Jua is a Zurich-based startup company and they have innovated something remarkable for the weather world as they have launched an AI-based weather platform where metrologists will create high-caliber weather models which incorporate numerical models and other enhanced versions which are indeed needed if time as weather and climate changes upto date knowledge is required for the masses.

Co-founded in 2022 in Zurich by serial entrepreneurs Andreas Brenner and Marvin Gabler, Jua has hubs in Zurich, Berlin, and Cape Town. It has launched the world’s first global high-resolution weather prediction model.

Weather can be of various types and prediction of weather totally depends on how advanced the technology is.
It becomes easy for metrologists to predict the weather if they have intelligent models in their hand which solve the weather-related calculation and this in turn will help the public to get precise results.

Jua has raised the amount for its launch of $2.5M with the help of promus ventures and this amount will be used in the world of weather and will make the life of metrologists easier as it will give a boost to know more about the weather all around the world. It is a piece of wonderful weather-related startup news.

Pierre festal who is the partner at promus venture said that the accuracy of this application is really amazing.
It implies modern technology and drives more accurate results.

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With enhanced weather technology which is based on complex calculation, Jua has built this platform to minimize the load and use the time spend to build more accuracy as there are many elements to look upon when it comes to calculation and prediction of weather.

Jua provides this platform to many experts whether you are a metrologist or an institute Jua helps to create AI-based intelligent weather models within the span of a few hours only and that’s really outstanding.

The speed of the Jua weather model is fantastic as the spatial has 25 times more speed and more over the speed of temporal resolution is 10 times higher which is why it’s a well-established AI weather platform.

For now, Jua is offering its service, not to too many users and they are very selective for this so only a few are selective only but by the year of 2023, they will release this AI-based application to a wide number of users.

Andreas Brenner, CEO of Jua has said that we are willing to bring a big change in the world of metrology.

Weather is a phenomenal aspect and the more accurate we are on it the more good the prediction will be.

Jua has titled big innovation to their name as the world of weather will remember their efforts to build a system that works efficiently to make weather-related problems easier with their AI-based platform.

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