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The event industry has continuously noticed a shift in trends over the years but the year 2020 was a bit more intense and forced the event industry to make massive changes for its proper functioning. We are covering here new event marketing trends for 2021.

However, even though when the situation improves and we once again go back to a Covid free world, we can vouch that the events and the way it is being conducted would never be the same.

In such situations, event marketers and businesses need to stay up to date with the latest trends.

In this blog, we shall be shedding light on a few event marketing trends that event marketers should be aware of to successfully conduct events.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Event marketing Trends To Look For In 2021

Safety Will Be The Topmost Priority

The post Covid event marketing world would demand increased safety precautions and appropriate measures would be taken by the hosts to ensure the safety of the guests.

Social distancing will still be the need of the hour and events will be implemented in a way that everyone maintains at least 6 feet of distance between one another.

Proper covid prevention kits including double masks, PPE kits, gloves, sanitizers, and face shields can be provided to the attendees to ensure their safety.

The attendees who are completely vaccinated would be given preference or else a negative report would be the deciding factor.

Moreover, the events will be conducted outdoors to ensure proper ventilation. Additionally, an option to select the seats before the event would become a part of the registration process for the attendees.

Virtual Will Not Go Anywhere

The year 2020 was the year of virtual events and all marketers took the virtual route for promoting the events. Similarly, the year 2021 will also witness a majority of virtual events since it is not certain when the lockdown will end.

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Moreover, there is no certainty as to when everyone would be completely vaccinated and people may not be comfortable traveling to the venue of the event after such disturbing times.

Virtual events are still being given preference by marketers and they will continue to be leveraged in the future since it is the safest way of conducting events in such testing times.

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All you require is an engagement and interactive tool like a social tip to increase engagement and your virtual event will be super successful.

Hybrid Events Will Rise To Power

When the time comes, when all people would get vaccinated, hybrid events would steal the show and become the center of attention.

For those who are not aware of this concept, hybrid events have components of virtual and regular events.

While a few percent of people would attend the event from the comfort of their homes, a few would attend the event like a regular event.

Being a mix of both, hybrid events can give the attendees the best of both worlds.

More Attention To Data Privacy & Security

Multiple surveys have suggested a sudden rise in the number of cybercrimes during the pandemic. The registration process of virtual events has made it easier for hackers to look at the attendees’ personal information, including their bank account statements, social media credentials, account details, addresses, etc.

Safety is a major concern for attendees when it comes to virtual events and the privacy and security level of events will be given more importance and attention.

The marketers can ensure the attendees that their data is secure with them by letting them know about the precautions that are being taken by them.

A Change In The Registration Process

2021 will see a change in the way attendees are registering for the event. Rather than the old techniques, marketers would be leveraging apps for the audience to register themselves.

Creating an app for registration would make it much easier for the audience to register themselves.

Moreover, it has many added advantages. The app registration would help the marketers to analyze the level of engagement and the number of attendees that are likely to be expected for the event.

To further increase the reach of the event, marketers can add additional elements like the highlights of the event, prizes, sessions, details about the speaker, etc. to instill more excitement in the attendees.

Final Thoughts About Event Marketing Trends

The second wave of the Corona virus pandemic has been challenging for all industries, especially the event industry. In such testing times, marketers must stay updated with the latest trends in the industry.

We have reached the end of the blog and we are positive that this article must have enlightened you about the trends that you need to watch out for in the year 2021.

Adopting these trends will significantly help you in conducting a successful event keeping the safety of the audience in mind.

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