How to track a phone or device of employees

Mobile devices these days are one of the more popular gadgets. No one would like to leave their phone unattended in their house, workplace, and other places. Cellphones and gadgets are an integral part of our lives. Everyone these days has cellphone devices to interact with friends, family, and loved ones. However, some professionals may carry one or more digital phones with them all the time and this can affect their productivity. Hence there is a need for tracking the business-owned devices to get more productivity. Track a phone policy is debatable. So if you wanna start a startup read this post and decide your startup need it or not.

Some companies these days do not allow their employees to enter with personal gadgets at the company premises for various reasons.  Instead, they provide business owned devices to their employees to track their activities in working hours.

Why should a company track a phone of employees?

This question is debatable but because of this practice is on the ground, we discuss the reasons here, why there is a need of tracking the activity of the device?.  This practice is not suitable for some professionals but in some cases, this is necessary to track a phone or device of the employee. For instance, in atomic plants and government’s ordnance factories always track the business owned phones.

Personal gadgets of employees on work premises always push employees to stay in touch with friends and family, and employees often start decreasing productive work. In addition to that, employees are used to doing things that are inappropriate in working hours. There are some reasons for tracking employees’ cellphone provided by the company.

  • Gold bricking activities

It is common these days that employees get used to wasting time on business devices. They used to make phone calls incoming and outgoing rather than using it for professional work. The productivity of employees starts declining due to goldbricking activities. Therefore, business owners have to keep an eye on activities on business-owned devices to make sure productivity and prevent time-wasting activities to the fullest.

  • Stealing of intellectual property

It is one of the most dangerous activities against the business safety of an organization. Therefore, employers should prevent the stealing of the intellectual property stored on the business owned phones. Nowadays, cellphones are like mini micro computing devices. Therefore, employers should make a check on employees while they are using the company’s phone to make sure the usage of the company’s assets professionally. Sometimes this can be disastrous for instance, a prototype of your product supplied to your competitors.

  • Web surfing for entertainment

Employees are experts over the years to use business gadgets for personal use for web surfing, social media activities, and even online dating in working hours. According to the stats average dishonest employees used to wasting at least three working hours a day. Therefore, you have to have a hidden eye on your employees’ business owned phones connected to the internet. Therefore, employers have no other option but to track a phone owned by the company in working hours.

  • Cyberattacks

The cyberspace active gadgets like phones are always at stake, and someone can breach the privacy of your business-owned devices through cyber –attacks. In the year 2017, it is stated that cyber-ransom ware attacks have been breached the security of the business devices and have stolen the data and returned it based on kickbacks.

  • Email monitoring

The monitoring of emails these days is on the rise, and employers have to keep an eye on the customer’s emails to know whether they are satisfied with the services or not. Therefore, employers should track business emails on business cellphone devices to know how employees are dealing with the clients via sent and received emails.

Now questions arise on how to tack a phone of employees in working hours? The answer is pretty simple and logical that you have to make use of the technology that enables you to track a mobile phone provided to your employees.

How to track a phone or device of employees’?

There are plenty of applications that are available on the web that can help you out to keep an eye on employees all the activities they perform on business owned cellphones. You can track a phone of employees working hours to the fullest. You have to get your hands on the employee monitoring software.

You can install applications on employees’ business owned devices like phones, tablets, PCs, and laptop desktop computer devices. In addition to that, you can use the powerful features that enable you to record live phone calls incoming and outgoing, email tracking, screen recording, social media monitoring, and GPS location.

Furthermore, employers can block text messages, incoming calls, and internet if employees are wasting time in working hours. You can get data back against the stolen data and retrieve it back via an online dashboard. It means you can track a phone of employees to the fullest.

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