customer base in a small town requires a combination of effective marketing and strong customer service. To have regular customers, you need to give good service and be friendly with them. You can also try to get special groups of customers by offering unique products or services. Additionally, it’s helpful to have good relationships with local groups and resources so they can tell more people about your business. It is called word-to-mouth marketing. 

Leveraging Local Resources and Partnerships

One key strategy for success in a small town business is to leverage local resources and partnerships. This means working with other local businesses or groups to get more people to know about your business. Local economic development agencies can also help to access resources and funding.  

Supporting the Local Economy

Supporting the local economy is an important aspect of doing business in a small town. One way to do this is by sourcing materials and supplies locally whenever possible. Additionally, hiring local employees and supporting local organizations and events can also help strengthen the local economy.  

Revitalizing Main Street or Downtown Areas

Revitalizing the main streets or downtown areas is important for the overall health and vitality of a small town. One way to do this is by attracting new businesses and encouraging the redevelopment of existing buildings. Additionally, working with local government and economic development agencies can help to secure funding and resources for revitalization efforts.  

Location Research and Selection

If you are starting a business in your small town then you know about the target market. But if you want to move for any reason for doing business. It is better to research the location.

For example, a study reveals the best towns for businesses in the United States can help you a lot in your success.
The top city is Appleton, Wisconsin, a great place for small businesses due to its growing population. The city has many other advantages i.e. low cost of living, steady income, low unemployment, and good housing options. Located south of Green Bay and has a population of around 75,000 people.

Niche Markets and Specialized Products or Services

Focusing on niche markets and specialized products or services can be a successful strategy for small town businesses. This can include targeting a specific demographic or offering a unique product or service that is not currently available in the area.  

Home-based Businesses and Remote Work Opportunities

Home-based businesses and remote work opportunities can be great options for small town entrepreneurs. These types of small town businesses that thrive can be run from anywhere, which can be especially beneficial for those living in rural areas.  

Sustaining a Small Town Business over the Long-term

To keep a small town business going for a long time, you need to manage it well and plan for the future. This can mean making a plan for the business, getting regular customers, and always looking for ways to grow. It also helps to have good relationships with local resources and groups to get help and stay stable.  

Special events and promotions

Host special events, such as sales, giveaways, and contests, to attract customers to your business. Offer discounts, coupons, and other promotions to encourage repeat business.  

Building a strong online presence

Create a professional website and social media accounts that showcase your business and its products or services. Use these platforms to engage with customers and build a community around your business.  

Excellent Customer Service

Make sure that your business provides excellent customer service. Train your employees to be friendly, helpful, and professional. Encourage customers to leave feedback and respond to any complaints or concerns in a timely manner.  

Community Involvement

Get involved in local community events, sponsorships, or charitable causes. This will help to build a positive reputation and make a connection with the local community.  

Adapting to the New Normal

As the world is still facing the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to adapt to the new normal by offering online ordering and curbside pickup. Also ensuring your establishment is clean and safe for customers.  

Diversify your Offerings

Consider adding new products or services to your business, or finding ways to make your existing offerings more unique. This makes it more appealing to customers.  


Starting a business in a small town can be a rewarding and challenging experience, but it’s definitely not impossible. However, with proper planning and a supportive community setting, you can find success with unique and unconventional small town business ideas. With a little creativity and hard work, you can create a successful and impactful business that benefits your community. Whether you choose to start a retail store, offer services, or launch an online business, the opportunities are endless. It’s important to note that success may not come overnight, and it’s important to be patient and persistent. A combination of different strategies, and potential ideas for a business in a small town, and a strong commitment to customer service, community involvement, and keeping up with the latest trends and technologies will help your business to stand out and attract more customers.  

Waqar Hussain is the founder of The Business Goals. He writes about entrepreneurial strategies and is an SEO consultant by profession. He is a B.Com, GDM, and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.


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