As businesses strive to enhance their communication with customers, one term that has recently been making waves in the industry is “10DLC.” But what is 10DLC text messaging?

Simply put, it’s a new standard for Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging used by businesses to connect directly with their customers. This blog post will explore this technology in more detail, and explain its benefits. Read on for the details.

Understanding 10DLC and A2P

To fully grasp what is 10DLC, we need to dive deeper into the realm of A2P messaging. A2P messaging is a system that sends messages from an application—typically owned by a business—to a user’s device.

This transition from Person-to-Person (P2P) to A2P messaging marks a significant shift in business communication methods. The role of 10DLC is pivotal in this shift as it allows businesses to send bulk messages while maintaining compliance with carrier regulations.

Advantages of 10DLC

So why should businesses care about what is 10DLC? Well, 10DLC offers several advantages. Firstly, it ensures better message delivery, allowing companies to reach more people simultaneously.

Secondly, using a 10DLC number helps build trust with your customers, providing a consistent and recognizable number for your messages. It is versatile and can be used across various messaging needs, from promotional campaigns to customer service interactions.

Getting Started with 10DLC

The process is quite straightforward if you’re convinced about the benefits and are wondering how to get started with 10DLC. Businesses must register their numbers, upon which independent rating agencies determine their throughput per second (TPS).

Once registered, businesses can track their success using real-time data. This enables them to make informed decisions about their messaging strategies.

Why Register for 10DLC?

The importance of registering your number cannot be overstated when it comes to understanding what is 10DLC. Not only does registration provide benefits such as increased deliverability, but it also mitigates potential issues such as higher surcharges and compromised deliverability that can occur if you don’t register.

Comparing Different Types of Texting

Understanding what is 10DLC also involves comparing it with traditional long codes. Unlike traditional long codes, typically used for P2P messaging, 10DLC numbers are designed for high-volume A2P messaging. This makes them ideal for businesses that must send bulk messages while ensuring they reach their intended recipients.

Common Questions about 10DLC

Many businesses wonder if they can use 10DLC for marketing campaigns. The answer is a resounding yes.

10DLC is not only cost-effective for small businesses but also ensures compliance with carrier regulations, making it an excellent option for various messaging needs. As for those who choose not to register, they may face compromised message deliverability, among other issues.

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Answering The Question “What is 10DLC?” And Why It Matters For Business Growth

In the rapidly evolving world of business communication, understanding what is 10DLC can give your business a competitive edge. By adopting 10DLC, you can connect with more customers, enhance trust, and ensure compliance with carrier regulations, all while enjoying the benefits of high-volume messaging.

So, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, 10DLC offers a viable and advantageous messaging option worth considering. We hope this information has been helpful to you, and thanks so much for reading.

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