#DeleteFacebook is on trend.
[bctt tweet=”It is a third consecutive year that #DeleteFacebook hashtag is on trending on social media again”]

It is a third consecutive year that #DeleteFacebook hashtag is on trending on social media. Despite Facebook is doing very well in the US business market and most of the European markets but why this is happening again for Facebook.

#DeleteFacebook Trend In 2018

The #DeleteFacebook hashtag was first appeared in 2018 to gain trending when one of the Twitter users quoted a story from the BBC about the use of Cambridge analytical data for influencing the US presidential election in 2016, The BBC story was published in 2017. which has emerged the heavy backlash by the people to Facebook. Details published by the Verge told us that Facebook data was used by the strategic communication laboratories a research firm in violation of Facebook terms.

The opposition blame that Facebook influenced the voters to elect Trump and that also appears to be true when we look at Trump’s statements. Like he said “Facebook was our hands-on partner,” and “Without Facebook, we wouldn’t have won,” and it has started a trend #deletefacebook back in 2018.

#DeleteFacebook In 2019

The #deletefacebook was on-trend in 2019 after the website politico.com reported the informal dinner which was held by Mark Zukerberg with conservative politicians and journalists.

Facebook actually knows more about us than anyone else. They act as a spy to read our behaviors, profile, and even locations and talks. Most of the time you will see the advertisements for things which you were talking about a short while ago. For instance, If you were talking about the payment gateways with your friend sooner or later you will see the advertisements for the payment gateways company. This may be the reason Facebook got criticism from the people and losing trust in a business.

Because of this people’s privacy breach, Facebook still remains in controversy and people do not want to use Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook plays a vital role in growing the business this is why Facebook is still surviving.

David Leavitt award-winning multimedia journalist well explained this situation on his twitter account

#DeleteFacebook In 2020 (Kenosha Protest)

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At the time of writing, #deletefacebook is on-trend again in 2020. It gains trends on Twitter after Mark Zukerberg admitted to a company meeting about the “operational mistake” by failing to remove a post from the militia group about Kenosha protest that left two people dead. In the online meeting, Facebook employees criticized the company’s CEO over Facebook’s handling of content. It shows that Facebook is unable to enforce it’s own policies to the platform.

This time #deletefacebook trend looks like an inside job because Facebook employees are outraged at Mark about the handling of Kenosha violence in an online meeting of the company.

This time trend may get strong momentum because of the human lives lost and because of the shooting happened in the USA where the company headquarters located, and if it’s going continue Facebook may get a lot of trouble especially when the predictions are in favor of Joe Biden. As we all know that Joe Biden’s views about Facebook. He lashed out Facebook in June 2020 saying the social media company is failed in stopping to spread the disinformation on the platform.

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