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Employment agencies assist candidates in finding available work within their respective industries. Work experience dictates the types of jobs that an agency can help one with. If you’re interested in running your own staffing agency, it is useful to lean on any industry knowledge you have to plan your business successfully.

In addition to using your industry knowledge, make sure to utilize your financial resources wisely. Financial organizing will help you plan accordingly for your startup and help you to achieve future financial independence through your agency profits. As with any business, starting an employment agency requires commitment and follow-through on a series of steps before it can get up and running.

Here, we go into detail on the specifics of staffing agencies and how to start your own. You’ll discover some of the steps to start taking to begin the recruitment process and how to move beyond the initial stages and into the future of starting a staffing agency. Learn more about these key topics below.

Understand the role of a staffing agency

Here is some general information you should know about what staffing agencies do before building your business:

Employment/staffing agencies:

  • Recruits qualified candidates for temporary or permanent positions
  • Acts as a time saver for employers by completing the candidate interviewing process
  • Offers feedback and direction to professionals looking for work
  • Fills various positions, from entry to executive

Select your agency’s niche

Select a specialty for your staffing agency; this area of expertise will allow your agency to attract the candidates you are qualified to help. To choose the right niche, consider your experience and how it applies to starting a staffing agency. You want to choose an area you know a lot about so you can help people find work.

Research the requirements for starting a staffing agency

Once you’ve established your area of focus, research the requirements you need to meet to start opening your business. To create your agency, complete the legal guidelines, such as licensing and relevant tax requirements. 

Create your budget

Next, consider your budget for starting a staffing agency. Determine how you’ll divide up your finances to cover the costs of client payments, insurance, marketing, technology, etc. The cost considerations, including those for office space, employee salaries, and more, should also be factored into your budget.

Build a business model and begin marketing

Use your financial breakdown to guide your business model for starting a staffing agency. Determine the business model you want to follow, i.e., (contingency, retainer-based, etc.), and plan for growth.

Establish efficient data security measures

You should only consider starting your staffing agency when you’ve established all the necessary protections. Include security measures that protect your company and get the software you need to protect sensitive information.

Set the groundwork and start your business

After you’ve set the groundwork, work on your marketing to attract the right clients and employees to your staffing agency. Little by little, you’ll turn dreams of starting a staffing agency into a reality.

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