The Ultimate Guide to Running Effective Google Ads

Nearly 63,000 searches are done on Google each second, and if your business doesn’t show up when a high intent user needs your product or services. Your business can lose huge growth opportunities. Therefore, we have compiled the ultimate guide to running effective Google ads so that you land the opportunity of acquiring high intent customers & earn massive profit.

However, getting to the forefront of your high intent users on Google, SEO is a great way. But, It’s far more time-consuming. And, I’m sure you don’t want anyone else to sweep your customers away before your sales pages actually rank on Google.

The other biggest reason to use Google ads is, only 25% of people go through the second page of Google to find information, and this fact is backed by multiple studies. And, Google awards offer you an effective way to be shown on the first page. But, it’s not like you just have to throw money and seize a higher ad rank position.

Your ad rank depends on two primary factors: relevancy and ad quality which we are going to cover in this article. But, doing so requires crafting an eye-catching landing page, persuasive copywriting, understanding audience intent, and many more skills.

And, if you’re willing to learn powerful skills that help to boost your sales and your business to grow substantially. Joining the best institute for learning digital marketing in Jaipur or cities like Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore, which is also known as a digital marketing hub of India will help you to acquire exhaustive knowledge of digital marketing for your business growth.

So keep learning & start implementing new strategies of digital marketing for acquiring massive profit in your business. Let’s jump-start your journey by learning effective Google ads optimization techniques.

The Ultimate Guide to Running Effective Google Ads

As the world is being digitized people’s preferences for shopping are transforming. More & more people begin to shop online than going to the traditional market. And, if your traditional shop isn’t getting that much sales, it’s time to settle down an online store & leverage Google ads to target your potential customers.

Follow these Google ads best practices For running effective ads.

1.   Know Your Goal

Know your goals

Without a doubt, Google ads are a powerful tool to hunt down your potential audience & present them with persuasive words to capture their attention. But, before you set out to run your ad campaign, think about the goal you want to achieve. Because in return you have to pay bucks. Therefore, strategizing your ads according to the goal will help to spend money in return for what you actually want.

For instance, if your goal is just to increase your brand awareness, you need to optimize Google ads just for that. This means the cost per mile charger would be much better than the clicks. So, be certain what goal you want to run ads for, and follow the next points accordingly.

2.   Research Your Potential Audience

Research Your Potential Audience

No strategy will work well if your ads are being shown to the wrong users. The audience is the foundation of running effective ads, and other ads elements, copywriting, call to action and everything else in between should be in accordance with what your audience like, desire, need, and can change their buying decision.

For PPC ads, you have to do your audience targeting using keywords that your potential users use while searching for the product & services you use.

First, you need to understand who your audience is and what they can search for. Plus, for making things easier for you Google keywords tool is there to tell you to search volume & difficulty of keywords. So, start out researching & understanding your audience which is the most important part of the ultimate guide to running effective Google ads.

3.   Segregate Campaigns For Specific Audience

Segregate Campaigns For Specific Audience

Chances are, your audience is in different age groups, interests, and gender. And, it’s not only hard to create ad copy, landing page, and offers in one campaign but also ineffective. For instance, if some have an online clothing store, and have an audience of every size, shape, gender.

Will the all-in-one audience targeting get effective conversions? Nope! But, if they run different campaigns for women, girls, kids, men then not only targeting will be precise but also the content of the ad will be engaging & relevant to the audience.

4.   Create An Compelling Landing Page

Create An Compelling Landing Page

The job of ads is to draw customers to your landing page. From here, the quality of your landing page determines the conversion rate.

Here is the no. of factors you need to pay attention to craft a persuasive landing page for raising up your conversion game:

  • Landing Page Design: You only get 2.6 seconds to engage a user to be on your landing page. And, if your landing page design is the first thing a user notices. If it’s not up to the quality standards your awesome landing page copy will leave unread. So use quality images, brand colors strategically, and compelling infographics on your landing page.
  • Headline: After the design, your headline is the next hook that pushes users to scroll through, and see other stuff. Make your headline persuasive by adding emotions, fear, or desire to it.
  • Ad Copy: Needs & desires are always there, but a good ad copy will intensify it and give user’s a strong reason why they need certain products & services. Make your ad copy compelling to read, and persuasive to make users take action. For making the landing page ad copy more powerful you can also add testimonials & reviews in it.
  • Call To Action: At the last stage, often the user’s scratch their heads whether to buy or back off. And, a powerful call to action instantly reminds them why they need them and makes them go forward to buy stuff.

5.   Leverage Automated Bidding

Leverage Automated Bidding

Worry not if you’re not sure which bidding strategy you need to use. Just keep your goal in mind, and give Google instructions to get results accordingly.

Here is how you can optimize your bid for:

  • Clicks ( Increase visitors): if your goal is to increase traffic on your website this bid will hint Google to deliver your ads bringing more visitors, and the charge will be on the clicks.
  • Target Impression ( Brand Awareness): For increasing brand awareness & visibility this option is best, you will get a charge according to cost per mile.
  • Cost Per Action ( Conversions): If your campaign goal is to get more leads or drive sales. Use cost per action and pay accordingly.
  • Target ROI ( Get better ROI on ad spend): if you want 2X or 3X ROI on your ad spent, you can choose this option and let Google do its work.

6.   Track & Analyze & Modify

Track & Analyze & Modify

After launching your ad campaign, keep tracking your ad performance, and try to analyze if it’s working effectively, and if not then why?. Try to find out what’s wrong, and make some changes to the campaign accordingly. Plus, for making your ad campaign more effective consider doing A/B Test on your headlines, ad copy, and other elements of your landing page. It will help you to find out which one is working better and increase your conversion rate.


As opposed to highly competitive SEO, Google ads are a much effective and easier way to target a potential audience. 50% of users know the difference between paid ads or organic results. Therefore 63% of users click on paid ads as they appear on the top of organic results. If you also want to be one of those paid search results that get massive clicks & traffic follow the ultimate guide to running effective Google ads and acquire more leads, sales, and profit.

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