When a novice entrepreneur tries to start a business from scratch, he/she is searching for all sorts of ways and free business promotion tools to promote online without inflating the advertising budget beyond all limits. The good news is that we live in the age of digitization and there is a free solution to almost every problem. It doesn’t mean that the business owner is stingy or greedy, but far from every business has a high investment in it, and you have to pull out with very small funds.

Anyway, startups need to be promoted by business promotion tools on the Internet at first. Business owners need to be resourceful and ready to learn. One will have to learn how to use various software and tools that are tailored for the benefit of development. In addition, you need to have determination, and try to come up with something original to promote your own business.

If you want to make your small but cool company known to as many people as possible, remember the following tips.

Software Solutions For Business Promotion

Utilize Website Construction Platforms

It’s difficult to break through these days without a good website or your own business app, especially if the venture is promising and not a one-day project. In the context of a startup scenario, the best option is to use customized site-building platforms. You don’t have to be a programmer or a designer to succeed. There are two options for development: a website builder or a CMS. Initially, a business needs a simple website, a platform for providing services, so a website builder will be quite enough. To date, there are proven working frameworks such as Wix and WordPress. The latter, by the way, is the best free CMS engine.

With these services, you can easily create and launch websites, update content, and modify everything in time, without waiting for a developer to do it for you. Using a convenient toolbar and a wide range of templates, the site administrator can be a business owner, not a technician.

Place Business on Local Platforms

If your business is aimed primarily at a local customer, you need to post all available information on local platforms right away. Be sure to fill out a Google profile, detailing location information, contact numbers, email, website, and more.

If there are popular portals in your area, make sure they write about you there too. Post profiles on review sites. Every mention of your company with contact information counts for Google searches.

Use Yelp, Foursquare, to get reviews and photos from first customers, since startups don’t have a lot of user-generated social media content to use. These all business promotion tools are must-have these days for any business.

Join Google Services

It’s probably no secret that the most popular search engine in the world is Google, and Google strives to produce many quality products for its user. The company provides an effective set of tools for SEO, advertising, and even business pages.

A Google My Business join in, for example, shares extra features that help boost one’s search engine exposure. By having a sign-in, your biz will be featured on Google maps and in the results of domestic searches. This visibility matters to the new business. You can also be able to access, set up, monitor, and grow your business profile on Google, for free.

When a new business is just starting out on social media, a Google My Business profile gives users the opportunity to interact with you and get feedback from you. You can respond, answer or enable direct messaging and set up related alerts, post, and share.  Using this free business promotion tool is not just a good idea for local marketing, it’s a necessity.

Invest Time In Learning Software

There are plenty of free or inexpensive tools for marketing, promotion, remarketing, newsletter, etc. Many of them are worthy of consideration for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you don’t have enough time, then find developers for startup businesses, they can help you build a strategy and choose suitable solutions to promote your newly born business.

If you want to promote yourself, keep in mind the main directions of promotion:

  • SEO – learn how to grow online via generating content based on the key queries of the target audience. There is plenty of software like Google Search Console, Semrush, etc. for this purpose.
  • Email marketing – use software to send out newsletters, sales offers, or personal discounts. A well-designed mailing brings in new customers as well as existing ones. Practice shows a successful conversion rate of up to 22%.
  • Content marketing – blog articles, webinars, videos, web pages, presentations, and much more increase audience loyalty and trust. Quality content brings loyal leads to the site, who know about you, your product/service. And a loyal lead is much easier converted into a customer.

Use Social Media

The most popular social networks in which you can do business are SMM platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as local ones are the most important channels for communicating with your audience and creating user-generated content. Also, often a company’s social media profile is a landing page for advertising.

Since it takes a lot of time to develop social media profiles and recognition, it is better to start right away. To keep your page active at all times, you need to use different services and tools that allow you to synchronize activity across platforms, such as IFFTT or Buffer.

If you use Facebook business pages, they also have their own worthy developed solutions, such as tools for surveys, landing pages, and presentations. Facebook Poll, Wishpond will come in handy.

Use Media Channels

If your business offers a service or product that can solve a customer’s problem, start a YouTube channel. When a business is useful to a customer, it is bound to be successful financially. YouTube is probably the best platform where you can talk about who you are, start a blog, give advice, and talk about your product or service in a convenient format. Fortunately, today there are enough free programs to process video clips. You can also run ads for your brand on YouTube.

Do Charity/Volunteer Work Via Affiliates

Philanthropy and volunteering are not only good for the community and the environment, but they’re also good for increasing your brand awareness. A large number of people are now paying attention to cruelty-free or vegan products, even though they are more expensive. Show your brand on the good side, how it cares about the environment and people, and a good reputation is assured.

You can also attend local events and fairs as a sponsor. Charity should be seen as one of the tools for marketing promotion. Using affiliate programs, companies can work with charitable foundations as part of marketing or promotion budgets, since the cooperation is clearly tied to the sale of the company’s products or services.

About the author: Kyle McDermott is a web developer, blogger, blockchain enthusiast, and business analyst. He loves to write about new technologies, business news, and sports events. Kyle is also a proofreader at Computools. Follow him on Twitter.

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