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If you ask a series of business owners whether or not hiring a marketing agency is worth it, you’ll most likely get a series of different answers. The truth of that matter is, it depends. It depends on your business, your industry, your needs, your goals, your budget, and even on the types of agencies you have available. Like all things, there are pros and cons to hiring an agency. While marketing is necessary for all businesses, ultimately what method you end up choosing is highly individual.

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Pros of Hiring a Marketing Agency

1. Trained and Experienced Minds.

The biggest advantage of hiring an agency is the expert aspect. Agency marketers are trained professionals who have dedicated their time to become successful marketers. They have creative directors, digital directors, and even strategy directors that are knowledgeable and well equipped for putting together research and ad campaigns in any medium. If you feel lost when it comes to marketing and don’t even know where to start, a conversation with an agency could provide some much-needed insight.

          2. New and Different Ideas.

They say two heads are better than one. Working with a team of marketers can help generate new and different ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Agencies have various brainstorming sessions with different people to generate ideas that cover a series of different aspects. Additionally, marketers are well aware of industry trends and can help generate a new strategy that is both innovative and effective.

          3. Industry Tools and Connections.

 In addition to being skilled themselves, most agencies have connections within the industry and can connect you to other resources that you may have not been able to access before. This applies to marketing tools as well. Often expensive and convoluted software is needed for proper metric tracking and design. When you pay for an agency, you’re also getting access to these tools which would be pricey if you were to purchase them on your own.

          4. Time Saver.

Hiring a marketing agency can be a serious time saver. Transferring all marketing and advertising responsibilities to a marketing team frees up your schedule and makes room for other things you may need to focus your attention on. While it can be intimidating to hand over the reins, not having to worry about any campaign development and management or any tedious metric tracking allows you to focus on other elements of growing your business.

Cons of Hiring a Marketing Agency

        1. Money.

Hiring an agency can be expensive. These companies have expenses like salaries, software costs, utilities, taxes, among others that all contribute to the cost of their services. However, most agencies are transparent in their billing and generally account for every hour spent on a project and its accompanying costs. While many are willing to work with a budget and prioritize certain needs and eliminate others, no service is free.

          2. Niche Industry Needs.

If your business falls into a niche industry, it is worth researching if an agency has familiarity with your specific area. While these agencies are made up of trained professionals, that isn’t to say they know how to tackle every industry that exists. There may be a knowledge gap that doesn’t favor hiring an agency. Proper research and agency vetting can help you not only decide which group is best, but also if an agency is even an option.

          3. You’re Not The Only Client.

Odds are you’re not the only client an agency will have. Studies have shown that specialists can be personally working with 17 different clients on average. This means that they have other projects and deadlines different from yours. Ideally, an agency would have proper time management, and no client would feel less important than another. This being said, these marketers are not perfect. Some of these other clients may have bigger budgets than you, thus their projects could take priority over yours.

          4. Varying Priorities.

 When you talk with an agency about prospective collaboration, they’ll most likely put together an agenda of what they think should be the main priorities for your business. While the best-case scenario is that you agree on all of them, there may be a time where what you think is necessary and important, they may think is not. Ultimately, the business is yours and what you believe is most important should be the top priority.

Bottom Line

Deciding whether or not to hire an agency is a very important decision for you and your company and not one you should take lightly. There are many pros and cons of hiring an agency that may or may not apply to your business. Taking the time to shop around with several agencies can provide you with useful information to decide which of them, if any, are the right fit.

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    1. It’s great that you mentioned how hiring a marketing agency could be a serious time saver. I was watching a video about business tips earlier and one tip talked about the perks of marketing agencies. According to what I heard, there are a lot of companies nowadays that offer services that could help other businesses in their operations, like in store design solutions as an example.


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