You may provide salon services to many clients throughout the year, but there has been a period when you have needed to make an extra effort to attract new clients to your salon. Most stylists have become salon owners in recent years, and if you’re one of them, you’re probably looking for a means to boost your salon’s profitability. In this post, we are going to discuss different marketing strategies for salons.

A question may also come to your mind.

How To Attract More Customers?

Firstly, you need to identify the targeted audience so that you can easily put up efforts to create a marketing strategy for a salon. So in this article, I will be focusing on better tactics

 that can boost up your clientele and give a new charm to your business.

6 Way to Attract Customer to Your Salon

Market your Salon Business on Social Media

The ideal approach to move your salon business to the next level is by mixing the salon business marketing strategy with the modern marketing approach.

Many of us think that the cost of lead in digital marketing comes to be extortionate. But it’s not true! Leads generated through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook is a lot cheaper than traditional marketing leads.

Instagram is becoming the better & effective social media platform for salon marketing. As the number of young people using this platform grows, your chances of reaching the majority of the increase. Instagram is a fantastic place for showcasing your knowledge and salon services. To attract new clients to your account, it would be fabulous if you could upload some intriguing images, salon portfolios, and reviews from previous customers. Images always play a vital role in marketing strategies for salons.

Implement a Salon Software in your Salon

As the world is changing, you also need to focus on newer technology to gain your market share. Some advancements and new ways are available to attract new customers to your business. You can adopt robust best spa booking software to make things easier to manage the business operation as well as attract new clients. It will allow you to implement marketing strategies like running online campaigns, bulk messaging & emails, etc.  

Running a marketing campaign through another platform will not allow tracking the performance, whereas the software will make things easier to track the marketing ROI. The software can also generate referral coupons so that you can distribute them to your customers in hope of getting better word of mouth from them. It is emerging as a smarter way to engage your existing customer and attract a newer customer.

Connect to Your Social Followers

Try to connect with your social followers who have not pursued your salon services. A possible way to connect with your follower through the salon software who has not booked an appointment.

Make sure that all followers active on different sources receive a regular update about your services and new offers. Moreover, you can organize an event once a month to grow your business reach and stay in touch with your social media followers. Eventually, it will also make an impact on your salon business positively.

Offer New Services and Discount

You can easily attract new clients if you consistently launch a net set of services and products. To beat your competitor in your local area can be accomplished through offering an extra discount to your regular and new customers. It’s always a worthy strategy to attract a new customer with extra benefits like discount coupons, referral bonuses, free 2 hair cut, etc.

Giving discounts, and offering freebies to your new customer always gives a fruitful result to the salon business. If you think that offering discounts on your services will be unfavorable for your business, then you are wrong. It may give adverse results for the shorter term but gives you an edge over the long term. By doing this, you can smoothly grow your business topline. The more customers visit your salon, the more you will generate revenue.

Online Business Reviews

Positive customer reviews about business always motivate others to go with it. Right now, we are talking about the client review on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Different reasons why you need to develop strong positive reviews are building trust among your customer and improving your online salon business ranking.

One of the queries that can appear on the new customer’s brains minds is Can I trust them? Even if their close friend has recommended you, they will definitely inspect your services, reviews on the various online platforms and Google. Positive reviews resemble that your customers are happy.

You can do below mention things to attract new customers:

Post the good reviews on your salon notice board.

Place customer reviews from your old customer on your social media accounts.

You can also check some salon software to ease out your work to manage your online customer review efficiently.

Don’t Forget Traditional Marketing Tactics

The world has changed a lot as more & more advanced technology comes into the picture. But in today’s circumstances, traditional marketing also plays its part in the marketing of the salon business. However, many salon owners are not focusing on them. So to improve the salon clientele, you need to think of implementing some of the old marketing strategies.

Choosing the perfect business partner sounds like a fun task. Look for companies that also cater to the same audience as you. Jewelry stores, pubs, gyms, restaurants, and other similar businesses

Coupon distribution generally at these premises makes your business more visible to a greater extent. Other marketing tactics like leaflet distribution, advertisement in newspapers, hoardings, etc., are some of the strategies that you can rely on.

Word of Mouth

Talking about the marketing strategy, it’s all about getting the word of mouth from the old client. Most small salon business relies on the word out regarding their services. Ensure to provide a better experience to your existing customers to get the recommended done by them. This strategy does not cost you heavily in your pockets, but it is the most important and must for any salon business.

Offering some referral coupons to your current customers would rarely deplete your marketing budget, but it will help you generate positive word of mouth. It’s essential to give your salon consumer a seamless experience so that you don’t have trouble getting positive feedback.

The Bottom Line!

To build a profitable salon business, you must invest in a more effective marketing approach. You can increase your clients by following the advice given above. To increase your salon revenue, identify the points that aren’t functioning. You can also seek for Salonist salon software to help you better implement the best marketing strategies for salons.

Author bio Tan Chee Ling has been associated with Salonist since 2020. Reading novels is always on her bucket list. She loves to Assist businesses to manage their business through her writing skills.

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