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Running an eCommerce business is tough enough until we need to market it correctly. That’s when it gets tougher! But you don’t have to worry as we have brought for you just what you need.

Follow some marketing strategies to increase your sales. And in this article, we are listing our top favorites. Firstly, you should understand that marketing in today’s time means a lot of content, targeted marketing, and even follow-ups. Not just that, you may also need to provide perks to your customers so they take action. This article lists such and other strategies that you can use.

Start a blog

Increasing your eCommerce sales is to bring direct traffic to your website. When you have more visitors coming to your site, they are more likely to purchase items from your eCommerce store. A very effective way to drive traffic to your site is by writing about topics that your customers are interested in.

As a result, you would naturally get more visits to your site. For this, you would need to create articles around issues that your customers are searching for on Google and other search engines. You can find these by using tools like Google Trends, Ahrefs, or more. Look for topics that are related to the product that you sell on your eCommerce. For example, if the item you sell is a shoe, you could create blogs about how to choose the best shoes or different types of shoes you can buy.

Provide offers

An offer pop-up that provides users with discounts on their first order as soon as they land on the website can make all the difference. Providing offers is a great way to increase sales for your site. It will help a user in taking a decision in the purchase. At the same time, you can list all your coupons or offers on a particular page where users can easily find them. You can also outsource all your deals to an external coupons website. Doing so can directly increase the reach of your coupons to many more customers. GrabOn is a marketplace that hosts deals and offers on thousands of brands. When you get your offers listed on such a coupons’ site, you are tapping into a segment much wider than what exists.


Marketing a product with videos can be very useful in today’s times. With newer video platforms coming up, you can upload shorter or longer videos as per your preference on the channels.

Shorter videos: Features like Instagram reels will let you make fun and engaging videos and upload them to the platform. This is completely up to one’s creativity and the type of videos they make. Different features of your product can be highlighted in these videos. Short videos take less effort and are completed in less time than longer videos.

Longer videos: Longer videos have their own benefits too. YouTube is the highest platform for such videos, but Facebook videos get millions of views too. Such videos will give you the option to talk in detail about your products, give people in-depth info about their features, and so on. You can also create vlogs and take the customers behind the scenes of what goes into making the products.

Promote your product with a referral program

Referrals have seen a lot of popularity recently. A referral is what you can do to increase the awareness of your eCommerce store. Incentivize your existing users for sharing a link to your products. The way this works is an existing user shares the link to your website/ product with his friends and family circle with which they can make a purchase. Both the existing and the new users get discounts as part of this program. It is a great way to spread the word about your brand and acquire new customers.

Update your stories

‘Stories’ lets you not only upload short videos, but posters, and content. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn have the story feature. Create engaging stories that your customers would want to continue watching. You can tease a product, share a deal, or a customer review in the stories section. What you can also do is share your blog posts and social media posts inside the stories to increase your direct traffic and profile visits.

Email marketing

You can incentivize users to simply providing their email addresses. As you develop the database, you would be able to send out email newsletters to your audience. This will increase the number of users who end up purchasing more from your site.

Paid Ads

You can step into many more segments of an audience by simply targeting them with paid ads. This is not just something you can rely upon when you need those instant likes and engagement, but also a long-term growth strategy. See, when you target new regions from Facebook Business, Google Ads, or other such ads tools, you get data that you can reuse for retargeting. So if the customer did not take an action earlier, you can get them to take it the next time.

Final Thought

You need to follow the above-mentioned marketing hacks in a consistent manner. Consistency is the key, however, you can experiment with content, and styles as you go. Make sure that you are well equipped with tools like video shooting, landing page creation, etc. You don’t need to be technically adept with them but you may have to have a team that does it for you.

Pro tip:

The best way would be to keep a chart of the activities you are doing to market your eCommerce. That way it is also easy to keep a track of what’s completed, what’s working, and what is yet to be done. When you get to know all these aspects of your marketing strategy, it will enable you to build upon it and keep on multiplying your eCommerce sales.

About the Author

Aamer Hussain is a content writer with 4+ years of experience with a specialty in marketing, eCommerce, and social media. 

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