The company is based in Israel in Tel Aviv and the name of the company is Trigo it’s a start-up that is making retail stores advance by providing a hassle-free monetary system.

Trigo is making the retail store cash free which is a huge advancement when it comes to managing cash.

Trigo’s CEO has said that they will empower the stores and make them operate just like any E-commerce store is operating bringing a big change in the field of retail and supermarkets.

Michael Gabay and Daniel Gabey are the founders of Trigo company and they want to make grocery stores and marts cash-free and introduce touch-free check out which is an amazing thing done by these 2 founders as it will make the life of the management easier as they now don’t have to be worried about their accounts as now they have a monetary system which is purely based on advance technology.
With this innovation, the stores that will be having this technology will be considered more up-to-date and more hi-tech as they have made a very good move in dealing with the payment systems.

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The company will utilize these funds and will make a big transformation from an ordinary retail store to a full fledge automatic store that is operating digitally.

The algorithms used here is remarkable and one can easily relate to the algorithms which a car used in driverless cars where there is no need for human. Similarly, in these stores, human interaction becomes less as the stores are fully operating in an autonomous digital system.

Now shoppers will come to the store and they will buy their desired stuff or items and while leaving they don’t have to stand in queue for the payments as they can pay it digitally and receive the receipt as well for whatever they have paid for.

This company is making the life of retailers easier as they have OS with this application in which the retailer can track the payments in real-time And inventory as well. Managing inventory is a big challenge and through this OS the retailers will know about their inventory and how much some stuff is less now or out of stock they can even know about the expiry date of the product which is just amazing.

This company has worked with many supermarkets and retailers and its system is operating in Tesco PLC which is situated in the UK and they are also operating in the Netherlands and many other places.

Trigo has changed the concept of retailers’ and supermarkets cash dealing in a very hi-tech manner as they have made the system digital by giving a hassle-free cash environment to the markets.

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