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Yardlink UK Based Startup Raises $17.5m To Digitize The World Of Construction Supply Chain

Yardlink Raises $17.5m To Digitize The World Of Construction Supply Chain. Yardlink is a renowned company based in heart of England that is London.

It’s a procurement platform that operates digitally for the construction industry.

Yardlink has done a great job by raising around $17.5M in collaboration with Speedinvest and  Amplifier.

Now, these funds will be used by the company to enhance its business as they will add more products to its list and make the company more strong.

Another great news is that company plans to increase the headcount.

They are planning to double the headcount in a year or so which is really amazing.

Yardlink company was founded in the year 2018 by Neeral Shah.

Yard Link has a $1TN construction supply chain which is really massive.

It’s a B2B marketplace and a gem in the world of construction.

Yardlink connects customers with suppliers and this makes it very easy for a contractor to manage things with ease. The contractor can easily manage the equipment and all the services within a few seconds time.

Yardlink provides a digital platform in which everything is managed by a single click from sourcing to getting paid.

Everything is just a click away.

One claim that a company makes is that they claim to be environmentally friendly because the carbon footprint for every project is reduced as the contractor meets an approved supplier directly through this digital platform.

Unfortunately, the construction industry is the least digitized one, and still, the work done nowadays is through pen and paper which makes the work more complicated and burden for suppliers to deal with Yardlink has done great work but making it hassle-free as it provides the best platform for suppliers so that they don’t need to follow the old fashioned working style and joins the digital world in the construction industry.

Yardlink has a great streamline of customers namely the big names are Canary Wharf Contractors, Battersea Power Station and H2S, and many others.

Earlier the suppliers were fewer but now the company has 500 vetted suppliers which is a huge number in itself.

Neeral has built a great supply chain for the construction industry that’s why Yardlink standout when it comes to talking about the digital platform in the construction industry.

So raising funds will be used for a better supply chain in the construction world and makes life easy so that it helps the community more and more and that is what Yardlink is up for making life easier for people.

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