Starlink Internet speed

Starlink Internet Speed Beta Testing

Do you know that the world of the internet is going to be revolutionized?
Yes, the revolution in internet speed by Starlink. As you know, Elon Musk announced some time ago about Starlink’s satellite system, which has now become a reality.

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Although the company itself reported the lower expected test speeds, some users said that they have noticed up to 150 MB speed. According to Okala, which is a speed testing tool, the Starlink internet speed was 95 percent higher than the US average.

Similarly, a user who is a resident of Montana said that he has noticed 174 MB in download and 33 MB in the upload. Elon Musk announced that Starlink internet speed is expected to have speeds of between 50 Mb and 150 Mb.

Impact Of Internet Speed

This news has revolutionized the world of the internet. The biggest problem facing by the users at the moment is the cost of the service which is quite high for a common user. The price decided by StarLink at this time is a challenge for the users. The company is currently charging a dollars 600 as upfront, which includes a first-month subscription of dollars 99. But whenever a new technology is introduced, they charge higher but with time, its price comes within the reach of the common man.

One user complained of interruption after few minutes again and again while another user wrote about the complete absence of the internet. Some users have expressed great pleasure in running YouTube without interruption.

Starlink Internet Speed Will Change The Business Click To Tweet

As you know, we have entered a new era due to the Coronavirus in which the world needs to take care of social distance. Many large companies have already allowed some of their employees to work from home permanently. This link service will increase the productivity of such people.

While a revolutionary thing is that company intends to bring the speedy internet through its satellites to the whole world, even in remote areas where the internet service is not yet available.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has promised that the cheap and fast internet will be accessible to everyone in the world. But there is no doubt that this invention is going to revolutionize the future, while the business method we know today will take a whole new form in the future. If some new add-on technology is added to StarLink’s mission to achieve a permanent and uninterrupted Internet, which should also be the fastest, just imagine what a revolution our new generation will face.

According to a United Nations report, access to the Internet has played a key role in alleviating poverty and improving economic conditions.
In 2018, 51% of the world’s population had access to the Internet. If the Starlink high-speed internet project succeeds, the Internet may be available worldwide in a few years.

A Brief Intro Of Starlink

For those who do not know about Starlink. Starlink, with its many small satellites, is an Internet delivery company that currently has 800 satellites in operation, whereas the company plans to make at least 12,000 satellites operational soon. Beta is currently in service in parts of the United States and Canada, and the company plans to be fully operational by 2021. StarLink is a group of small satellites built by SpaceX Company that will operate in Lower Earth Orbit and provide the world with a high-speed internet speed.

Starlink Internet Speed Will Change The Business Click To Tweet



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